Better Way Getting Closer 9


Sometimes the big things of technology can overshadow a lot of small yet quite important items. An example is the matter of knives, those little things you can cut all sorts of things with, including yourself from time to time. Many years ago, we wondered why it was that such a useful tool was also something that could actually be used to kill someone. Like most boys, I was just about never without my handy pocket knife. I used it for all sorts of things but never ever considered using it to attack someone. We could wonder why people do that, but that isn’t the subject here. That a knife can be used as a weapon and as well be a tool that can even injure the user is the issue. Eventually we did learn enough about knives to also begin to see just how they could be made better. What has emerged is pretty fascinating. Little did we know, but what we have learned only reinforced our understanding that God has a better way for everything. Here again our little smart chip comes into play. That only dawned on me very recently (like now), although we have had understanding for some time of what many of our knives could -and couldn’t- do. It just occurred to us that the reason for such control was not some secret mysterious force, it is the smart chip and its ability to know things. As a result, we can now see better just how all the different types of knives we have been studying are able to work as they do. Usually the knife doesn’t work, it is only a tool doing the bidding of the person using it. But years ago, we began to have an understanding that the knives themselves were somehow being involved more than just being a cutting blade. The smart chip turns out to be the elusive secret that wasn’t a secret at all. We just had to learn enough about the smart chip to realize they could be used with a knife too. Here is some of how…


There are all sorts of tools that will benefit from the usage of the smart chip. That really begs the question, why has this taken so long to emerge? Well, when you can’t get a smart chip to do the things you want it to do, it becomes literally useless because you refuse to use it the way it is supposed to be used. And when you discover the smart chip you have isn’t the one you really want, then you resort to skullduggery. God does know what He is doing. With all the technology God has given yo-yos so they could help people, He has always been aware of the actual intentions of the yo-yos, not what they say and promise they will do. So there have been a series of suitable technologies that can go so far and no further, just in case they were going to be used in ways not on the agenda. That is where transistors, microchips and all sort of “miracle” electronic parts have come from. These are not the original devices, only parts of them. When the originals wouldn’t work in improper applications, they were dismantled as much as possible and uses found for the parts removed. Yes, many of those parts have worked. God intended that they would. It has been His way of getting us some things that are somewhat better; representing some improvement to living conditions. But for all that has been, it runs far, far short of what could have been. The smart chip we will have is not the same version as what yo-yos received. Our entire LMT technology and all its parts are not the same. It is all Right Light Technology, whereas everything that has gone to yo-yos has been NL Positron technology. That technology has a useful but limited life due to the fact that it uses negative light units, NLUs. It can still provide movement in the right direction, even in its sub-part usage, and can still make it possible for yo-yos and their wannabees to actually help people get started toward their needed development. It is not the end-all, or close to it. But it has been a very big boost if yo-yos wanted to change their ways and try to do things right. So, when you ask why hasn’t that been around before now, in various forms, it has been. All it required has been an honest effort to do right and help people.


We may be going out on a limb there some, but we don’t think so. The difficulty we have as we write any of these articles is trying to convey to you the reader that you are reading about real things. This is not hyperbole, science fiction, fantasy or anything of the sort. Yes, we keep saying that, so maybe you want to think, alright already. But this is far more serious that you likely are thinking it is. Talking about God often raises up the defensive shields of a lot of people, but we haven’t heard too many people adding in all the things we add to the mix. You can be as defensive as you want to be, but think about it. When you are wrong, as you will be, only changing your ways and your mind is going to make a difference for you. We don’t have any magic formulas that pull people back when they are going over the edge and stubbornly sticking to whatever errant information they believe. Ok, so everybody has been dying, so your ultimate fate will be no different than anyone else’s. Well that’s where we are getting on different boats. We are saying that when the Better Way begins openly, from that day forward, there are going to be people who no longer have death in their future. Period. Yes, it is “only” continuing life, but it is all of that and will eventually lead to that point of passing through the gate where there is no death, no notable aging (there is a small aging fluctuation as people stabilize the way they live, but it is definitely not much of a spread). By picking up and working further into the Better Way programs, people will be able to literally borrow time that will allow them to keep going while they are honestly working on getting into the proper development process once again. We ALL were in it before, remember that. Before anyone was sent here for rehabilitation, they were in their own stages of creative development. So, it is not new and therefore somewhere inside of you all the formulas are still there. All you are doing is bringing them to the surface and getting them to restart and work properly. After that, it is very easy to keep them going. You will know it more as you go, you will feel it more, and you will see definite results as proof that you are on the right track. And you will not need us to try to prompt you along. You will be more than willing to keep going all by yourself. So, all we have to do is get you to that point where you can get time loaned to you and make your own start-up. When we know what is ahead and what can be ahead for people who try, is it any wonder that we try so hard? We wouldn’t think so…


All our uses for the smart chip are applied inter-dimensionally. That is, they are placed between the dimensional walls where they can still be fully functional in this dimensional plane (or others when there are reasons to be there), but cannot be accessed. They cannot be seen, but their functions can be tested. Yes, if there was a reason to show them, that is easily possible. This is just some of what we have agreed to in the course of our working with God and those He has teaching us, so we can feel completely assured that we will not misuse anything for which we are given responsibility. This will be the Better Way, not just some same old version of the present way. We should mention time once again. It is very, very important to everyone. When we come into this world as a human, we are given only so much time to be here before we have to re-cycle and come around again. How much time is available is determined by what we did the last time through, how much we learned, and what we did with what we learned. Through that, a person can gain some time to be added to their next time around. They can also lose time if they make too many bad choices. There is always a base amount of time you start with every time you come through, to which is added whatever time you have from your last time through; what you have earned as an increase, or what you have lost as a decrease. That gives you your total for your current lifetime. The amount of time you have when you come around again determines where God places you so you can be exposed to as much knowledge as you can get on your current time through. You don’t get to pick where that will be, which sadly seems to have been (and is) a sore point with wannabes. That is often why they choose to jump the cycle and let their re-cycle be controlled by yo-yos. They, the yo-yos, often work for some people under the guise of working for God. When people make it easy for themselves to be duped, you can be sure there are those who will take advantage of that. Why doesn’t God step in? He does, constantly, but His choice is nowhere near as immediately attractive as those yo-yos will offer. They don’t always keep their offered promises, but you should expect that, shouldn’t you? Either way you will get re-cycled, so at least to a point, God leaves each of us to make the decision for ourselves. Free will is there but it is far better to leave such decisions to God. How do you do that? Here you just set your mind to it. Once you leave here you will know how to do it. That’s something we can’t tell you. The amount of time you get will be enough to keep you going as long as you are earning it by trying to do what it right. The time is actually loaned to you, and it must be paid back. But all you have to do to pay it back is keep earning your own. As you earn your own, the time you are loaned will be replaced with your own, and the loaned time will go back to whomever loaned it to you. It is never taken back. It is freely given, and cannot be taken away. It can only be used up and without replacement by you though earning, you will run out of time. That is when you can no longer live here and must go around again. It does not matter who you are, where you are or what you are doing. It does not matter if you are rich or poor, or did anything else besides what you had to do. The second you run out of time is the second you leave. Just so you understand, when the BW starts, getting honestly involved will get time loaned to you. It will always be somewhat more than you need. If you do as you should and do the things in the BW that help you earn time, then you will keep that full complement, even as you are also paying back the time loan. Before you pass through the gate you can even be functioning entirely on your own time and adding a surplus to that. We will talk about that surplus at another time. BUT, if you stray, or actually get involved with schemes afoot, you could get the time because you can fool the ones(s) loaning you the time. You will soon find reason to leave, perhaps because you need a little “breather” or some such excuse, but what you really want is to get back to some of what you were doing before. You may even have some increased knowledge and think you can take that and cash in with it. Knowledge takes a long time to learn and earn, so it is very common to loan knowledge too. We will do that to help a person get more involved in the BW with helping others. But if you just take the knowledge and run, be aware you will lose it for sure. Now you will have an even more difficult situation if you want to get back into the BW. You will always be accepted back, but given your track record, your place and job and training will be considerably different. You will have to build back the trust you lost, and that will take time. That is so because now instead of having things decided by those who work in the BW programs, you must get your clearance from God at each step of your progress. Again, we are just saying…


Yes, this all has to do with those smart chips, in some way or another. You can skip over the lecture stuff and just look for the techy stuff, but you will both be missing the point, and in the long run you will likely become more than a little bored with our articles. You could take the tack of you’ll wait until you see it, but you will still have to go through all these articles or the equivalent information logs of some sort before you can be of use in the Better Way. You have to be able to get smart chips to work for you and with you. We repeat that: You MUST be able to get smart chips to work for you and with you. There is never a time when a smart chip can be forced to do anything. There is never a time when you can have another person get a smart chip to work for you or with you. When you are not qualified, often smart chips will not work in your presence. If you get in someone else’s car and are not qualified to be there, the smart chip that controls that car will not only prevent the car from operating, it will specify exactly why it won’t. You will have to leave the vehicle before it will operate. Everyone is told this as a basic part of their initial training. That training is absolutely for everyone who wants to be involved in any way, large or small, in the Better Way. That training cannot be circumvented by anyone. For your information, we are writing in these articles some of the material that is in that initial training course.  What this amounts to is a bit of a head start for those who might like to get it. Not a requirement now, of course, but the material will be when the BW starts.


Fusion is a subject we apparently have not yet discussed. The subject came up a couple of times in discussions around our house, and someone noted that omission. We haven’t really been leaving it out for any particular reason, it just never came up. Fusion is an oddity of a sort. (We are talking about so-called cold fusion in case you wondered, not just tossing some things together that would mix and calling that fusion. Nuclear fusion has been called the “holy grail” of energy since it will supposedly provide almost limitless energy if it is ever accomplished. That too is not really what we are talking about, although some parts are similar. Basically, the fusion we talk about is one we learned about several years ago. It involves dimensionally merging two particular items together in a way that will in fact produce continuous DLC for as long as the items are fused. The bond is not at all difficult, it just needs to be done exactly. Doing that will produce varying results, depending upon how much material is used and bonded together. The reason we don’t think of it a lot is, I suspect that we won’t use it a lot on this earth simply because it doesn’t fit in most training programs. It is too simple and lacking in much training data to learn. It is kind of like making a fully charged battery that never depletes no matter how long it is used. We are not being naïve here either. We realize what we are describing. But if you thought about it at all, you may have realized that a daylight battery power system produces the same results simply because every day it produces more power than can be used from it. In short, its charge is greater than its discharge, so it never runs out of power. With LMT, there are many such systems, so fusion is just another of those. That it is not in this world at the present is only a reflection of how little people have tried to work with God. These things are ordinary with God, even if they are extraordinary here. We will probably have a few devices that use fusion for power, just to demonstrate its usefulness. One such application will probably be the PDI (Personal Defense Instrument) and its law enforcement version, the phaser. The phaser has more features than a PDI, but it starts with the PDI base. Both will likely be fusion powered simply because a small fusion rod can produce more than enough power for either instrument, while easily being able to fit in the instrument. We will likely use the f-rod (fusion rod) rather than a DLC battery because of its size and because the f-rod produces so much power it can’t be drawn down with high use. Both instruments use power on a pass-through basis, which means they sort of work like a water wheel. The power is used as it passes by like the water, but is passed on and not actually consumed. That is different than DLC uses because they by design take off some power to apply at the work point. That might sound like perpetual energy to you and you may have heard there is no such thing. God is perpetual energy, what about HIM? Yes, there are such things and they are very common.  Heck, get through the gate and you become perpetual energy of a sort. Of course, anything made could easily have a time limit set for it, and at that point it would be reprocessed. So, if you want to get that technical, then lots of things are perpetual only as long as their time limit allows. It is general policy to put time limits on just about everything made. But since it isn’t after a few hours, or days, or weeks, or even years at times, it isn’t really of much importance. But we will grant you if for no other reason than the time limit, that technicality could take away the idea of perpetual motion here. Just don’t sit and wait for things to run out of time. It will be a while for many. That’s long enough to not have to worry about the time issue.


Once again moving on to some other topics. At first, we thought we were going to get into a lot of small tool technology, but it didn’t turn out that way. Many to most of the small tools we would have talked about all have one thing in common, the smart chip. We have explained a bit about the smart chip, it is a wonder in a lot of ways. The fact that it has been applied to thousands of tools, literally, is probably going to be a treat of revelation to people who have that sort of interest. However, we can’t really spend a lot of time in such a narrow subject, since the Better Way is going to cover a lot of ground before very long. We have some very definite plans to go both to the moon and Mars, but also, and really more importantly, we expect to be opening up travel and colonization of several E-planets not long after the Better Way begins. This is probably a sort of ‘whoa!’ to you if you don’t know me personally, but you’ll get used to it after a while. Then again, you may not do the ‘whoa!’ thing at all. Maybe you are one of those “yeah, right” kind of people who already have us figured out (or imagine you do). In any event, whatever kind of person you are, it would help to pay attention because we are going to talk about these ventures and fully expect them to be on our schedule sooner than later.


Since you already know where the moon and Mars are, we will discuss the e-planets first. Way back in the late 80’s and 90’s we first learned about “E-planets”. They are termed e-planets because they are very much like the earth in at least being fully habitable. At this point it would seem that God deliberately made them (or had them made, whichever way He did it) as progression planets for people who finally get back into the creative process and begin developing again. There is something of a caveat there, although it is not written in stone as far as we know. That being that people will have to show they are working in the right direction before they can spend much time on any e-planet. BUT, it is also possible to go to an e-planet while working for the development crews. Even though no “points” have been built up yet, you would be building them as a worker. That would count to both get you there and allow you to stay for longer periods of time. In general work on an e-planet will be limited to 6 months or so, to be coupled with work and time spent on earth in the BW program. Remember that the work, all of it, is actually training. And it is training before it is work or a job. Plus, the six-month requirement for the earth, is a matter of time, which will include some training time, holiday time, vacation time, etc. In other words, it is not having to spend a required 6 months of work here for the six months you spend on an e-planet. Another point, the “you” we are referring to here are people mainly from the United States and most of its territories. There are some people who will be able to stay longer than the 6-month schedule, even indefinitely at times. These would be the greater numbers of poor people of the earth, who have not had the benefits of our modern society and all its trappings. They may live around the better stuff, but they seldom have had any opportunity to have some of it themselves beyond a few scraps here and there. So, it is pretty important for people of the so-called “first world” that they be willing to learn and help others, and not just be out to get whatever they personally can get from the Better Way. It is not that we wouldn’t know what they might be up to of course, there is still the GIS.


From the U.S. we will be trying to recruit a lot of people who want to go to the e-planets and help us establish initial living conditions for many more people to follow. Almost any job imaginable will be involved, so the opportunity does not have a narrow list of select people with unique qualifications. It is to everybody’s advantage that no one has a single day’s worth of skill or experience in anything to do with LMT or the Better Way. So, everybody is an apprentice and everybody is a trainee. On the e-planets everything we use comes from our technology. No one here has any experience with that. We will even have to use robots to compensate for that lack of skill and experience while people learn. But this does give huge numbers of people the opportunity to take a faster route to their training and development. Before we go too far, one main reason why many people will have to come back to the earth for at least six months is because it is our responsibility to clean up the earth and not simply run off to new worlds now that people know they are really there, abandoning the earth in the process and leaving it in the mess it is in. A requirement for everybody going to an e-planet is they also have to spend some time helping fix things here. There are no exceptions to this requirement unless specifically directed by God. Some people will have their e-planet time increased and their earth time decreased, according to their already established steward history on the earth. That applies in many different ways, so no one can look at someone else and say with certainty how that person may have done. God knows, no one else likely does. Initially we will not be trying to recruit people from other countries because we must first establish the Better Way program in their country so we can work with their government. This does give people in the U.S. a great opportunity. It also happens to be a responsibility people have for being here. You weren’t lucky at all, none of us were. God determines who lives where in this world, despite some thinking that may have maneuvered a coup in getting or being here. We have received great benefits in this country, and now it will be time to face up to the responsibilities that go with them. There are many ways those responsibilities can be taken up, helping on e-planets is just one of them. Helping at home is another that is even more essential. So, for that reason, helping here on earth is part of everyone’s schedule in the Better Way. Having established that point, let us go on to what might be a question some of you have, to wit: Where are the e-planets?


We have given you some brief understanding of dimensions and dimensional planes in previous articles. Here again, we did discuss this topic more at length almost 20 years ago. But rather than bring those articles our here like we did in describing building the islands, we will give an updated understanding of what we know about this. Franky, it isn’t a whole lot yet. Learning here is slow, likely by design, because there is so much to learn that has to do with this world as well as the very extensive needs of equipment and products. We will need them for the e-planets when we go in that direction. There are as many worlds in other dimensions or dimensional planes as there are in this dimension. Remember that we know of only 12 dimensions, subtracting two for technical matters, leaving ten that can and probably do have worlds of their own. So far, we know of about 100 e-planets that are possible to be used within the BW program. That will likely expand some before too long, but we will start with that 100.  Imagine if you had 100 other continents like the United States where you could expand civilization. But make that earth-sized, like the e-planets, and you can see that it is a project that definitely needs help from God. Yes, that is an understatement, although we really doubt that if science had such a project in their hands, God would come into the picture at all. Maybe you can see from that example what we feel we are up against sometimes, maybe not. Lots of people believe, or say they believe in God. But when it comes to what we are talking about, I imagine the numbers would slip away quickly. The thing is, we have God. We wrote a poem to that effect over 50 years ago. We felt it then, we feel it now. It’s a great feeling…


We can’t place the dimensions for you. They are just there like we are here in the 2nd dimension. The e-planets could be in any one of the other dimensions, 3 through 11. Beyond that it really doesn’t matter much at all. They are where they are. There are specific ways to get to them and that is what matters. We may know at some point which dimension they are in, including if they are in more than one other dimension. That is a distinct possibility because some people need some room to not be around some other people, and there is nothing like a dimensional wall to separate people. Planetary travel is going to become a lot more routine sooner than later. Inter-dimensional travel, not so much. So, it would be pretty smart to have a few planets in one dimension, a few in other dimensions. It allows people with enough interest to get around to other planets, but more assures that while people are learning to get along and do things the right way, they do not intrude and spoil the party for other people they haven’t learned to get along with so well. Treaties are restraints. Restraints do not assure people will get along, they only hope they will. Learning to live in a Better Way makes it so all people get along and there are no enemies. You only have to look around in this world to understand what we are talking about. It would be very wise to realize that God does not put up with anything forever. He has limits. We do not want to restrict the many space travel possibilities for people because different people may encounter adversaries who want to spoil their travel. Yes, someday the lion will lay down with the lamb, but one look at our current world tells you that day is not even close. Accordingly, the wisdom is to let people spread out and live with like kinds while all learn how to live together. Perhaps you never thought that could ever be a possibility, well, times change. So, it would be well to consider that the 100 or more e-planets that are on the schedule for habitation will likely be spread out over several dimensions. So, let’s turn to the next subject, settling those planets. We will probably start with one e-planet in each of the several dimensions used. For now, we are going to spread them out over the other 9 dimensions available. Remember there are other dimensions, lots more, so we are hardly using them up. That is kind of funny anyway. Look out from the earth and ask yourself if we have used up all this #2 dimension. Having a few other planets you can visit in each of the other dimensions still is not crowding the place up much. At this point you might begin to wonder where are all the other people in creation. Will we run into any of them in these 9 other dimensions? Not likely, at least for a very long time. Once people get through their gate, that is another story. But for now, you have to remember that the negative light condition of people here is very harmful-potentially, to others in creation.


The good news about getting to the e-planets, any of them, is it is possible to make that journey in some very interesting ways. Not wanting to oversimplify things here, but it is as easy as opening a spaceway right here on earth. With that, you can literally walk, run, drive, take a train or even fly to an e-planet with no trouble at all. Now that is the simple version of it. In reality, there are a variety of limits, so while the technicality of ease is there, it requires a bit more to actually do the deed. What we are planning is to have several ways to travel to an e-planet, including one of a bit more pleasure, going through space a while to get there. No, it is absolutely not necessary. But for some people it would be a sheer pleasure, so why not make such things possible? That route will depend on who the people are more than anything else. We are not about to take people who have never left their village and shuffle them onto a spaceship and go out in space. For most that would be absolutely terrifying. In later years when they have had some time to develop, it could be a treat. But before that it could easily be a nightmare for them. We will not do things that way. As we said, for some it would be a great experience, so it will likely be among the options. In terms of the biggest numbers of people at one time, it is likely that we use the walk and drive methods to get them to their new home. Some people will be willing to take driving transport, and others may just want to walk, maybe not trusting a vehicle they have never ridden on before. There will be some occasions where the people have even not seen very many vehicles. We are all busy with all our modes of transportation, but some people in the world have never been so fortunate. But the first order of business is to get to the e-planets and get things ready for other people to go there. That is where our BW training program comes in.


One of the first things on our agenda will be to go to one or two of the e-planets and get familiar with how they are set up. We will actually send teams to all e-planets we plan to colonize in the first stages and have them put together a comprehensive video documentary for public information. After that we will have to get together with the engineers and formulate the plans for how to begin the work, what equipment will be needed, etc. Needless to say, it will be a huge project, even in its beginning stages. In due course plans will be drawn up, teams organized and before too long we should be ready to make the first ventures with development teams to at least two or three e-planets. We will have decided just what method of transportation will be used to get there, but it likely will be by going through land based spaceways which then go planet to planet. Through these gateways we will move a fleet of FVs and from there, set out to the first location to begin building. That location will have been determined from either specific instruction from the GIS, or from the initial scouting that located a suitable beginning site. Yes, all e-planets have full details on the GIS, so it only makes sense that it will be consulted frequently. Since working suggestions are available from the GIS, that would be a likely source to learn where to begin. Very much needing God’s help with all of this, we will be consulting the GIS frequently. It just makes sense to do so. At times it is required, but we suppose one could wing it some as well. The thing is, we don’t know why anyone would want to do that. We are looking to do the best possible for people, so why not use the information that assures us of that? It is certain we will use the GIS a lot. If we had use of it now we would use it and give you more specific information. But we don’t, not yet, so we are doing it the old-fashioned way by trying to listen and learn from God. That works too.


The engineers will use many robots to do a lot of the initial set up work. We will not yet be bringing along trainees. When the trainees do come along, they will be able to do the same things as the robots did, helping to set up new towns and various living facilities around each e-planet. Before long the initial teams should have as many as several hundred thousand trainees working for them on the two or three initial e-planets. One point here that we have not exactly explained yet. Where do the engineers come from? Pretty simple, God sends them. Their actual source is immaterial. We imagine that they will come from several different places, although all will be Royal Military of course. We are trying to not make a big deal about people from elsewhere coming into this world to help. We have already explained the necessity of that in previous articles. That it supposedly finally confirms that there are people “out there” besides us just is not an issue worth getting excited about. You believe people go to heaven when they die, so they are “out there” somewhere aren’t they? Of course they are. It is science who leads people around blind alleys trying to pretend there is still some question of life anywhere else besides earth. If you really believe God exists, then life elsewhere exists too. That’s why we aren’t making a big deal out of it. There will be that day when it is time to begin the Better Way and God will send along as much help as He thinks we need to get things going. As things expand and the project grows, more engineers will come here to help as well. Of course, there will be all the initial hello stuff, along with whomever else God wants included in the beginning stages of the project. Will the country be shocked? Will the world be shocked? Maybe, but there is really no reason at all for that to be the case. We say that in all seriousness. If you think about it, what is there to be surprised about? That God exists? (Although do not expect Him to personally show up-knowingly. We doubt that will happen.) That there are people like us who exist in other worlds? Is that really a surprise to you? Why? If it is, you really do need to sit down and do some serious thinking about some of your cherished beliefs. You may be in for a major overhaul of a lot of them. Hopefully, if you have been reading here, maybe not. Hopefully. We will see.


We were asked how soon did we think that it would be before someone goes to the e-planets, and besides that we were wondering about the issue of anyone being on the e-planets before we go to them. As for the when question, it is a little hard to say from here, but we imagine that it should be no more than 3 months or so after we can begin the Better Way program. It could really be as soon as within the first 30 days that an initial exploratory trip is made to two or three of the e-planets, given things get off to a reasonable start. I would imagine that given all the other things that should be starting up about that time, going to the e-planets shouldn’t be a top priority. But since it will be a fairly simple excursion, much like a short sight-seeing trip, it could fit into the busy schedule without too much trouble. It is pretty certain people will want to hear-and see some about the planets, so that is at least part of the reason we would choose to make the trip sooner than later. As to what we might expect to see when we get there, that may be more of a guess than anything else. It is my understanding we are calling e-planets by that name because of their similarity to the earth. That similarity would hold relative to having earth-like conditions and being totally human habitable. That then eliminates questions about air, water, gravity and so forth. We understand that there are animals of some kind on all the e-planets, although they are somewhat different in nature to what we have here on earth. The biggest matter will be that none are carnivores. We don’t know anything about what is in the water (fish, etc.) other than the fact that whatever is there would not be dangerous. All the e-planets are right light planets. That point definitely makes them different from the earth, which is a negative light planet, just as everything else in our Solar System is. That is germane to this dimension and the fact of the earth being a rehabilitation planet. The e-planets will all still be in the rehabilitation system, but one step further, given that they are right light planets. That simply means there is no negative light there. And yes, people would indeed be taking negative light to those planets and thus could not normally survive if they simply went cold turkey into the e-planet atmosphere. The deal is, to leave here everybody and everything is going through the spaceway to get there. No matter what mode of transfer is made to get to the e-planets, it is necessary to pass from this dimension to one of the other dimensions. That requires some type of equipment that can accomplish that. All such equipment also is equipped with a screen that applies a magnetic shield to everything that passes through it. It is not possible to pass anything or anyone through into another dimension without having that shield applied. All the shield really does is prevent the negative light units from being immediately reprocessed by right light units. Instead, the existing conditions are left intact and a secondary process is affected. It is more complicated than simple reprocessing, so we can’t give a lot of information about it. What it amounts to is that everything with NLUs has the light units progressively replaced one light unit at a time instead of a wholesale reprocessing. This is done by means of a variety of filters mostly. With people it is done through their necessities, food and drink. The food and drink consists of shielded right units phased to match NLU positrons. This allows the body to accept them and for the right light units to get into the body naturally and one by one replace the negative light units. This is an actual small-scale rebuilding process in the same way that occurs with regeneration. The benefit to the human going to an e-planet then is they get a small amount of regeneration started in their body. It is slow, but steady and certain. Albeit slow however, it is faster than the common regeneration that will start with people here. Some people on earth who get more earnestly into the BW program will regenerate at a faster pace than that common version. Individual people set their own regeneration pace here on earth. The pace on the e-planets is more standard for everyone working there, mainly because of that right light replacement process. That isn’t that hard to follow, but you can see it isn’t overly simple either. The main thing to point out is that there is no way to go to an e-planet without having the shield applied. The equipment that is needed to get there has that function built in it and it cannot be turned off. When the machine is on, it is on. The end benefit is that people working on e-planets will regenerate at a quicker pace than people working only here. We should also add that simply visiting the e-planets for short periods of time would not have that effect even though the shield is applied to everybody going there, so the visitors have it too. It is the work that is the activator. People working cause different parts of their magnetic number to change. It is through that process that regeneration takes place. Simply visiting does not do that. It would take a lot more time and a lot more activity on an e-planet before a visitor could get the same regeneration result as a person working there for only six months. It is one reason we only allow visitors two weeks a year visiting in another dimension. The regeneration results we talk about are how work in another dimension where there is dominant right light. Being on the actual planet makes no difference. You just don’t hang around in space, so we explain it in terms of being on an e-planet. But you could be working on a Spaceway Station (there will be some of those) where you would have the same regeneration result.


As for the question of have there ever been people on the e-planets before we get there, the short answer is, very likely. These are not new planets. It is possible that they may have been used before for any number of reasons. In that respect, there may even be some evidence of that still remaining, although from what we understand, the general policy is to pick and clean up after yourself in use. Rehabilitation is not a new or unique program. It has been going on since God began making human robots and moving people along through the process. Our history is sprinkled with mixed up tales and facts from other eras of rehabilitation, represented as though they were from here when they were not. It’s just like every star you see out there is not necessarily in this dimension. Many lights in the sky can be seen through the walls of several dimensions. More than less are like that. Any time you look out into the night sky, you are looking at the home planets of a lot of people. None are nearby because this is a rehabilitation system and is therefore off-limits to anyone not involved in the work with it. Once you get through the gate, that will be one of many, many new things you will be learning about. There are many people who work with God specifically helping to manage the rehabilitation system. It is a chosen line of work since it has some difficult aspects to it at times. Being in the RMS (Royal Military Services) is a requirement. Only RMS people can go into rehabilitation areas. The e-planets are all in that area as well. There are several hundred of them, but all of them are not always all used. There is still some maintenance done whether they are used or not, so in that respect, the e-planets we will be using certainly have had people on them from time to time whether they were used in a rehab program like the BW or not. The animals are all self-sustaining, so they do not require any maintenance. What else is done, we don’t really know. We have no need to know, so… In any event, there may have been a small colony here and there, even some training facilities in operation from elsewhere, related to the training people get to be able to work in rehab areas. But as we said, the general policy is to clean up and remove all evidence of being there so things are left natural for the next use. If any facilities, buildings, etc. are left there, it was done deliberately to be seen later on. That just tells you someone was there before you, lest you imagine maybe you have discovered something new. We have been learning vast amounts of things over the years, yet not a single bit of it is new as far as we know. There is nothing new under this sun. Lots of new things to us, but not new at all. That is how it is for everything ever made on this earth. It was all in existence before it was ever “invented” here. (Or as the ego-bound like to say today, they “created” something. No chance of that.) If you wonder why God would have things left there for us to see, as though He doesn’t trust us either, there are an awful lot of people who have made all sorts of promises to God that they never kept and usually didn’t intend to keep. Sadly, it is in part a product of negative light. We understand that and try not to be the same. So, I guess it is something we would like to see too, so God doesn’t have to trust us. It is hard to explain, but trying to not be like everyone else-they number in the millions at least in this rehab area alone-, isn’t the easiest thing in the world top do.  God knows that, we know that, so if we don’t go into those corners, we don’t put God on the spot and we don’t have to worry about fouling up. If you really care, fouling up IS something you worry about from time to time. One of the ways God helps us with that is to do things like leave evidence around so we don’t get tempted, and no one can con us into making claims that simply would not be true. Heck, some of the very engineers that will go with us to those e-planets for the first time have probably been there before themselves. It would make it simpler to show us around and point out where some settlements should go, etc. That is help, so why wouldn’t they go there first? Many of them will have already been on the moon and Mars too. It just eliminates that “first man on” thing. One must remember that the purpose of all of this is not to settle new planets, try out new technologies or anything of the sort. It is not to make people healthier so they can die healthy, because they will die anyway. It is to help all people get back into the creative process, thence get back to developing properly, and get through their own personal gate where life continues for them and doesn’t keep getting interrupted with the death cycles. There can be no better nor more important purpose than that. People must develop to the point where they can live life on their own, without having to use borrowed time and going through aging and death cycles.


In a past article or two we went into quite a bit of detail as to how we could build a skidrail train that would pass thorough a ground spaceway and take passengers onto e-planets without ever leaving the ground. Given that trains don’t carry all that many passengers, that form of transportation is not very practical when we want to move tens of thousands of first workers, then trainee populations to the various e-planets. Earlier in this article we allowed as how it might even be best to have some people who didn’t want to ride trucks, to simply walk to their new home area. That would require some additional selection to the spaceway, but that is possible. But besides these methods, we have been thinking about a new transportation system that does use a skidrail system, but is very different in terms of the cars people ride on. Instead of multiple cars, the “car” here would be one long, continuous car with the capability to bend as it goes around curves. This car would also be quite a bit wider than the standard skidrail width, even to the extent of being as wide as a double track skidrail, in the neighborhood of 35’ or so. This car would have sides that curved up from the bottom in one continuous piece, reaching a height of about 4’ or so. Above that would be a magnafence that went up another six feet or so, then curved inward and continued on to meet the wall coming up from the other side of the car. This would then enclose the car in a magnetic field that could be both weatherproof and usable for lighting, heating and air conditioning. The floor would be a solid color, with a softer texture to it. Along the walls on both sides of the car every so often would be basic restrooms for men and women. There would be no seats in some areas, and basic bench seats in other areas. The idea of this being that the space is more open and comfortable, and people who choose to sit on the floor could do so, while others could sit on the benches, or even stand. The car has a very open feel to it, with the sidewalls looking like transparent glass, even though they are made of Dryflex, a flexible form of drysteel. Without end walls with smaller cars, it gives passengers a view of all the passengers on the train. They can bring personal goods with them and just pile things on the floor of the car where they are. This type of car is for people with little to no experience riding on trains or even trucks. The walls and magnetic fields keep people from falling off, also allowing us to use a GPI in the interior of the train so there is no feeling of motion at all for the passengers. They can see the scenery go by, but they have no feeling of motion at all. The GPI installs an interior gravity field inside the car that is not subject to outside gravity. The passengers can stand, walk around or whatever, and feel no movement effects at all. That should keep them much calmer than they might otherwise be. With the length of the car a mile or more, many people could be moved with each carload. Rather than hook several cars together, we would have a pilot engine for each car so that would be the extent of that train. Using a long boarding station, it would be easy for passengers to load. One side wall would temporarily dimensionalize, allowing passengers to enter all along that side of the car. That would reduce the amount of movement once they have entered the car. The station boarding dock could have signs indicating where there were seats. Another possibility is to build expanding seats right into the car floor, so those who wanted seats could simply have them raised, while those who didn’t could sit on the floor as it was. That might be the way to do it. There could be several loading platforms with tracks between them so several cars could be loaded all at once. The trains could then leave the station just a few minutes apart and use automatic guidance to keep them apart as they traverse the track. Once through the spaceway, the trains would either separate as they headed to different settlements on the same e-planet, or be on their way to another e-planet entirely. This is a way to move a lot more people with reasonable comfort. It would be easy to provide food and drink along the way, with some of that provided at the station before they left. Thousands of people from different areas could be moved over to the e-planets on any given day. No, this type of car isn’t for the more “sophisticated” or experienced rider. As stated earlier, it is trying to have a workable solution for people who may not have ever ridden any type of vehicle, may have some fear of riding in vehicles, or have just not had that much experience with more modern society yet. We know that some people would wonder why we would be looking to include such people at all. There are undoubtedly hundreds of millions-or more, people who would fall into one or more of those categories. What are we supposed to do, say they don’t count because they are not civilized enough? About the only reason they are not as civilized is because society has not bothered to help them along in that direction. That is what we look to do. The Better Way is for *all* people. Every last one on this earth should at least have a chance to develop like everyone else. We have a policy we learned years ago: Don’t go so far forward, you can’t reach back to help. That is exactly how the Better Way is formulated, we reach back to help and stay within reach of everybody. In the long run that is going to separate some people from the rest, clearly identifying those who are willing to lag behind to help those in need. There is no requirement to do that, and as long as a person does what they need to do to develop, they will get through the gate when they are ready. For some however, even though they are ready, they will still stay behind helping get the rest of the people ready. It’s the nature of altruism.


Since the purpose in developing the e-planets is to make it possible for as many to come as want to, even the initial encampments will have a more permanent nature to them. We do not look to put up temporary work camps, work there for a while and then move on. We will set up semi-permanent facilities that can be used as long as needed, then replaced with more permanent structures later. For instance, we have developed some really interesting LMT tents. Tents that, albeit they are just tents for real, are a lot better than a lot of housing in this world, and even some housing in this country. Our tents come in kit form that use size dimensionalizing (SDZ, remember?) for ease of transport and storage, then can be expanded within seconds at almost any location. They come fully furnished, have a solid base that is a functional repeller plate, and have walls that although tent-like thin, they are firm and entirely weatherproof. The tents also come with an internal air system that provides both heat and cooling, and even manufactures air if needed. They also have water manufacturing, DLC production for power, using the water as a source with battery backup, and a fully functional toilet and sewerage reprocessing system. They even have a small kitchen with a stove and cold box (like a refrigerator) and a small DM box for producing food and other necessities. The stove will use Drygas made from water also. These tents need no unusual ground preparation to be expanded. They will sit just above the ground and can be locked in place. They can also be raised and moved to a new location if desired. The tents even have transparent window sections to both see out and let light into the tent. There are several sizes of these tents, ranging from one person to being able to house several people with separate sleeping rooms. There is also a sleeping room only version where it is one person to a room with their own bathroom and small closet. These tents are placed around large common tents that are for recreation, cooking and eating, and business, training and study uses. There are also tents that house small but well stocked stores that provide all the needs of the residents. We will even have a few separate restaurant tents to give workers a variety of eating choices. There are services like laundry that are provided to everyone at no charge. Some trainees will work in the laundry for no more than a month in total. That is to give them that experience. Robots are the main production workers in the laundries. All tents will have MV (MagnaVision) in common areas, as well as MV sets in all private quarters. They will also have full access to what will be a universal version of the internet. For now we will refer to this as the “U-Net” (for Universe Net). It is literally just that. Providing an internet type communication system that goes everywhere within the rehabilitation dimension areas. That means it covers the earth and all the e-planets in use, and everywhere in-between. Needless to say, it is wireless…


These tent “villages will be very complete. They can be erected in a matter of a few days, and initial quarters for everybody within hours.  For now, we are looking for villages that house about 3-5,000 workers, with some additional facilities for visitors. Included with each village will be several travel door locations. Workers will use these travel doors to go to their work sites around the e-planet. This makes a lot more sense than trying to establish immediate housing for the workers at every work location that will eventually become a town or small city (there will be no cities over 20,000 people initially). This way we won’t have to put up the worker housing, but can concentrate on the more permanent housing for the coming residents of the towns and cities. There will be various forms of ground transportation to build too, like roads, monorail and skidrail systems, and not having the workers in residence locally allows this to be done without having to accommodate those already living where the building is going on. We will have airports for FVs as well. Also, to be included will be separate production areas. These areas will be used for manufacturing training for incoming residents. We should also mention that once the tent town travel doors have served their function, they will be removed. We will have an emergency and official business system of travel doors, but those will be more on location at specific facilities. The worker travel doors will be placed in several public locations for workers to easily reach when they are going to and coming from work. Those doors will be dial-able, because different workers can be working at different locations. Every permanent town will also have a ground spaceway location in or near the town that allows for connections with any other e-planet, or the earth. Generally, there are other transport systems that will be used to travel around a given e-planet. Spaceways are not generally used for travel around the same planet. Technically they could be, they just aren’t. For all that matter, a spaceway is like any dimensional transfer system, you could move only a few feet, but why would you use a spaceway for that? It is just educated speculation at this moment, but it appears that we would be ready to move permanent residences into some of the towns at least on the e-planets within 6 months. It is very likely that we can start moving people in much sooner than that. Three months could be a good target for those who would like to pitch in with some of the initial building work.


Getting long in the tooth here so we will continue with this topic in our next article for the blog called Better Way Getting Closer 10. See you these.




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Better Way Getting Closer 8

Better Way Getting Closer 8
The date is September 25, 2017. Sue and I have just spent many hours going round and round with Malwarebytes over about anything under the sun. After we both had some software failures and had to restore Windows, Malwarebytes suddenly wasn’t working properly. As we went about trying to get things up to date, we discovered that my lifetime membership that was good for at least 4 computers, had suddenly changed and now is good for only 1 computer. More than that, they have also raised their prices by at least a third. Even more than that, they started making claims that we had been attacked at least 25 times (and maybe more!) by Chinese hackers, and we urgently needed a $219.00 program to protect us against that. When I balked at that, we were told that we could get a one-time shot program to fix the problem for only $109.00. We won’t print what I suggested they do with both programs. They said that we could not get our MB program back without doing one of those. When my wife said no, and reminded them that I had a lifetime membership, they suddenly decided that maybe they could get our regular MB program working. BUT, it was at that point that we were informed of the sudden reduction to a 1 computer installation. As it turns out, we had spent over 2 hours trying to just get the MBs back up on our 2 computers, and were finally were told that the reason we couldn’t was because of that reduction to install on only one computer instead of the 4 we had been using before. My poor wife, not understanding what was going on, was being slowly and steadily led into the buy more scam. I didn’t know that until she came to ask me if I wanted to buy it. THIS was the supposed solution they were giving her for why she couldn’t get the copy of MB working on her computer. They had even gone so far as to get her to give them access to her computer and they dumped some odd-looking files in and showed them to her, claiming they were evidence of the Chinese hacking efforts. I was pretty unhappy at that point and perhaps for a few minutes didn’t sound much like we worked for God at all. I guess that was an “I” experience, not a “we” experience. Supposedly our non-descript computers were so tough to crack that they had left lots of evidence of trying but had not yet had success. So, the offer from the MB company was that their program would protect us before they finally did (which Sue was told would be inevitable). We are telling you all of this because it seems MB has found new ways to drum up business, and knowing about it might give you a bit of a heads up. We found that they had also gone ahead and installed some anti-exploit program on my computer which explained why we kept getting these pop-ups telling us we needed to update -and pay- for the program. Really! Is this what MB has stooped to nowadays? They used to be a fairly respectable program. What happened?
This next section is likely not to please some people, but we rather doubt that everyone is going to be pleased by the Better Way anyway. There are a lot of people who are opportunists, exploiters, and just plain greedy. Their primary aim is to get theirs no matter what. They have honed a variety of ways to manipulate any and everybody they can to get what they want, and to use every system to their advantage even if it means changing the system to make it work for them. All that said, here we go…
One football player started a trend a couple of years ago that has grown into a despicable clutter of all sorts of people in professional sports, primarily the NFL, who somehow think that they can ignore decency, respect, honor and a bunch of other issues to take their “stand” for what they claim they believe. What they are doing is hiding behind the second amendment concerning free speech to dishonor the American flag and the national anthem. They are doing that by either kneeling or sitting when the anthem is played, and/or the colors are presented. Primarily, it is their action during the playing of the national anthem that is drawing the most attention. Seemingly pleasing to most of that crowd is the fact that over the last couple of days the President of the United States has had something to say about this conduct. He has stated that it is wrong, disrespects our flag and nation, and the people who do it should be fired. Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you should know the story. Today, Sept. 25, 2017, we have been listening to various radio and tv programs pontificating on this matter. To be sure, there have been some who supported the president. But there are many, way too many, who are spewing out their usual line of rhetoric and hatred to and about the president. You might want to say that because we claim to work for God, we should not get into this matter. Just why would that be anyway? Is it supposed to be that these are not “God” matters? For one thing, we are not God, but we also do not abandon God or take time out from Him and His work to address this matter. This is HIS rehabilitation center. Everything that transpires here is His business. The people involved are His people, as we all are, so there is a place in God’s business for even this. The president is right. From everything we have heard him say so far, he is reasonably correct. We see it as a very good idea that anyone who chooses this course of action should be immediately fired and thereafter banned from playing or participating in any way in the sport. The president did not go that far, he only suggested firing them. We have added the rest. Back when one player began this fiasco, we talked at home about it and said at that time that the person should be first suspended, then later we changed that to fired. As the matter grew and a few others joined in, we continued to support the firing idea. The NFL has antitrust exemption, and until recently, had a tax-exempt status. Other professional sports have similar benefits. Besides this, the NFL has special deals with states and with their sports stadiums around the country. This is saving the teams, the team owners and the players billions of dollars every year. Yet when the president brought up the issue, more than 200 players decided they too would disrespect the anthem by doing the same thing. They gave all sorts of excuses, typically hiding behind the standard rhetoric of matters of racism and whatever else they could drum up, like their 1st amendment right to free speech. Do we think they actually have that right here? Not by a long shot. Most everybody knows they are using it as a front to hide behind. These people make millions of dollars a year for playing the game of football. They get millions more in their product endorsements in the media. They have no honor and they have no shame. And they are a very good example of how this country is going to the dregs just about as fast as it can be pushed in that direction. This isn’t where we discuss all that is happening in the world, or even why. We are talking here about one small part of what is going on and how it is being done by some very small people who imagine that they are very large and very important in the scheme of things. Ripping people off for millions of dollars is just that, stealing from people. It does nothing toward making anyone important, and does a lot to show just how unimportant they really are. There have been some NFL owners who declared that they stand with their miscreant players. We see nothing wrong with the idea of booting them out of football as well. They might even learn from it. What they count on is that the majority of the football “fans” would still support them because nothing is more important than the game to the fans. Yes, there are some like that. Way too many in fact. As usual, pointing out how they, the fans, would lose is one of the common reasons no disciplinary action is taken, nor likely will be. That too is wrong. So, we get to see a prime example of just how far our country has fallen, with the end nowhere in sight. We DO believe that the Better Way will do much about all of this. We didn’t write all this just to promote the Better Way. What we just said we believe to be a matter of fact. That belief comes from God, and nothing short of that. It is then for sure that we think there needs to be some re-thinking done in nothing less than a big hurry. And everyone should remember that the president IS the president, and as such, should have every bit of respect due the office. He is not and should not be anyone’s favorite punching bag. He is the President of the United States, chosen by the people. Maybe it is time the NFL, and its egotistical owners and players, are replaced by something far more honorable itself. We think that can happen.
That is probably called venting. We considered posting the first part of this article (we used to call it a blog entry, remember?) right away, and pick things up with a new article. But as Sue pointed out, they are subjects that bother me and as such we could risk emotion rearing its ugly head, so we have held for now. We may even remove the first part of this article altogether. If so, below will be the beginning of this article.
What we are more likely to do is just carry on like we are supposed to do, and see what emerges. It is God who decides what we write and publish, so we will leave it all to Him. In the meantime, the reflection of what is currently going on with these protests, IS some of the reflection of where this country is going and subsequently where the world is going. It is encouraging to us that there are more people looking for things to be better than we feared might be the case. More people have supported the president in his comments about the inappropriate protests than we feared might be the case. That is a good sign for the Better Way, because it shows that we can interest more people up front than we thought might be the case. Indications are not facts, but they can give out some ideas, and that will do for now. One issue that many people are trying to hide behind is the fact that the president used the term “s.o.b.”, not abbreviated, when talking about a person who was kneeling, needing to be fired. As far as we saw, that was the only time the term was used. We are unaware of any other such incidences. First, as my wife pointed out, Mr. Trump IS the President of the United States, and as such needs to be above that level of public communication. Unfortunately, we all seem to have some occasions where that sort of language emerges. But that should not happen when speaking publicly unless there is a very definite lesson being applied. That didn’t appear to be the case here, so he should not have said what he did. Something more simple perhaps, like, “get him out of here; he’s fired!” would have gotten the point across as well. It also would not have left ammunition on the table for those looking for any excuse to be self-righteous, even though they more than likely say a lot worse than that at times. We don’t really know the facts behind why so many people are out to get Donald Trump, but it is very obvious that many are after him and so many more take delight in jumping on that bandwagon so they can hoist their own little ditty of a flag and get some free publicity out of it any time they can. It seems so much for respecting the office even. Of course, we also don’t know why Mr. Trump continues with his particular style of rubbing people far and wide the wrong way. It seems mysteries abound sometimes.
The Better Way is not just some new thing about new technology. It is indeed offering a better way to people that will help them makes the changes they need to make to complete enough development to get through the gate each one of them needs to get through. Beyond that is continuing life. Before that is certain death. Beyond that gate is absence of aging and disease, before that is all of those things and worse. There is a reason it is called better, because it is better, by far and vastly. We think of all those high-minded, arrogant people who are so busy judging right now, and wonder if as death closes in on them as it will without change, will they still be so sure; so defiant, so smug as they are now. Yes, we know these are the ‘turn-off’ commentaries that displease people and cause them to turn away. Why? Because the truth hurts? Because you may be offended to be told that your ideas; your ways of living are not good enough but you have excuses and reasons all over the place that God will surely understand? If you even believe that what God thinks matters at all of course. We have indeed turned off more than a few people, for which we are both sad and disappointed. It has left us with a hope for people that is a lot more uncertain than would be the case with participation in the BW. The Better Way brings a lot to the individual, but as it must, it also brings much to people in general. We must care for our fellow humans, no matter who or where they might be. We cannot go so far forward that we can’t reach back to help. As it is, many people are within the reach of helping others, yet they choose not to with the indifference and selfishness of everything yo-yoism promotes and stands for. It is hard to not look at that. We cannot turn away from it as though it didn’t matter, for anyone who feels a part of humanity knows and feels the loss of every single person, who is lost to yo-yoism. No, they are not lost forever, God assures us all of that. But they are lost to a time when they could have made the changes that put their life back in order and they could have suffered far less that they inevitably will. How could we not want people to avoid that? When looking at that, so-called rights and freedoms mean a lot less than are the demands that are made for them. Yes, people have rights. Of course, they need to be free in many ways. But do you need to be free when you are totally lost in the abyss? Do you really need to be able to exercise your “right” to choose when you only know and believe in wrong choices? There are times when you should readily admit that you cannot do it by yourself and cannot do it without God. If that isn’t something to think about, we don’t know what is.
One of the interesting services the Better Way will bring to people is a remarkable new postal and package delivery service. It is possible that as you have been learning about some of the transfer technology we have been talking about, your mind may have wandered into some other areas of use that could indeed make your life better. We have developed a few new ways to bring information to people that utilizes some of the character of the old ways, with some rally nifty new ways. One of those is a better postal delivery system we have worked on for quite some time. Postal delivery of letters and packages has seen increased costs with not a whole lot of better service to show for the money. In the United States, free mail delivery has been a mainstay of the system. But in order to keep it free to the receiver, the sender has had to pay more and more postage to get their mail delivered. There is a lot of lost and stolen mail too, further complicating the system as a whole. One way we have developed to change this is through personal mail boxes. A lot of different-sized mail gets delivered to people every day, at times the package may be so large that the recipient has to go to the post office to take delivery. Of course, some packages can still be delivered, but at much higher costs. Yet with all the increased costs, the postal system is still losing large amounts of money every year, and the costs just keep rising. One part of our new system should resolve most, if not all, those problems.
The new mail system would have available mailboxes that are about 12” long, 6” wide, and about 2” high. They would have a latch door on them. The normal position would be for the door to be closed. This would allow delivery of mail any time of the day or night. It is possible that the standard mail box would either be expandable, or have a companion box that was flexible to be able to expand up to perhaps 2’long by 2’wide, by 3-4’ high. This would be its expanded size, compared to either the standard mailbox size, or maybe about twice that size. Both possibilities are there, we just don’t know yet which method will be used. If we go with a single box then there would have to be some placement method to allow for the mailbox to expand to its largest size. The only reason for having this larger size at all is to allow the customer to send larger packages from their home, place of business, etc. There are other ways to deal with the size issue however, which we will explain shortly. So, for now let us assume that we are mostly going to just have the one-sized mail box we first described, and it is not expandable. Mail is normally sent to your mailbox directly from the point where it is mailed. In other words, any mail that is entered into the system via a legitimate mailbox is immediately delivered to its destination. It does not go into the post office, nor does it get sent to a distribution system. If you happen to put your mail in a mailbox at the post office, that would just be academic. Where the recipient mailbox is located doesn’t matter. This would appear to work like computer email, but it does not. You send an email and the recipient receives it in their inbox a few seconds (or more) later. What you don’t see is that email packet going through a lot of points where it is scanned and redirected a few times before it makes it to the delivery point. Plus of course, the mail is not solid, it is only electronic. With our mail, your letter goes from the entry mailbox to your mailbox, with no stops in-between. No one handles your mail and it doesn’t pass any points other than those two, the receiving mailbox and the delivery mailbox. That always takes no more than a few seconds. The mailbox size we describe will send any mail up to just slightly smaller than the box itself. If the mail does not fit, or must be crammed to get it in, it will not go in. It cannot get past the entrance if it does not fit loosely in the mailbox. If it is too long and the door will not shut, it will be pushed back out with a firm pressure. In no case can the door be shut and the mail sent if it does not slightly loosely fit. This will accommodate a large percentage of the mail people send. The weight of the mail does not matter, nor does it matter if it is a liquid or a non-solid. But, the package must be firmly sealed. The mailbox has a smart chip in it and always knows. As long as there is room, several letters can be sent to multiple addresses at the same time. All mail being sent must fit loose on all sides and not be crammed in the mailbox. In the same respect, incoming mail can fill a mailbox to the fit limit. If there is more mail to be delivered, the mailbox will notify the recipient. Once the existing mail is removed and the box closed, the remaining mail will be delivered. As far as postage is concerned, there is a fixed fee for any sized regular mail that will fit properly in the box. If there are multiple letters being mailed all at the same time to the same address, the fee is for only one letter. Simple enough that if it is one fee for a letter as big as the box can hold, what difference is it if that size is made up of multiple parts? There is none. Only the sender and the recipient are handling the mail, so there are no labor costs at all. The fee per letter should start around 10 cents per letter, and before long go down. There are also no stamps, so there is no cost there. We may actually sell stamps as a luxury item, but they are not required in the mailbox system. Fees will be collected though a payment system that uses a customer’s magnetic number. The fees are deducted weekly or monthly from the person’s income, whatever that might be. Their mailbox shows how much is owed on a continuing basis, and when the total is deducted from their account. Their account is opened when the customer gets their mailbox. Their mail fees are deducted from whatever income account they have, or a designated bank account. The reason for the former is because in a Better Way, everyone has some sort of income account, no matter who they are. That makes it easy for them to pay their mail fees without fiddling with stamps, checks, cards, etc. Of course, the mailbox holder must agree to this to have the mailbox in the first place.
Mailing packages is a little more interesting. There are package boxes that must be used to send packages through the mailbox system. The packages come in a size just smaller than the inside of the mailbox and less than an inch thick. They are opened and there is a slide that offers multiple size selections. This package box is much like a cardboard box, but of better material. It has a simple magnetic sealer on it that easily opens or closes normally. By choice the package can be sealed so it requires following specific instructions to open. This helps make the package more childproof. When the slide size is selected, a nub is pressed, and the box slowly expands to that exact selected size. If an error in sizing was made, if too small, the selector can be moved to the bigger size, the nub pushed, and the box will expand accordingly. If the selection was too large, one of two things can be done. You can go ahead and put the items to be shipped in the box and close and seal it. When the box is sealed, it will automatically reduce itself in size to just accommodate the items inside. It will not press against them. Once that is all done and the shipping label is filled out, the nub is pushed again and the box will reduce itself to its original size. At this size, it can be mailed in the mailbox. The shipping fee will be that of a letter. Almost anything can be shipped in the package box, with some obvious exceptions. No living or dead creatures can be shipped. No dangerous materials can be shipped. No weapons can be shipped, nor foods or materials that are bad, spoiled, etc. There is a comprehensive list that comes with every package and every mailbox. If items that do not belong in the package are inserted, they will be pushed back out. If there is an attempt to put a person in the package box a silent alarm will be triggered, and authorities will be there very quickly. The box cannot be closed or sealed unless everything in the box is acceptable. You can put liquids in the box. You can even put good foods that are only basically wrapped, or in containers, or even a fresh pie if you care to. As long as it is not disturbed while being closed and sealed, it generally can be sent. The inside of the box is time sealed; time frozen actually. Nothing can move once the box is closed, and all temperatures remain the exact same as when the box was closed. No matter how long it is before the box is opened, up to the time limit of the box, everything will be exactly as it was when the box was closed and sealed. If you close the box but don’t seal it yet, it can be reopened. The time seal does not start until the box is sealed. The time seal also prevents all motion inside the box, so nothing in the box needs to be packed to prevent movement. Nothing moves while the box is sealed. Even if it is dropped, nothing inside moves. That remains so until the time seal is opened. The boxes cannot be reused, and they will automatically reprocess themselves about a week after they are opened. They can be reused locally to that date point, but they cannot be reused for shipping. To get a package box, you order it from the post office. It has a price of about $1 initially, probably less later. The box is mailed to you immediately after ordering. You order it through the mailbox. We use time freeze in a lot of different LMT applications, so we will mention the process from time to time. We’ll explain more of how it works as we go.
Not all people will want a mailbox. If you want one, you keep it at home generally, although you can take it with you wherever you go and receive your mail that way wherever you may be. It is always on, it cannot be turned off at any time. It does have an emergency button inside the lid that can be triggered and the police will be immediately notified. They will automatically have the location of the mailbox. Since your magnetic number is associated with the mailbox, that will also tell the police whose mailbox it is. If you don’t want them to know where you are, leave your mailbox at home. Then again, anybody can be located at any time through their magnetic number. That is not accessible to the general police, but it is in the GIS. That can’t be turned off either. But that has always been anyway, it is nothing new at all. For those who do not want a mailbox, we will have a few portable systems. We are still developing them so we don’t know much about them yet. There will be standard outside larger mailboxes, not unlike the boxes where you can mail letters on the street now. These boxes will accept mailbox envelopes. They will not accept loose mail. The envelopes are free and can be obtained from the mailbox. All they need is to be addressed, put your mail inside, close it and send it. The fee is deducted as described earlier. A person can also place their hand on a receiver and receive their mail at the street mailbox. They can also go into a post office, any post office, and there they will find a similar version of the street mailbox where they can get their mail or send letters or packages. You can do anything through a street mailbox that you can do with the home mailbox. The initial cost of a personal mailbox is $10. That fee is returned when the mailbox is returned. As you can see, the mailbox has no address, it is the person who has the address through their magnetic number. Thus, a person’s mail can be addressed to them in a variety of ways. If you personally know Joe, all you have to put on the address label is “Joe”. The mailbox scanner detects your magnetic number and determines the number of someone you know named Joe. If you know 50 people named Joe, it will always get the right person. It is never wrong. This works the same as the magnaphone system where you can tell the MP to call Joe, and it will dial the right Joe. It’s pretty simple really, if you’re a scanner that is, with connections to the GIS…
There is no time limit to how long your mail can remain mailed, but not delivered. To be sure, after a time you will be notified that you have mail waiting and would you like to receive it. You may be sick or otherwise incapacitated. We don’t know how long it would be before that first notification went out, but it would find you. Mail you don’t want is returned to the sender marked accordingly. If you refused it, it is so marked. You can select other reasons, as long as they are truthful. All mail is resolved one way or another eventually.
Commercial mail is a bit different from personal mail. A lot of things about commercial mail service are similar or the same as the home mail service. But, given the current misuse of the system by business, we will have some difference factors that will help balance things out. As it appears now, the cost of a business letter will be the same as the cost for a home letter, about 10 cents. This price will likely remain in place for a while for business, even after home letter prices start to go down. You probably know that now, through the USPS, business has a bulk mail rate that is far lower than what is the price for regular mail. We don’t know the reason for that, or perhaps we should say the excuse for those lower prices, but it is anything but fair. Perhaps the post office thinks that there isn’t enough regular mail that they have to give big discounts to business for large volumes of mail. But given the advertising that is on the internet today, we could wonder why those discounts are still being given. In any event, our mail service will not give them. More than that, the circulars that are now being mailed loose must all be in envelopes like any other mail. They cannot just be placed in a mailbox and sent on their way. Mail to individuals must be in a suitable addressed envelope. And as with other mail, the price is 10 cents per item. No, we do not expect that this policy will please business. They may prefer to continue going with the USPS, which is fine with us. We hadn’t mentioned it before, but our mail service will at least begin as a private mail service. We would hope that the USPS could be eventually converted to our technology, at which time the two services could be merged together. That will remain to be seen.
Small packages will be able to use our package for deliveries up to the maximum package size indicated. For freight larger than that, they will have to use our separate freight service. The main difference will be in mailing prices for commercial businesses. Commercial businesses will have a commercial mail box which is different than a home mail box. A business is not allowed to use a home mailbox, even if it is a small business being ran from a home. Because it is a business, it will require having a business mailbox. The first business mailbox is about twice the size of a home mailbox. There will be three or four larger sized business mailboxes, each able to hold either larger packages, or more smaller packages. Each item being mailed can be going to a different address. They do not cost any more initially, all costing initially about $10, but there are different rates for mailing depending on the size of the letter or package being sent. Standard letter size, or smaller, is the standard rate of 10 cents per item. Larger packages must use one of about 3 or 4 different sized packages. The smallest package will expand to a size large enough to hold manila folders and envelopes of a roughly 10×14 size. It will be about 4” thick, so more material going to the same address can be placed in the package. Once this package is closed and sealed, it will reduce in size to just smaller than the inner dimensions of a home mailbox. The cost for this mailing will be about 15 cents. There will be larger package boxes that each expand to progressively larger sizes. Once closed and sealed, they all reduce down to their original size. (This is the classic SDZ working.) In all package and envelope mailings, the item weighs what it originally weighed empty, once it is closed and sealed. Once a package is open it is subject to normal gravity, so it will weigh whatever the total weight of the items in it are. Once it is closed however, it is no longer subject to outside gravity on the inside. That is why it weighs less sealed than when open. (Closed but not sealed still allows normal gravity to affect everything inside. The package must be sealed.) We don’t have exact rates for mailing larger packages yet, but we expect the maximum rate to be no more than a couple of dollars. Payment is the same as it is for home mailboxes. There is one other accommodation we will try to make for businesses. Obviously, none of the business package sizes besides the very first letter size package, will be small enough to be able to be delivered to a home mailbox. We do have a way that larger packages can be mailed to home mailboxes however. There is a special double shipping box that can be used to place the original larger package in. Then after it is closed and sealed, it will reduce in size to just slightly smaller than a letter sized package. At that size, it will easily fit into a home mailbox. This only works once, so these reduced size shipping boxes cannot be put inside another and have that box filled up with more of those. No Russian doll trick here. The benefit to using this shipping box is that you can ship goods to a home mailbox, and the charge is only $1 more. This is still far less than it would be to ship larger packages to a home via standard freight. Our freight shipping, which we will talk about next, will cost more, but still a lot less than present shipping rates. There are other things associated with our mail system, but we have given you a general overview of some of what it will be like. We expect to have our own post offices which will function a little like regular post offices. They will not personally handle mail however, all that is done by the customer through the larger mailboxes. You can get mail as described, or send mail. Because every person already has their own unique magnetic number, no other identification is needed to both send and receive mail. A person who does not have a home mailbox does not have to go to the post office for their mail, they can get it from any public mailbox. This will leave our post offices less to do for the moment, but it is likely we will expand their chores before we are done. They do sell some luxury items like stamps, but even those are in vending machines and even large quantities can be bought that way. The post office will be a place where you can get any kind of mailbox, either home or business. The one thing our post offices will not have are the personal mail boxes that you see in post offices now, where you can get your mail. As a side note, you can have your home mailbox given a box number if you prefer, rather than using your home address. But in doing that, if you want to also receive mail at your home address, you will need a second box for that. Mail to a home address will not be transferred to a mailbox number, and vice-versa. Even if we merge our private system with the USPS, there will be no more home delivery of the mail. At that point, it would be a useless expense and a waste of manpower and equipment. Yes, it does require businesses to get at least one mailbox. There are no plans in the works for hand-delivering mail to an address that does not have a home or business mailbox. (We assume you understand that a business cannot use a home mailbox for business.)
Moving on to shipping, we have written quite a bit about shipping in previous articles, so we won’t add a lot here. There are all kinds of goods shipped as you know. Just about everything we have has to find its way from the farmer, manufacturer, etc., to the store, to the home. And as you also know, there are all kinds of shipping methods involved, so writing about it can easily fill many books, let alone our articles. It is enough to say for now that we have a pretty good handle on the shipping issue in general, and if we don’t, we will. That’s one benefit of working with God and the GIS. On this one, the subject of shipping, you will find talk of it interspersed here and there. If you can’t find what you are looking for that is of interest to you, ask, and we will do what we can to answer. Frankly, there are a lot of aspects to this that we have been working on over the years, and it has brought out all sorts of equipment, products and methods that are really new, different and fascinating. For anyone interested, we think that the BW is going to have a lot of treats in store.
Another project that we will likely begin soon after starting the Better Way is doing some serious ship building. We have already talked about building one set of islands in the northern Pacific Ocean, and we are likely to expand that out to several other areas both in the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans. Right now, things are just in the concept stage, but regardless, we are going to need some ships for a variety of reasons. We don’t expect to be building bridges to every island we build, and while it will be easy enough to have flying vehicles in use, also planned, we expect to have ships plying the oceans of the world as well. All we are thinking about at the moment are some very functional ships which can be put to practical use to carry passengers and cargo from one port to another. Obviously, having read some about our LMT technology, neither ships, nor FVs, nor even cars are absolutely necessary. There are other ways to get around and send freight to various places as well. But that is cutting out a lot of very interesting parts of life which we see plenty of reason for not doing. People enjoy flying, they enjoy driving and they enjoy boat trips. So why cut these out? As we see it, it is good to have those things not only on this earth, but on any other planet to which we may expand. So, it is then, that we do plan to make several different types of ships. We will describe a couple of them.
One ship we are certain to build is one that is a half-sized companion ship to the largest ship we expect to build for now. The large ship will be about 10,000’ long and about 1,000-1,200’ wide. Its height will be around 300’ +/-. This ship is of course a full floating city, replete with an airplane runway on it about 7,000’ long. In some ways, it will resemble an aircraft carrier, mainly because of the runway and its own complement of FVs and airboats that it carries onboard. The purpose of the ship will be to use as a floating help and supply ship anywhere in the world where it may be needed. Being as large as it is, it may not be able to get in too close in some ports. But since it only drafts a maximum of 12’ of water, the biggest issue may not be its draft, but its sheer size. For instance, some bays and harbors may have bridge restrictions which could prevent the ship from going under a bridge due to its height. We should mention however that the ship can also repel off the water to a height of about 1,000’ in repelling mode if needs be. It will also be able to fly, with no particular altitude limit, so in some ways this is a moot issue. But due in part to its size, the ship will be inclined to stay further out, using FVs plus smaller boats to ferry people and cargo back and forth. Having several boats for this purpose will make moving people and cargo go much quicker when necessary. Our ship will also have a full hospital on it, able to house several hundred patients at one time. It will have full DM facilities as well, so it will be able to function as a complete supply ship for whatever goods might be needed. Depending upon world needs in the future, we very well might bring out several of these ships. But initially, we will probably only build one large ship and one companion ship of about half the size of the large ship. That would mean it would be about 5,000’ long, 500’ wide and about 200’ high. Like the large ship, the height is an approximation at the moment. Both ships use airstone plates for not only the bottom of the ship, but for each deck as well. Both ships are constructed almost the same way except the smaller ship will not have a long runway on it. It will instead have landing areas for FVs and of course helicopters if that was needed. The smaller ship is mainly a support ship for the larger ship and would house more specialty personnel who might be needed when helping people onshore. It would also serve as a training ship for training people from the area being helped. As a general rule, the only people from the shore who are allowed on the large ship are people needing medical attention, and some of their relatives. Other than that, security is stricter than on the smaller ship.
The large ship would have a complement of several small boats in the 100’ to 250’ size range. These boats are mainly used to ferry passengers and goods to and from shore. All are airboats, and like all our boats and ships, they use airstone in their construction. Besides being flat bottomed, these small boats can repel and fly if they need to. Normally they travel about 10’ above the water. They can of course, go higher if need be. All fly and repel using groundplanes, so there is no way any of them, large or small, can sink. We don’t have much design description of these boats yet, but we are sure they will look suitable for their job. These articles are not at the moment very detail prone. We are mostly writing overview here. All the support boats are docked on either the large or small ships. They do not stay in the water when not being used. The only ships that do stay in the water while they are on assignment, are the large and smaller ships. They will have land bases on an island, most likely our first large island. When they are there, they come completely out of the water and park on the island land. One important use of the support boats will be for them to ferry goods to the shore and beyond. This could be so especially in the event of emergencies and disasters of any kind. Since the boats are also airboats, they can make overland trips of any distance, repelling a few hundred above the ground. This would mean getting disaster relief much quicker to needed sites, as well as being able to shuttle in support personnel and bringing out injured people to take them to the large ship hospital and treatments centers.
Another idea that we have been working on involves some interesting suspended “sky islands”. Actually, it is more than an idea, it is something we have seriously worked on and expect to be an early project in our emerging BW program. Sky islands are unique in that they do not sit way up in the sky, we have other applications that involve that. These particular islands are smaller than the higher versions, and sit a little below 1,000’ above ground surface. As usual, these islands are parked in a groundplane, as well as being locked onto all the further up groundplanes that pass through them. The initial bottom groundplane lock is all that is needed, with the additional locks being just an extra measure of safety. Of course, the primary safety factor is that the sky island blocks are made from airstone with a slightly altered formula that makes their ground zero several feet above the actual ground. In other words, if the island were to fall (which it can’t to begin with – none ever has in the entire history of airstone), it would stop several feet above the ground surface because it interprets the ground to be where it is set. To get it to touch the ground, it would have to be magnetically drawn to the earth. This is similar to our islands in the ocean and the airstone used for boats. Setting the sky islands out is a very simple matter. All sky island blocks are made exactly the same size. They are made to expand to various sizes depending upon what DLC charge is applied to them. As we understand it now, the base blocks will be 1’ square, and 1” thick. The maximum expansion of these airstone blocks is about 2.5 miles. There are other blocks that are larger in base size, and can expand to larger sizes when fully expanded. We were driving by a site today that we have been considering for two of the sky islands. At the moment, we are looking at islands that are 1-mile square, with a thickness at full expansion of 100-200”. One of these islands we will be using as a private LMT development center, and the other will have an apartment housing complex for people needing to move from their existing housing, or who are in need of housing because they either don’t have any now or are new moving into the area. As we started to say, to set them out all we need to do is take one out to its location, center it and fix its bottom groundplane, then set an expansion disc on it and activate the disc. We will use expansion discs any time we are expanding a larger item. For small items, the built-in smart chip is used to control the expansion. Expansion discs have smart chips in them. The disc has all the settings for the exact final size of the island, as well as its exact location. Given suitable conditions, the sky island block will expand to its full size in less than 1 hour. With that, we will have an island block sitting firmly in place at a selected altitude of 200-1,000’. These particular islands should be set at the 200’ level. The land below them is flat farmland, so the clearance should be constant. The groundplane selected is the one that has full ground clearance of the desired altitude for the full 1 square mile block, 200’ in this case. Once the island block has finalized its expansion, it is permanently locked so it cannot expand any further. We will be terra forming the island, so we don’t want it to expand any further. The two sky islands in question will sit above fields across a road from each other. Both fields are active farming fields, so there are some accommodations that will be made for this. For one thing, the bottom of the island blocks has a finish that transporizes the block almost entirely. Our meaning of transporizes here is to make something transparent, but not dimensionalize it. Due to that, you can be beneath the block and look up and see the sky like the block was not there. The only way to see the block from below will be along its edges is a slight darker line. Out away from the island you can see them normally, since we don’t plan to coat the side walls of the island. This coating is applied to both the subject island blocks. Another accommodation that is made is that any weather that is in the area above the island block is transferred to the area below the blocks. That is done by means of a magnetic screen and a pass-through dimensionalizing field. Stated simply, a dimensional screen is above the island that causes anything that hits it to pass through to the area below the island block. You could literally throw a rock to land somewhere above the island and it would pass through and come out just below the bottom of the island block. There is a connecting dimensionalizing screen located there too, but it is right up against the block so things appear to have come out of the block. This applies to anything like rain, snow, etc. That way, the farmers can use the land below and get exactly the weather that they would get without the island block there. Of course, the farmer would also get whatever sunshine there was, it too is transferred through. We know this might sound a little complicated, but it is really harder to explain it than it is to do it…
On the surface of both sky islands we will install a magna fence around the perimeter. There will be no surface gates. All entry and exit must be done via an elevated gate. That can be accessed by FVs as well as monorails which will be built to serve both islands. The fence is primarily a safety fence, but also serves as a security fence. Then again, they aren’t making 200’ ladders right now, but being prudent never hurts. On the development center island, we will have a building that covers most of the island. There will only be a small strip of land and grass along the fence all the way around that can be used for relaxing and walking. The DC (Development Center) building itself will be a square just slightly smaller than the size of the island. We are thinking of an open band about 20’ wide around the edges of the island. The DC building will be an expansion building that will be about 200’ high. It will sit right on the island block. It will not have a ceiling, rather just four walls. All doors are transfer doors, so there are no physical openings anywhere along the walls of the building. Instead of a roof, we will have a magnetic field below the transporizing screen. The magnetic field blocks everything we want it to block. It can even block sunlight if desired. We will use Skyhooks to hold lighting, so we don’t need sunlight. That doesn’t mean we won’t use it of course, it is just not necessary. If you recall, skyhooks are devices that are like a small platform that can be locked on any groundplane, or move through groundplanes on a controlled basis. That means they can be used to raise and lower things, or just be raised and locked in place at a given height. They are really just lift plates that become sky hooks when you literally attach a hook to them, so you can attach things to be raised or lowered. Lift plates generally lift loads put on their surface, while skyhooks lift loads by picking them up from below with the hook attachment.
The outer walls of the DC will be about 4’ thick. They don’t have to be, it is just what they likely will be. Made from airstone as well, there is a mixture of the DSX (drysteel) formula in them, so they could be 1/4th of an inch thick and be far stronger than needed. What else is in the building will be development equipment. We do expect to be flying in and out of the building via the open roof, since some buggy and FV development will be part of what takes place at the DC. The building will also contain some living quarters, food service, etc. As noted earlier, a monorail service will come into the building via a transfer door, and make a loop around the inside walls of the building. This will allow people wanting to catch the train to do so. They may have to use individual flying scooters to get to the train from their work location. The flying scooters are individual transport FVs that can get up a few hundred feet but are generally slow and mostly used along the surface on a repelling basis. Many are parked at stations around the building for anyone to use. They have an automatic guide system that will return them to the origin point when no longer needed.
The other sky island (these will be pilot programs) that will be raised across the street above another farming field will have more terra forming and open areas. There will be several apartment blocks of about 4 floors each. Each apartment will have at least two ways of entering it. It will have a front door opening out to a hallway in the building, and another door along one wall of the building outside on the ground. There will be a covered sidewalk over the area where these doors are, to protect people from the weather if they choose to use these doors. There is one door for every apartment in the building that is not on the ground floor. The ground floor apartments have two entrance doors inside the building along the hallway. The doors along the outside wall are only for apartments above the ground floor. The doors are right next to each other with only about a space of a foot or so between door jambs. Each door is numbered and may be used as a guest entrance. All a guest has to do is ring the doorbell. These doors open right into the apartment, just like the front door in the hallway does. Technically these doors can be used as emergency exits, but there are other emergency exit doors in several places around the building on all floors. There is also an emergency exit door inside one of the rooms of the apartment which is clearly marked. Emergency exit doors all go out to open areas away from the buildings. The egress side of the exit door is a simple door frame with a transfer plate on it. These are one-way doors except they can be used by emergency personnel when authorized. Like the entrance doors, the exit door transfer plates are spaced about a foot apart. They are all available in an emergency, and when you go through your emergency exit door in your apartment, you will exit whatever exit plate is available. There is still an exit transfer plate for every apartment and other facilities like offices, cafeterias (each building does have a small cafeteria), and so forth. There are several grocery stores on the island as well as several other basic stores. Basically speaking, a person can find most of their needs right on their island. There is also a health care center that will most likely transfer you to another off-island location for treatment, but that will be done via a travel door, so it is not inconvenient to the patient.
Cars will not be allowed on either sky island. For people who have cars, they will have a parking garage spot (actually 2 or 3) assigned to them. The parking garage will likely be a few miles from the islands, although not generally more than 10 and often less. We place most parking garages underground and put parks over them. The garages are well lit, spacious and totally safe. There are constant security personnel roaming the garages at all times. Each island will have its own garage at least, although there may be times when there is a garage for every apartment building. That depends on how many apartments there are in a building. In any event, most of the parking garages will not be very large. They will look like they cannot hold anywhere near the number of cars as there are residents having cars. The buildings have a calculated number of parking boxes that represent what is assigned to each apartment. Using GIS, it is determined how many people at any given time within 20-30 minutes will be coming or going from their parking spots. That will be how many parking boxes (a parking box is a box that contains the 3 parking spaces assigned to an apartment) are made available at any given time. The boxes are dimensionalized when no person is in them, they are called back out when a person would like to get their car or park their car. There are enough total boxes, as we said, but only a small number of them are accessible at any given time. When you drive into your parking box, it closes behind you, effectively dimensionalizing at that time. You then exit through an exit door to the outside. By doing this, a box only has to be open while the car is going in or coming out. It does not have to stay open while a person fiddles and gets ready to leave, or takes their time leaving the box when they come in. When they are coming to get their car, they use what appears to be an elevator (it isn’t, it is a transfer door) and enter their apartment number. Or, they can just touch the plate which will read their magnetic number. They will be immediately transferred to their parking box. Every parking box has a restroom which the tenant is responsible to maintain. If a tenant just wants to go to their car for a minute and go back to their apartment, they can do that too. There will be no restrictions on their coming and going. At the entrance/exit doors of the parking garage there are transfer doors which will take people to a door near their apartment. Those are numbered and all they have to do is learn the number of doors near their apartment. There are maps for those with bad memories. You can also use the touch plate, have your magnetic number read, and be automatically transferred to the door nearest your apartment.
Tenants are always allowed to have guests. Who they are is up to the tenant. We will allow people not otherwise allowed on the island to directly visit a tenant. To do that they must use the outside wall door so they are transferred directly into the apartment they are visiting. They will not otherwise be allowed in any other part of the building, or anywhere else on the island. There is a guest parking lot for guests of tenants if they did not use the monorail system to enter the island. Guests must exit the train at the first station and contact the tenant from there. They can then go to transfer doors to take them to the door closest to the tenant’s wall door. In case you wondered why the tight security on some guests? Because we are talking about people who we have determined are still in activities like drugs and misc. crime. We are not talking about regular guests. We have to draw the line somewhere, while at the same time trying to leave people to make their own decisions about with whom they associate. Even the tenant may not know of a person’s activities, although in many cases they do. The more they become involved in the BW, the less they will be able to have such associations. Eventually they will have to make the choice between those kinds of people and the BW. We expect the sky island apartments to be occupied by a variety of people, including some people who will not want to have anything to do with the Better Way, at least initially. Yet if they are willing to meet the standard for residency there, which includes getting along with people who are in a BW to various degrees, then we will let them live there. It could help to get them to change and get involved with the BW themselves. Other than that, anyone from the outside will not be able to spend a lot of time on the sky island. There will be limits. The reason for that is simple. If you get things for nothing; without having to do anything to get or keep them, you have far less value attached to them. It would also water down the efforts of those who are trying to change and do things better. These policies let those people see that as we have said, there is a value and a return for trying to do things right.
The monorail that will go to the two sky islands is a sub-rail system of the main skidrail system. Fairly close to the islands the skidrail will be passing by anyway, so there will be a stop at the skidrail intersection. Actually, the way the sub-rail lines work, that line only goes between the skidrail station and the sky islands. A new line begins at the station and goes out in the other direction into the town and beyond. The fact is that a sub-rail train passing through would continue on over the new line, so people coming from the sky islands who are going into town or beyond, would not have to change trains. Those trains would run at least every 30 minutes, and every 10 minutes during daytime hours between 6 am and 10 pm. In the case of the line into town, there are some smaller towns in the hills to which the line will continue. There will be some rural flag stops along that line as well. Flag stops will be very common on the sub-rail lines. We expect that more people will use the sub-rail to go shopping if they can send their purchases back to their residences or to a pickup location nearby. In the apartment buildings, there will be several freight delivery doors along the hallways of the buildings where people can go to get goods they bought in town and then had shipped to their home area. There will be many shipping locations around town where goods may be shipped, and all our stores will have shipping points as well. A person can make a purchase and instruct the store clerk to send it to their resident delivery point. This is not mail service, it is shipping service. Shipping will cost perhaps 10 cents plus for each item shipped, so the cost will be relatively low. Larger items may cost a bit more, but again not much. It seems like the 10-cent fee should work out for the most part. Having this service, shoppers will be able to go about doing their shopping often without a car, and even if they brought their car in, they can ship their goods so they don’t have to carry their goods to where the car is parked, or to their apartment from the parking box. Riding the train will be a very comfortable and pleasant experience, so hopefully more people will use the trains more often. There will be school trains that go to all the schools directly, and run several times in the morning and after school. There will also be trains for children in extra-curricular activities who are staying after school. All school children’s rides are free. They have to simply pass by the scanner as they board the train. Improper behavior could result in the child having to pay, albeit a small fee. Proper behavior for a short period of time will bring them back to free status. We were referring mainly to the sky island sub-trains above, but there will be school sub-trains throughout the system. The same fee arrangement applies everywhere. (The reason we don’t give you specific locations for what we are describing is that for one thing you likely don’t know where it is, then you would have to look it up on a map and try to visualize the area. That could be misleading or confusing for you. Besides that, we are doing pilot programs. They will be modified as needed and repeated all over the country. So, the actual where is somewhat immaterial.)
This wraps up this article. We will continue on with the Better Way in the next article: Better Way Getting Closer 9. See you there.

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Better Way Getting Closer 7

Better Way Getting Closer 7
In our last blog entry, we were discussing some of the projected changes and improvements to the U.S. highway and road system. We have necessarily left out a lot of information about the new roads, there is just too much to include in these blog entries, and we have to keep things moving. But one thing we will add is that we expect to add some experimental roads as a part of the expected roads future. These roads will be finished with the same base as the others, but instead of the solid top surface, we will install a grass surface. This surface is manufactured in a sheet and rolled up like the other surface materials are. But this surface has embedded in it the seeds of something we call Curly grass. Curly grass grows up to about 1.5” and then curls around on itself. It progresses until it has looped around 2 or 3 times, then it will stop growing. It is still alive at that point, but it just doesn’t grow any more. If you cut off the curls, it would grow them back, but otherwise, it suspends growth after those 2 or 3 curls. The grass is soft, with some spring to it when walked on. It remains green all year round and does not dry out. The material with the seeds were embedded in is a solid form of flexible water, and that can feed the grass for at least 10 years if it receives no more water. However, if it does receive more water, it dimensionally absorbs that into the material and holds it in the ready to feed the grass. Excess water would run off or pass through the grass mat to the base below where it is either stored, passed through or reprocessed. These grass roads are not for wheeled vehicles, they are strictly for repeller vehicles. All the same traffic colors and markings apply, the only thing is no vehicle on this road actually touches the road. This road, like the other types, is practically maintenance free. We do have cleaner vehicles on all roads covering them constantly, but there should be little to remove other than the normal debris that gets deposited on roads. Roadside trash is handled by robot work crews who work 24 hours a day. Roadside debris is picked up magnetically by special vehicles that patrol the roads constantly. They fly just above the ground, and do not interfere with the flow of traffic. They can move continuously since they reprocess most everything they pick up. The exception will be personal valuables that may have been lost by someone. We can identify who lost them and return the goods to them.
This might be a good place to note some other information, albeit a digression from the current subject. It does however have relevance because you might wonder just how we would know who owned whatever valuables we might find alongside the road. So here is how.
Human robots are numbered. The same applies to every spirit and every soul. The human, spirit and soul all have some common aspects in that number, they aren’t like a car where they have different parts numbers and you have to have another numbering system to relate different parts to the same car. Since it is God who manages all of it, and assigns responsibility, we’ll only deal with our area, human robots; i.e. you and me. We are the human robots. As such, like we said, we all have a number. It is a magnetic number and it is very unique. It is also very big. Like big, big. That is because it contains all sorts of information about us. We don’t use all of it, ever. We can’t even access all of it. In a way, we can’t access any of it because it is a personal and very private matter between the person and God. The way we can use it is through various pieces of equipment that read essential parts of the number to relate it to particular items, situations, etc. In short, by scanning an item, we can use a reader and immediately know to whom the item belongs. This will be so even if the item has changed ownership hands several times. Like to know how that can be? Simple, only the person that owns an item *knows*; believes they own it. Due to that, they change their magnetic number to relate that fact. They personally assign a part of their magnetic number to everything they own, everything. When they dispose of an item, that part of the magnetic number will change to reflect that they did own something but no longer do. They will file that information along with who they gave/sold, etc. the item to. We told you the magnetic number was big. It is constantly fluctuating as we go through life. You might also see how it is that it simply is not possible to even write down someone’s magnetic number. It is changing constantly and you could never get it all down or keep up with the changes. That’s what readers are for. They allow us to select the purpose and select the part of a magnetic number that is relevant. Even at that, the number part is still unique to an individual person. In short, any part of a person’s magnetic number is so unique that it only can apply to them. So, it is very easy to identify anyone through all kinds of different processes and methods.
Remember when it was said that the very hairs on your head are numbered (in the Bible)? That too is part of the magnetic number. We thought we might throw that in just in case you might worry about someone coming up with your magnetic number improperly. The many, many parts of your magnetic number cannot always be associated with each other. That would automatically prevent any full number protection. God’s scanners that detect the entire number so they can select the needed section, are considerably different from anything people make here. Yet the scanners work in very basic ways. They determine simple facts, that is their purpose. All scanners are the same, even when they are being used for different functions. They all have the same core and the same type of smart chip. They are just programmed differently according to their use(s). The common use scanner does things like determine basic facts about a person. These facts come from God’s information system by the way, not from any information base here. Wow, this is yet another matter we would like to explain when we get some time to do so. The Information System, from which we get all our information, directly or indirectly, is one brilliant piece of work. (Of course it is, but sometimes some things God creates just have a very unique way of astounding us.) Within the Information System (IS) is all the knowledge God makes available to the ones He creates. We must be careful there and not just limit that to man. Every type of robot made also gets its information from the IS. It goes far beyond that, right down to the light units themselves. Essentially, the IS is God’s library for creation. Everyone has access to it, each according to need. Need is what determines access, not want. It is the IS that keeps the information about our magnetic number, and it is the IS that distributes whatever information within the number that is needed. So, you should be able to see that wanting the information is useless, one has to have the proper need to know to get the information. Accordingly, scanners will only work with people qualified to use them, and obtain information only having a valid need purpose. Curiosity is seldom a valid need purpose, although there is a plethora of knowledge on all sorts of thing that is available for the curious. It just seldom applies to another person.
In the simplest form then, we can identify personal belongs because anything that belongs to a person has some residue light units attached to the object until ownership changes. A scanner can read those light units. Why are they different than any other? Because they were put there by the person who owns the object. Having possession of an object, even thinking that now you own it, you also know if it is not yours. So, the magnetic settings of the light units you leave easily tell the facts of it. There is no way around this at all. This is not a case of cutting off a dead man’s finger and trying to open a finger print scan door lock with it. (We have such locks and they require only the willing live finger.) We will use the person’s magnetic number for many things. It is an absolute identity. Scanners work in many different ways. They contain smart chips and we have already given you some idea of the capability of a smart chip. Scanners can identify a person from a picture, from an image, from any kind of handwriting, from keyboard entry and a plethora of other ways. Because of that, officials never need to ask for any identification papers from anyone. That means you do not need a driver’s license, identification card, social security card or any other form of identification card or papers. You do not need to register to vote. When a person does vote, they know whether they are a citizen or not, their current address and other information about them. With our new voting system, once a person votes, it is impossible to vote anywhere else in the system. A person can vote from anywhere, they do not have to vote in their particular district voting location, they can vote from anywhere in the country, or even the world for that matter. The latter would depend upon how we had the balloting set up. It is even possible to vote by computer from anywhere, for only the right person at the keyboard can access their personal ballot. That system does work, and it works flawlessly. It can eliminate all sorts of voting and ballot issues that exist today. As far as privacy is concerned, there are some really interesting technical aspects to that. For instance, if you are at a computer halfway around the world, or on the Moon perhaps, you still know whether you are in a private circumstance or not. Because you know, your magnetic number reflects that. Thus, it is as easy as can be to determine your privacy issue. If someone is peeking in on you without your knowledge, the scanner knows that. Don’t ask how, that’s God’s business. He knows, so the scanner knows, that’s all there is to it. In a Better Way, or life at all for that matter, it is good to get used to the fact that God knows and He has always known. There is nothing that God has not seen, nothing. People commonly put that out of their mind, but they should not. If they learn to live with that fact, then it is a lot easier to try to work with God and not only learn from Him, but also get real help from Him. The magnetic number is a good way to remember all that. It is also a good way to make a lot of things better for people. People can and should have a lot more privacy then they have. We are told that in the modern world we should get used to losing forever our personal privacy. That is malarkey. People have a right to certain kinds of privacy, even when they have made mistakes. The truth is much of society does not want such a thing for others, but wants it for themselves. That is the way it works a lot, but not the way it should work. The government is supposed to be helping people in the right ways only. There should be a system that allows a variety of information to be known within the system, but not to those who manage the system except to know various particulars on a need to know basis. Files and information should not be kept on anyone, ever. Working with God’s IS means that there is absolutely no need to know. You might think you should be able to know a lot about a person to decide whether he or she is qualified to run for president. That isn’t what the Constitution says. The person has to be a natural born citizen of the United States, 35 years of age, and a U.S. resident for at least 14 years. Nothing else is listed. Yet there are a plethora of other supposed requirements that potential candidates are judged on. The only actual fact of judgement comes at the ballot box, not a court of law. People may not like it, but their decision and judgement about character, experience, background or anything else has absolutely no validity. The only way anyone can legally express their view is through the ballot box. Presidents are not elected in the court of public opinion. They are elected through the ballot box. Today’s population for the large part has a very jaded view that somehow, they can decide beforehand who should or should not run for president and if the majority disapproves, then the person cannot run or be president. It does not matter what someone thinks of a candidate, they show that only through a ballot. It is not and should not be their decision to determine a candidate except as is determined by the Constitution. If that is not acceptable, change the Constitution. No law made to the contrary of the Constitutional requirements can be made valid, no matter how many congressional votes it has nor how many courts try to determine something else. No court has the authority to change the Constitution nor rule any law to be valid that usurps the Constitution. It seems to be a bad habit of a lot of people today that if they don’t like something, they just ignore it and that is somehow supposed to be a valid position. It is not. Constitutionally it cannot be undone.
Getting back to the new roads and highways, we expect to apply the LMT road system to just about every highway, road and street in the country (“in the country” applies to all the United States and its territories). That will take a while of course, but it will save many billions of dollars in terms of the constant upkeep that is now required. It will also greatly reduce accidents and through that deaths and injuries. Besides the road surface lighting, there will be a lot more overhead lighting applied to all streets and roads. The lighting will be self-maintaining DLC lighting, using DLC batteries for power. This will both add more lighting of the roads and streets, and vastly decrease the cost of the lighting. Here too, large amounts of money are being saved.
One other most important highway system we will speak of here will be very different. The main reason we are adding it now is because we have already introduced some LMT products that bring this part of the highway system into play. We are talking about an elevated highway system that does not have any actual physical structure, but is instead a system of magnetic guideways. We will call this system the Elevated Guideway System (EGS). This system is for the exclusive use of flying vehicles -FVs-. We do expect to be able to introduce FVs for public use fairly soon after we begin our Better Way project. There will be a few legal hurdles to deal with, but we will not go into that for the moment. The guideway system itself is easy to install and can be made fully operational in a matter of days to weeks. Here again we are using teams of engineers all working at the same time starting at different locations. The crux of the system is a series of GPS devices dimensionally placed above the ground at varying altitudes, usually somewhere between 200-400 feet. This GPS system establishes and maintains a groundplane guidance system for flying vehicles (you do remember that flying vehicles are actually our repelling vehicles, and not conventional aircraft of any kind we assume). This guidance system works with the automatic repelling control system in all FVs so that any FV can be fully guided and controlled while in the air. The system operates from any GPS, so once established, it only requires one GPS to be operational to maintain the integrity of the entire system. There are also no independent sections of the system, it is all linked together, assuring the nature of this backup protection.
The way the EGS works is pretty simple. An FV starting on the ground, has its auto-control system turned on by the FV operator (driver). At that point, the driver tells the system what they want to do, where they want to go, etc. They then press the start button and the auto-control takes over from there. It will secure the FV, slowly raise it up off the ground and turn it immediately toward the nearest EGS guide path. It isn’t an official name, but we do refer to these guide paths as the “skyway”. Once arriving at a skyway, the FV is merged with traffic and moves along toward the designated destination. The maximum speed on the skyway will be about 70 mph, which is faster than ground highway limits, but skyway travel is all completely automatic. When the FV arrives at its destination, the vehicle moves out of the guide path and slowly lowers to the ground. It lands, coming to a complete stop in the process. At that point, the driver is able to re-assume control of the FV and go on their way along the ground roads. The vehicle is not landed on a surface road, rather close to it in an area that has sufficient clearance to land safely. This is not any particularly established landing area, only an area with suitable clearance for the landing. It also has to be a predetermined wide shoulder area of the road. The vehicle can be landed in other specific spots that are made for take-offs and landings, but that has to either be determined beforehand, or given as a change in instructions to the FV auto-control system. BTW, there is manual information entry capability if giving voice commands is not possible. We’re not sure when that case would arise since deafness will be able to be cured in the BW, but the option is there nonetheless.
A qualified FV driver may fly the FV just about anywhere they would like to, and is not restricted to driving on the skyway. They must maintain a safe altitude (the auto-control will override errant driving) and are limited to a maximum speed of 25 mph or so. In some areas it will be possible to go faster. That will be indicated on the FV dashboard by the navigation system. There are a variety of other restrictions such as not being allowed to land in areas where landing is prohibited by law or on private property without permission, going too near obstructive objects and so forth. Technically, the FV is always flying it its own dimensional pocket. Because of that, it cannot actually hit objects like power poles, wires, trees, tall buildings etc. But it is policy that under standard operating conditions, passing through such objects is to be avoided, as is getting in close proximity to obstructions. Even if a legal landing spot is open, if getting to it requires getting too close to or passing through obstructions, the driver will have to park elsewhere or have specific permission to land at the obstructed site. Even though the FV is flying in its own dimensional pocket, it can still be fully seen from this dimension. The magnetic field around the FV that establishes the dimensional pocket is called a Ground Plane Instrument, or GPI. Besides the pocket, it also shields the vehicle from outside gravity and establishes its own interior gravity field with the FV. This allows the vehicle to make sharp turns, immediate stops, etc., with no affect at all on the people inside the FV.
Obtaining an FV through leasing it with a URL, as well as qualifying to drive it are not particularly difficult matters, but they are exact matters. A new driver must be willing to be drafted so all flight information can be fully established with the person. Being “drafted” is a method of requiring a person to allow their human robot to accept and retain information about any matter that is right. It is not possible to draft someone to require them to abide by anything that is wrong. There are also time limits on how long a particular draft condition can apply, as well as a maximum time percentage the draft can use. A draft can never use all 24 hours of a day for instance. So, while a person cannot withdraw from a voluntary draft during the draft time, they may do so anytime they are not within the draft time window. An involuntary draft can cover a full 24-hour period, but has limits in terms of the number of consecutive days it can apply. There is a maximum annual limit of time a person can be held in an involuntary draft. Commonly the involuntary draft is applied during a work week, or daily work hours, and the rest of the time the person may be restricted in some other way. Involuntary drafts are generally used instead of having to incarcerate a person. A trustee position might use the involuntary draft on a daily time, while a less trustworthy person would have the full time, yearly limit draft applied. The benefit to using the involuntary draft for a person is it does not require them to be incarcerated and they can live otherwise normally like anyone else. Later on, we will explain more of how these kinds of drafts can be used in law enforcement situations.
Getting back to the FV driver, using the voluntary draft method, we can transfer to the driver a full complement of instructions, policies and conditions for the use of an FV. That takes just a few minutes, but because of the willing draft, is 100% effective. If not used for a given period of time, or if abused beyond a certain extent, the user would lose this information transfer. Otherwise, through proper use over a period of time, the transfer will be made permanent and they will come to a point where the knowledge is their own and they do not have to have the draft to remember it. Of course, there are other advantages to a voluntary draft, so one may choose to retain certain aspects of a voluntary draft as a protection against making harmful mistakes (you can still make non-harmful mistakes from which you can learn however). We will talk more about the voluntary and involuntary drafts later when we are talking about law enforcement and other areas where the draft can be very helpful.
Well, maybe this is as good of a time as any to expand on the draft because it does indeed have some very useful applications. We can imagine that there are going to be some people who might think otherwise about the draft, especially the involuntary kind of draft. Well, unless you missed it, there is and has always been a lot of crime going on in this little world of ours. There are also jails and prisons all over the place and in more recent times criminals have been let out early because there are more criminals than there is room for them in the jails and prisons. In religion, there is often talk about forgiveness and all that, but there is also a lot of recidivism among criminals and that is getting worse, not better. Not sure how forgiveness fits into that. But like it or not, something does have to be done about the problem, it isn’t going to go away by itself and all the methods tried so far are not making things better. So, the involuntary draft does make a lot of sense to us. For one thing, instead of requiring people to be locked up where they can get very little (if any) rehabilitation, the InVoluntary Draft – IVD – (not as much official as we are just trying to shorten the typing load a little) is a very good way to keep most criminals in a position where they in fact can be exposed to responsibility and rehabilitation while not having to be concerned about them continuing their errant ways. The IVD does that. It absolutely compels a person to follow a given set of instructions, whether they like it or not. That is why it is called an involuntary draft. But besides that, the IVD has some aspects of helping to protect the person from doing things that could bring danger and harm to others or themselves. We have worked for a number of years to learn how this all works, and there seems to be real value to it. Another matter that goes hand in hand with the IVD is something we call IMS. IMS is a service we call, Involuntary Military Service.
In my younger years all males were subject to the military draft. Once a male reached the age of 18, he was subject to being drafted into usually the Army for a period of about 2 years. There was an obligation of 6 initial years, so if the person was discharged after 2 years, they still had to serve another 4 years in the National Guard. After that they could still be drafted in the case of national emergency up to the age of 35. The actual mandatory draft has since changed, but males are still required to register for the draft in case they might be needed at some later date. Many young men, to avoid being drafted into the Army, volunteered for military service in one of the other branches of service. When you joined that way, the term was usually 4 years instead of two. The 6-year obligation remained the same, so after serving for 4 years, there was still a 2-year obligation remaining. I don’t recall if National Guard service for those 2 years was still required. That is what we did when I was young, I joined the Air Force and at the time had some intentions to make it a career. Unfortunately for me I ended up with a major blood disease that cut my time short and ended my hopes in that direction. I barely got going before I was sent packing to have to wrestle with the disease for several more years. It came to a head in 1964 when I almost died. Doctors removed my spleen and that saved me enough to keep going. The disease is technically still with me, but we have managed to cope with it since. Lots of water has gone under the bridge since those days. I totally believe that God kept me going, because at the time of the operation it was a last-ditch effort. Doctors did not hold out much hope of it working. Long story, but they expected we would die. As you can see, we didn’t, and it is God whom we believe is responsible for that. In any event, the military draft procedures used by various governments around the world are quite different from what we have learned from God. Of course, the draft we talk about is indeed a military draft, so changing to what we will explain may or may not ever get on the government agenda. We won’t deal with that right now. Often what seems impossible is of no issue to God. We all need to remember that sometimes.
The Involuntary Military Service – IMS
In the one respect, the IMS might seem to be like the standard military draft. In terms of being involuntary, there is that similarity. But after that things change considerably. For one thing, in the Better Way it is an honor to be in the military service. A lot of people don’t like military service and don’t want any part of it. Well there are a lot of reasons for that, most of them not good at all. Military service in this world is not at all what it should be, or could be. It seems the main purpose of the military in this world is to exert power and force on whomever, whenever, for any number of suspect reasons. In the U.S. of course, the claim is that the military protects our “freedom”, which has become a more popular line in recent times and was not used so much in past times. There is, and has been, the need to deal with idiots of all kinds all over the world who would imagine that they should be all powerful, take over countries to build empires, etc., etc. That does take military action since the tyrant using power is doing so through military power. So, it has been that military troops are needed, all too often. There are some people who think you can just appease tyrants and they will not bother you. This has been a popular pacifist’s position of many people from time to time. Unfortunately, that position seldom works out and if not changed, whole nations get ran over and dominated by tyrants. Lots of people like peace, but when others don’t, response is required. Of course, there is always the issue of what is the right response, and that is argued about as much as anything else. That is a bit of a view of how things are and how they have been, but as for a future view, there is a definite need for something better, much better in fact.
One of the things I had more confirmed than learned when I went into the Air Force was that properly done there is a lot of value in some lessons applied with military discipline. Unfortunately, that is about where it ends. My dad was in the military and several of my half-brothers were as well. All agreed that there was value to some aspects of the military training for a variety of disciplines. How that training was applied, and still is applied, is quite another story. There are times when it is quite obvious that most of the people in the military are considered to be little more than throw away pawns in some giant mad game that countries play with each other. It is more a credit to the human robot character than much else that despite common cruelty in training and thereafter, many men come out feeling that they are better off for having had the military experience. We have learned quite a bit about all that, but it is much more than we can relate here. We’ll just try to add some highlights. It seems that every service we have looked at always seems to want to deal with a percentage of its troops much like they are robot slaves. How odd. It is as if someone behind the scenes knew that humans are indeed robots. That aside, it would take a lot more room than we have here to try to explain to you just what the real military is all about. But we will try to enlighten you some. Every now and then we come up with a dandy, and this might be one of those times…
Religions like to teach us that God is apparently a religious guy. That is, He isn’t supposed to be anything else. Oh wait, He is supposed to be a king; The King in fact, but that isn’t often applied to God and more to Jesus, who then is said to also be God as a part of the so-called “trinity”. Well God is King, no doubt about it. He is of course also the Creator and just plain God. But it is the King part which we will deal with here. We are not associating that with Jesus, but with God. Sorry. There is, with God, a version of Royal Military Services (RMS). That is what we have learned to call it. How it may be elsewhere is not what we are talking about. We are talking about what God has taught us belongs here. Thus, we will talk in those terms. As far as we know, in order to get the Better Way going in the first place, it is going to have to involve the RMS. That is where all the engineers we talk about must come from. The technology involved is not something any engineer on the face of this earth knows the slightest thing about. And wouldn’t you know it, this does seem to say that there are actually people who exist beyond this world and some of them, in some form or another, just might come here to help make things better. That is what we are saying. Sooner or later, that is what must happen because there is no way in the world that we can personally make any of this happen without God’s help. And the RMS is definitely part of God’s help. We haven’t been talking all this time about such things as robots and yo-yos and whatever else as though it is all just a dandy middle earth fantasy of ours that we thought we would relate to the world through a blog.
The IMS is a very basic form of dealing with errant people, while still trying to give them every chance to change their ways and become a better person developing as they should. As we said, it is a part of the Better Way. How it comes to fruition is yet to be determined. But when it is started, this is some of how it will work. When a person is detained, they are in effect drafted instead of being arrested. At that point, the determination of their ‘guilt’ is determined, and they are given (sentenced is not what this is) a specified amount of IMS time suitable to them-related to their problem, offense or whatever. One of the first things you may notice is that we did not mention the word ”trial”. That is because there would not be any trial. This system uses the GIS (God’s Information System), so the exact details of what transpired is known exactly. It is even possible to bring up a replay of events that took place. In the same way that the factual responsibility of a person can be exactly determined, so too can it be determined when a person is being falsely accused. The same GIS is used there too. Thus, there is no reason for a trial and no opportunity for a guilty person to find some way to persuade a jury of their “peers” that they are innocent when they are not. Given that, innocent people are not detained, ever, and certainly not incorrectly imprisoned while being held for trial where they can try to prove their innocence.
IMS time is spent doing a large variety of work and jobs, besides a person getting various training that suits their current development level. They are housed in normal housing that is slightly spartan, but still better than a present single male or female on a low income may have to live in. Of course, they are living in an IMS facility, which is much like a large military base, looking much like that as well. None of the facilities look remotely like prisons or prison or jail farms. The fact is, the facility will be a military base, with other operations going on at the same time. Common IMS sentences start at 10 days, then graduate along to longer blocks of time like 15 days, 30 days, 90 days, 6 months, 1 year, 1.5 years and so forth. The catch is that a person cannot just spend their time and get out. They have to have a measured improvement to do that. Otherwise, their sentence gets recycled and they start with the shortest sentence over again. It is not hard to make the necessary improvement, but it is necessary. The only real way that someone cannot get out is to deliberately work against the program with intent to not cooperate. Frankly, a 10-day sentence could stretch on out to 3 months, 6 months or more. At some point they would be released, but they don’t know when that might be. They must finish a sentence term in any event. They never have a term cut short. The sentences are determined by the GIS. This is not a case of finding the charge and selecting the appropriate sentence. The fact is the actual person is entered into the system and the sentence is determined by what is in the GIS about that person. That too is why an innocent person could never be falsely held. The sentence is determined by God, through His GIS, and when a person is innocent, then they simply cannot be incarcerated or even detained for that matter. There is no such thing as picking a person up and bringing them in for questioning as authorities like to say. The facts are determined before a person is ever contacted. After that is done, the correct people are picked up and sent to IMS. None of the current jails or prisons or correctional facilities are suitable for IMS. Completely new facilities will have to be built. The facilities are always a part of something bigger. People are never locked up simply to spend time there. People are not even stopped and questioned. All the investigating is done before a person is talked to at all. If they are innocent, they are not talked to in the first place. And if they are guilty, there is no way that they can elude IMS. Because of their magnetic number, the location of any person is always known. That is how it is now anyway, that is how it has always been. You may not know where someone is, but God always knows. And when God knows, it is in the GIS.
It is very sad to say that revenge mindedness is a common characteristic of way too many people. People want people to go to prison, be punished, even be executed at times. They want people to suffer, know pain and hardship for any number of reasons. People like to judge others and they like to imagine all sorts of punishments for people whom they think deserve their wrath. All too often, guilt has little to nothing to do with it. There is a lot of animosity and a lot of hatred in our world, and it is getting worse instead of better. So, we can imagine that there will likely be those who find our IMS correction system to be way too lenient and soft on criminals whom they decide need far worse punishment. Well, that is some of the very reason a little wrong often turns into a lot of wrong, because people often don’t want to help a person change, all they want is for a person to be punished for wrongdoing.
Voluntary Military Service – VMS
Voluntary Military Service (VMS) is just what the name says it is. It is people volunteering to serve at various jobs while in an active military service capacity. This service is different than the regular Royal Military Services, the RMS. The RMS is for people whose lives involve living full time as a working member of the RMS. It is not a part time thing, nor is it just a job that is done and then quit after some period of time. Joining the RMS, a voluntary matter, is for an indefinite term. Because of what it is, if you don’t care for a military way of living, it is not easy to get into. There are considerable benefits that come from living within the RMS, along with considerable responsibilities. In many ways, for those with military interest, it is very easy to get into the RMS and even easier to remain. The catch seems to be whether or not a person likes that kind of life. Many do, many do not. And many more would like to have the benefits without any of the responsibilities that go with it. That seems to be where the largest number of people are likely to be found in this world. There are many traces of military life that have crept into civilian life in this world, easily showing the subtle, hidden like for some of the ways, yet not at all wanting to pay the price to get them. Well, that is why there is a sort of in-between service that we call the VMS.
In some ways, the VMS can be compared somewhat to the existing military services. As it is now, people join up for a variety of reasons, serve for some period of time, then quit. Often, as a lure to get people to join, the services will offer benefits like some college tuition, or straight cash bonuses. Without a draft, that seems to be more necessary today. In past times, other branches of the service got volunteers because they wanted to avoid the draft into the Army. Without that, perks have had to be added to lure people into the services. Of course, there are a percentage of people who join because they want to be in that service, and don’t need perks to do so. Those are the people who more than likely would want to first join the VMS, then more than likely would go on at a later date and transfer to the RMS. That is one of the ways a person can get in to the RMS. Simply stated, God knows whether a person would really want to stay in the RMS. So, it should be of little surprise that everyone who wants to join the RMS must clear the GIS. Often the route will be for the person to join the VMS, establish their interest (prove to themselves that they like what they are doing), then when they are ready, transfer to the RMS. That still leaves a lot of opportunity for people who like the military way to some extent, but may not want a continuing life of it. For those people, or for those who are uncertain, the VMS can work well. For one thing, terms in the VMS begin with as little as 30 days. There may be nothing worse than to have your ideas about what you are getting into, and discover that it is not what you expected at all. When you join the current military, you are locked in to a term that will be no less than two years, but more likely 4 years or more, depending on what perks you take and areas of work you choose. Plus, you don’t get to choose all the time anyway. For some people you just join, then you get told what you will be doing after some testing. If that turns out to be something you don’t care for, the complaint line starts over there and it is very long. In other words, you are generally stuck for the next 2 or four or more years.
In the VMS, you are first given a visual introductory program which you must watch before you can do anything. That program will give you a very accurate view of just what you are volunteering for and what you will be doing. Your actual work will depend on what you select, but you do end up making the selection, the service does not select for you. People generally have several areas of expertise where they both have interest and in which they would do well. So, it is not hard to ferret those out and by that, be able to present to the candidate some very specific opportunities. Along with that can be presented very specific information as to what they will have to do; training they will have to have, to be working at their chosen job. In the case of someone starting with a very short term, the choices could be limited of course. But if the person has some skills they have learned prior to joining, they could possibly use those for their short term. It is also possible to simply want to help with whatever they can do, and do that for a short term of service. An important point with the VMS is that while VMS is definitely military service, it is also a job. Not quite just a job, but it is in itself, not a career. It is there to get certain kinds of work done, while maintaining a military structure while doing so. It allows a person to “try out” military life, but not being stuck with it for a period of time if it turns out to not be what they wanted. In the shorter terms, 30, 60 or 90 days, the person can finish up the term and simply not renew. Even with the 30-day term, there is an emergency release clause where a person can literally quit and be finished within 24 hours. Even the 24 hours is arbitrary, since a person can actually walk off the job and leave the base whenever they want to. It is voluntary to join, so it is voluntary to quit. All military equipment must be returned of course, but that should be expected. If you quit, you don’t get to wear the uniform and continue to have the perks.
It should not be mistaken that the VMS is anything but the military, for it is exactly that. This is not a case of civilians being hired by the military to work on a base. That form of work should be stopped, and in the BW, we expect that will happen. The VMS is one of the ways civilian work would be replaced. It might appear that we are having unduly high expectations for how many people will want to join the VMS, making it possible to no longer employ civilian workers. Not at all. There are always robots…
Oh, did we not mention robots? We thought we did somewhere back there, so maybe this is a good place to enlighten a little further. As you know, science people are hot to trot to develop all sort of robots. They are even trying to make them look, act and function just like people. Well, you might say that God beat them to it, since we are all robots already. But beyond that, there is a lot of work afoot trying to put robots in all sorts of jobs, replacing as many people as possible in the process. Replacing people reduces one of the biggest costs in business, labor cost. The experience thus far has shown that business is willing to change over as much to robot and automation work as possible. Their concern is profit, not giving people jobs. While it might appear from our “there are always robots” comment above that we intend to be no different, reality for us is quite to the contrary. Remember when we told you that the Better Way has the purpose of getting everyone through the gate and on into continuing life? Well, there is training that goes with that, and good training cannot have a first demand of meeting production schedules. So there has to be a way to keep the production schedules while also getting to everyone the training and skills they need so they develop properly and thus can get through the gate to continuing life. If of course you are one of those who would prefer to die, you are probably just wasting a lot of time reading any of this. Act accordingly.
We do expect to develop some pretty capable mechanical robots. Science likes to call anything with some function a robot nowadays, but we don’t. Function machines are function machines. Robots are robots. We like to think the robot designs we are learning are a little better than the sci-fi Robbie Robot. A good mechanical robot functions exactly like human robots function and actually a little better. The big different is very obvious, the mechanical robots look, well, mechanical; kind of metallic too. They cannot be mistaken for humans at all. They look like metal people and there are no real humans that are metal people. Not yet at least. Science fiction seems to want to take us in that direction, replacing various parts with metal substitutes, but our robots won’t look like that either. Maybe this is a good point to remind you of a couple of those basics: We are talking about what we expect will be possible in the Better Way. We don’t have any robots or any of this other stuff stuck in our back closet. We do indeed talk like it is all very real because we very definitely believe it is very real just like we know and believe God is very real. We indeed hope you will get very excited by all of this because it is worthy of all of that and then some. This is all coming, we are just as sure of it as we are sure God is. That we talk in that spirit should be of no surprise to anyone.
Frankly, we expect to see a lot of different kinds of robots coming with the advent of the Better Way. Chief among them of course will be the mechanical robots we have been talking about. Also, the label, mechanical robot is somewhat long to keep writing, so let’s call the Mechanical Robot an MR. Simple enough. As we said, the MRs have a human structure, but in no way can they be misconstrued as human. They are also genderless. We may however have their uniforms reflect gender at times. We are not politically correct, so whatever we end up with it will be because it makes sense and is practical, not because we are trying to please anybody. All MRs will work out of a special branch of the RMS, which will be responsible for all their work assignments. Because they are MRs, and because they all have a smart chip in them, these robots will be able to be assigned to any job a human could do and several that are currently beyond human expertise. At a future date, we will likely go into more detail about jobs that MRs will do, but for now this is a good basic explanation. Some things people DO NOT have to worry about with MRs. We expect the general size of the MR to be about 5’5-6”. They will look like they weigh about 120 pounds; have that framework size. They walk, talk and otherwise move about just as a human does, exactly. They are a mechanical copy of a human robot. They don’t talk funny, nor in a monotone kind of voice. They speak in a pleasant male or female sounding voice, depending on the job they are doing. They will have that gender characteristic while working because as people, we are used to male or female sounding voices. Anything else tends to unnerve some people. MRs are NOT dangerous. They cannot be instructed to do anything which might harm anyone. They are able to protect people to some extent by being able to react to dangerous situations. They DO think, they have smart chips in them, remember? That is why we as humans can think, we have a human robot type of smart chip in us. Surprised? The way we function in our soul is far beyond where we are at as human robots. Our spirit can and does communicate with our soul, but in order to communicate with our human robot; us as we live on the earth, a translator is needed. God built that level of smart chip into us so we could do lots of things. Otherwise, we would be a lot slower than we are. We see recently some famous people warning against artificial intelligence, saying that they may in fact take over the world if we don’t watch it. Well, the MR intelligence is not artificial at all. It stems from the same ilk as your intelligence. That is simply the difference between what God makes and what science makes. MRs do their job. They are not living creatures, they are some very capable machines. Science doesn’t build these kinds of machines at all.
Speaking of kinds of machines, we expect there to be emerging several different kinds of MRs. Among them will be a variety of cats, dogs, horses, and some other animals which we have yet to learn much about, so we can’t put them on the list. There are some versions of birds too we just learned, so you can add that to the list. When we know more, we will list more. These robot animals are for some types of work, recreation, entertainment and as pets. They are never owned. They are always under lease only. They cannot be mistreated. If that is tried, they will return to their primary home and the person involved will no longer be able to work with or have an animal robot for a pet. It isn’t easy to get them in the first place, so losing one is highly unlikely because of the person’s qualifications. There is not a lot we can say yet about robot animals because we don’t know much yet. This is just a brief overview for your interest.
That is about it for this blog entry, except maybe to say something about that term, blog entry. It sounds a little weird to us, even as the word “blog” does. But as long as that is what it is, we have to go with it. For now, we use WordPress who handles the technical blog stuff, so we go along with whatever they are calling things. We are sort of writing short articles here, calling them “entries”, but henceforth we think we’ll just refer to these exciting ditties as articles. Seems to be workable enough. Our next article will be titled Better Way Getting Closer 8. Look for it.

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Better Way Getting Closer 6

Better Way Getting Closer 6


It’s five o’clock in the morning and we have been up all night looking for a way to start this latest blog entry. With so many things to talk about regarding the Better Way, one would think it would be very easy to just rattle off some more stuff about technology or whatever. Even we think that sometimes. But not so. Sometimes we have to wait for hours or even days for the next information flow to begin. We have an endless flow of thoughts going through our head, but somehow, we can’t get them translated to paper anywhere near as often as we would like. In our last blog, we copied over quite a bit about building islands out in the Pacific and I was wondering if I had somehow derailed our train of thought by reverting to writing from nearly 20 years ago. This is one of the less explainable parts of what we have been doing all these years, when we can’t seem to get the thoughts onto paper. But that is just the way this has worked for me; for us, for over 40 years. I can go back to the very day that we started this phase of what we are doing and remember how different and strange what happened to me that day was. We have had fitful starts, written and then destroyed hundreds of pages of material, and even went so far as to write a book that was subsequently rejected by the first publisher to whom we sent it. We ended up throwing that away too. Why? It seems that it all had to do with our learning process. It is the very same process that anyone interested in following our trail would have to endure. We have had a few people who imagined they could do this. The only thing was, they wanted me to help them do it. That we cannot do. This is between God and me; God and I, take your pick. We can’t do that for anyone. Our job is to pass along information and eventually bring to people the things of a Better Way that we have been working on for so long. We cannot be anyone’s intercessor for God. Despite a huge booming business that has emerged over the centuries claiming to do that very thing for people, in the final analysis it is you and God, and no one else. That is in part why we had to throw away so much writing. We had to learn that very thing our self, before we realized how true it is. Like most of you likely do, when we thought of God, we automatically thought of religion. That seemed to be the lock and key marriage that no one could dispute. Yet in truth, that is simply what through centuries of conditioning, people have been persuaded to believe. And when you don’t really have any true conflicting evidence, it just doesn’t occur to you to think or believe otherwise.


We began to suspicion that a big reason people have been letting religions intercede with God for them is because they are simply afraid of God. Frankly, it doesn’t take a lot of reading or listening to the religious messages to see why people might be afraid of God. He seems to be a huge contradiction of personalities. One time He supposedly loves you, then another He is going to send you off to a fiery eternity of torture. It had me scared of Him, with seemingly no way at all around it but to submit to the “salvation” demands of the religions. It might be that we would still be stuck in that very spot if not for what transpired one sunny December afternoon in 1975. I can’t set any stage for you, we can only relate some of what happened. From it even you might see that I could easily consider myself one of the most fortunate men on earth. Or, you could be a lot jealous. If that be the case, all we can say is talk to God about it, that’s what we have been doing since that wonderful day.


Ok, so why should you be jealous? Don’t rightly know. When we run into it, we wonder some too. I suspect that God has plenty of jobs for people who actually want one, but you do have to want it. And, you have to take it on His terms, not yours. It is most likely however, that we could relate to you every day of our adventure since that fateful day, and tell you that it all was necessary and even years before that were necessary too, your feet might ice up very fast. Not you? Ok by me, but tell that to God. It has not been a pretty journey, nor have we been a heroic trooper some of the time (too much of the time maybe). We have even worried at times that maybe we would be fired. But after a very long while we finally came to understand that if we needed to be fired; if it was actually going to happen, we would never have been hired in the first place. Does not God know everything? Does not He know the past, the present, and the future? Of course, He does, He is God. He creates all those things. So, I finally got what He was very gently showing me for a very long time, if He didn’t want me, He would have never hired me; He would have never chosen me if you prefer. People don’t seem to like to hear about anyone being “chosen”, so we use the term tepidly and with more than a little caution. Interestingly enough, a lot more people get chosen than have any interest in answering up. As we understand it now, God always knew that we would take the job, but He also offered it to huge numbers of people before it finally got to me. Why? Because they needed it more than we did. Why that is is pretty simple, they had farther to go to get through the gate than we did. Don’t be so surprised, we may not be all that bad. There are people who are better off, some who are worse off. Lots of you are in the middle too. Not so bad, not so good. Of course, there are those who figure they are more to the good side than the other direction, which could be why many to most of them were offered our job before it got to me. You are not really the so-called “middle class”, but you very well could be in the middle.


The other day we were talking to a person who is very dear to me and one of the things he said to me was that he was not interested in the religious stuff, only the technical stuff. That seems to be the position of a lot of people. Is that because religion is so woeful, or God is so scary, or what? Or is it that everyone seems to be an expert about God, which they somehow can only relate to through some sort of religion? People often like to preach to others, or at least they like to tell you how what they believe is better or more right than what you believe. And to the contrary, they want to hear no part of it. I can tell you, but don’t tell me seems to be the manta of the religious day. So, we are not too surprised when we introduce people to our writing through instruments like our blog here, and they want to shy away and say no thanks. Yep, that is a bit frustrating for me. It is a lot like we are talking to an empty auditorium. It is what happens when you mention God anywhere but in the accepted places, like churches. You can get away with a few words, but after that, take it to the church. Well then, this world is my church I suppose. If that is how it has to be, no problem. You may have already suspected that we really do intend to have said church one day. Mainly we *like* to talk about God, and rather than bore the masses with it, it seems wise to simply have a place where if people go there, they know what to expect. A Better Way is a lot of things to a lot of people (all hopefully, but we fear that won’t be the case). There is a lot that people need to hear about God related to that Better Way, because there is none without Him. It will come about when it is supposed to and that will be because He makes it so, not me. That is the business of God, and for that He hired me. The church part is Him allowing us to pass on what we have learned about him personally, share my personal experiences, and hopefully teach others how they too can learn how to communicate with God as we do. We are no one’s intercessor. We don’t carry anyone’s message to God. We won’t intercede for them, NO ONE can do that, regardless of what they claim or in whose name they claim it. God talks to you, you talk to God, as simple as that.


We listen to a lot of people going about the business of this world without ever really including God in it. That is definitely where the Better Way is different, it totally and completely includes God. The problems of this world do not get solved or fixed because it isn’t done with God’s help and direction. You don’t go to church to get that, you go to God. You don’t pray to God, you talk to God. And you don’t sit around waiting for “voices” to give you the word, you pay attention, try to learn and never be completely satisfied with what you think you know. You could be wrong, and you will be wrong, a lot. But if you let God help, the wrongs don’t hurt, they teach and you learn. It takes very little comprehension to see that the vast majority of the people of this world do not include any such effort in their daily lives. Some figure they do it when they go to church, or when they pray, and that takes care of it. God is our Creator, He lives with us. He isn’t “out there” somewhere, while we are all here struggling to get by. I know this is more of the God stuff than most want to hear. But we have one up on you here, ours is real. The stuff is real, the Better Way is real, and most certainly our God is real. (Not my God, our God; yours and mine. I don’t own Him, nor do you. Actually, He owns us. You might want to think about that now and then. This might seem like a bit of a rant, it isn’t. It is just one man trying to get you (whoever you are) to open your eyes and realize that you are about to embark on a journey you likely do not think even possible. Who really believes in regeneration? Who really believes in continuing life that is not full of pain and sickness? Who really hopes that their future can be better than anything they have ever imagined? Not many from what we have seen so far. But we are telling you it is coming. This is not the second coming, whatever that is supposed to be (yes, we are well-schooled on it). This isn’t Jesus coming back to save the day, or the lost souls, or whomever he is supposed to save. Truthfully, we have had to wrestle with the issue of Jesus from the very beginning. We do wonder some, even to this day. Jesus is so ingrained in anything to do with God for more than a billion people, it is nearly impossible to be entirely free of him or the story. It is a Biblical story, coming from a Bible that has a lot of stories and a lot of accounts of things God supposedly did or didn’t do. The best I can say for the Bible is most assuredly God has His two cents worth in there too, just as He certainly does in everything cranked out religiously, trying to convince people of this or that. That is because God is also the defender of those He creates. He sees to it that for those who really are seeking the truth, they can find at least triggers which will help them think their way through to God. We learned that about the Bible, and that is why we still make references to it from time to time. Don’t forget those who tell you the Bible (or any other ‘sacred’ book) has to be all right or all wrong, tells you that because they know there is truth in there and the only thing they can do is try to get you to accept their scams along with that truth. I guess we could call the extra something besides a scam, but that seems to fit it pretty well. Religion is a big business. Both for making money, and for controlling people. Zoroaster preceded Jesus by many years, as many as 1500 years or more, depending on whose account you go by. There were books (scripts) written about him too. Some of that writing matches Biblical writings exactly. Look it up. He too was supposedly the son of God. Yeah, I was disappointed too. What we found more recently about Zoroaster is that more variations have crept into the supposed history of that religion over the last 40 years or so. After we suggested you look it up, we did the same, just to be sure of our information. Lots of the latest “scholars” have been pouring out all sorts of new data, so it seems to have muddied the waters considerably. Thus, seek cautiously.


So, are the preachers, pastors, priests and whomever else all evil? I rather doubt it. Specifically, we can say that is extremely unlikely. What is more likely is that some people (men and women) try so hard to believe, that they do. They then spend a lot of time trying to reinforce what they believe, and that easily consumes them. There is something that nags at them (if that is the word?). That something is God, nudging them to *keep going*; don’t stop just because you *think* you have it right. Seek out more, you know, as in, seek and you will find. (Yes, it is “seek and ye shall find”.) For them, if they had pressed on, they would have soon quit what they were doing and maybe got down to doing something more helpful. They may yet get that opportunity… (We like those three little dots of emphasis. We think they are cute.)


We are not trying to rock your boat. You can read this before you can see any reality associated with the Better Way. Thus, you are sort of flying blind. We often tell people that we do not expect anyone to walk away from Jesus or the Bible or whatever icons they use just because we say what we say. You have to make your own peace with God to do that. If you really do believe God exists, then understand that if you are trying, He knows that. You are not in trouble for believing who they say Jesus was/is, or that the Bible is all fact; truth, unless you already know the actual fact of it. We tell people to continue believing what you will, as long as you find it necessary. There will be lots of things you can get involved in with the Better Way while holding on to those beliefs. But to get involved will begin to make changes in you. The more you participate, the more you will change, and as far as we know, you will change your understandings about God all by yourself (actually it will be with God’s help). You will have to avoid the Better Way to avoid that. Stay out of our stores, stay away from our products and avoid listening to us too much. Do that and you may be able to avoid changing your beliefs. You will know you are making a mistake however, so you’ll have to plan for that too.


This is not generally the way change is presented. Most change comes in little bits and pieces, often over a period of many decades. For that reason, it is usual for people to sit back and wait, letting change come to them. True to form, that seems to be what people want to do in the case of the Better Way and the message that goes with it. It is bothersome for us in one way, but believe me waiting is very difficult, and we have found those who have expressed some interest in the Better Way nearly always get stumped by the wait. We sort of figure that the wait isn’t a wait at all, rather the situation that God has always had a date set and simply got us started well in advance of that date. That gave us a lot of time to learn a lot of things. So, it isn’t really waiting at all, it is doing things that need to be done before you have to put them to use. That’s how it would be for anyone else, and that has not been looked upon too favorably. People seem to want things now, not at some far off future date. Far off future apparently translates to “probably isn’t true”.  Let’s move on.



Well just after writing the above, my computer software went south. At first it looked like all was lost because we could not get this computer to boot no matter what we did. As you can see on the blog, we put out an S.O.S. for some suggestions. Early yesterday we received a call from our good friend Charlie. Charlie has on many occasions over the past years been right there to help with our computer problems that would come up. He lives 70 miles away, so I have to admit I didn’t think of him at first. But he called and said that he had read the S.O.S. on the blog and offered help. He even offered to drive down to Oroville and bring me another program boot disc to see if it might work. Later that day (yesterday), that is just what he did. Lo and behold, he did get my computer to boot with another program instead of the Windows program. He used something called Linux Green if I understand it right. Well, things booted right up and we could see that it wasn’t a hardware problem, but a software problem. We were able to locate my blog files and copy them off onto a thumb drive. Once that was done, we copied everything on the hard drive to an external hard drive. Then we plugged in my mirror drive where we had an 11/16 copy of the Windows software plus everything else on the hard drive at the time, and copied it all over. After a couple of hours, we were back in business, even if I was set back to November, 2016. That left me with various updates to make and having to copy back some later date files. But the big thing was I didn’t lose everything! All thanks to the help from a) God, and b) my good friend Charlie! In fact, I do think Charlie was a Godsend for sure. Why we crashed we don’t know, but it looks to me like God had Charlie just waiting in the wings so help would be there. Charlie had even taken a week off from work and was as available as could be! What a wonderful finish to a distressful problem beginning. Thank you, Sir, and thank you Charlie! (AND also thank you James, who gave me several workable ideas on how to find out what was wrong and even try several things that might make it work. He was on standby for us to go to his house -70 miles away in the other direction – to help hands on if necessary. Great friends, both of them!)


We think the events that we just noted are a good example of how things happen, and how God works at times. I don’t really think God had my computer software go south. That looked a lot more like tampering (which I likely had to have a hand in for sure), including the possibility of me just being careless or sloppy. I don’t recognize anything we did to effect that, but somehow something messed the software up. But surely God knew that was going to happen. We see lots of things that indicate He did and had us even prepare for this event. Charlie just ‘happened’ to take a look at the Linux program and decide to download a copy of it onto a DVD. I just ‘happened’ to decide to put out a call for help on the blog, which I generally never do. Yet we did. Not often do we do that. I can’t actually remember when we did it last. We had tried everything we knew but couldn’t get it going. So, Charlie was there. Then, since we needed to save all our critical files (blog, finances, business, LMT, etc.), we needed a big hard drive to copy everything over. It just so happens that 2-3 years ago, we bought an external WD hard drive that has been just sitting in the box waiting to be used. Sue just happened to notice it, got it, and we were in business. I didn’t really have a use for the hard drive when we bought it, it was just a good buy, but it has set in the office, waiting. We have experienced a lifetime of such ‘coincidences’. Except, we totally believe that these are not coincidences. God helps *or* wants to help lots of people this way. You just have to be willing in the right way, and not simply expecting God to be waiting on you hand and foot. So, this to me was a great example of how God can and does help people when they are willing to be helped.


If you sit and watch much news, you should be struck by the increased audacity showing its ugly head today. Very clearly, the majority of Democrats and the media, seem to hate our current president, Donald Trump with a passion. The only real reason we can identify is because he says he is going to change how things work in government. Because he is (supposedly) not a politician, he seems to be drawing the ire of all sorts of people, even people from his own Republican party. A thought here: If Mr. Trump is not a politician, why is he a Republican? Is it because that was the only way he could get on the ballot at all? Perhaps. It is very difficult to qualify for the ballot in all 50 states if you are not a Democrat or Republican. We could ask why that is, but unless you have been living under a rock, you should have figured that out by now. Remember yo-yoism? Well, it definitely has a hand in how governments work. Don’t think otherwise. The system in the United States is no different than every other system in this world as to being tailored to suit yo-yo operations, not that of God’s way. There is no question at all that if there is to ever be a Better Way, a lot of things are going to have to change. If you have been following our blog at all, you should see that we talk about a lot of things that simply have no way of coming to fruition without there being major changes in attitudes and ways among the people, and within the various levels of government. That can seem like an impossible issue to resolve, except with God, nothing is impossible. Thus, we will go on, seemingly blind to the way thigs are, and talk about the way things can be. We fully expect that it will indeed be God who makes that all possible. We have very little faith in any possibility of politicians making it possible. We will go into a few things that just happen to be forefront political items right at the moment and you can see what we mean.


Right off the bat there is currently a lot of talk about some changes in the current tax structure. Both sides of the aisle (again, why are there only two sides?) are doing little more than playing political games with the issue and if there actually are any tax changes made, they will mostly be not much except those with more money will likely benefit more than others, albeit in various clandestine ways. In the end, perhaps the so-called middle class will get a benefit or two, and perhaps lose some by losing deductions on other taxes they pay. We really have no idea what congress will settle on, or what the president is willing to sign, we’re just passing along some speculation based on current conversations. But to be sure, it won’t go anywhere near what it should be and will be in a Better Way. Again, we are projecting here, because we see no approval of our ideas by any of the government crowds. We think there will be more than a little bit pf approval from the general public. Of course, they will likely all say that our ideas are all impossible, so actual agreement will not likely be there. Most people are defeated by the reality of it has always been politics as usual, and seems like that will always be the case. Notwithstanding that, this is much how we see things working in the Better Way. At least think about what we say, you might find it interesting.


The best tax plan that can be implemented at the moment is no taxes. That’s right, income taxes should be eliminated entirely, both for individual and for business. Besides that, the plethora of other taxes, showing and hidden, should also be eliminated. Beyond that, this tax elimination should extend down through every level of government, right down to local government. In short, ALL taxes should be eliminated immediately, if not sooner. Also eliminated would be all those fees that people have to pay in one form or another. The Social Security taxes or fees, whatever you want to call it, would be eliminated as well. In sum, absolutely nothing should be deducted from a person’s wages. Businesses should have to pay nothing of any kind. And just in case you might think we have left something out where people are paying, that should be eliminated too, whatever it might be. There should be no sales tax, no road tax, no excise tax, no luxury tax, no any kind of tax. These are all excuse methods to take money away from people and put it into the pot for those who run things. No wonder the politicians spend more time and effort in trying to get elected and re-elected. It is a pretty profitable gig. And, no wonder that there are very protective methods in place to tightly control just who can get into that circle at all, from the top on down. There should be no fees for things like licensing your vehicles; any kind of vehicles, road, boats, flying or otherwise. There should be no fees for permits. To be sure there do need to be permits and licenses of different kinds, it is just that there should be no fees associated with any of them. This is a brief, not an extensive document, so we may have left out other places where the governments are taxing or charging fees. Even though we had not noted it by name, all property taxes would be included in that no tax declaration. Taxes/fees and any other excuse to collect some money should be eliminated from all transportation, services, etc. In sum, no fees, no taxes, no kidding. Eliminate all of it immediately. After that, cancel all back taxes and fees owed, both for business and for individuals. Do not make any refunds either. The system would just be frozen, then eliminated. The only related money that should be collected is money associate with direct fraud and theft. The latter two being an option, but we can see where they should apply because of the blatant dishonesty involved.


That is a quick picture of how things should be changed in government, immediately. Of course, you can see that if all of it were applied, most of the revenue of the governments (all levels) would be eliminated. For centuries, it has been common practice for the government/ rulers of the people to tax them to whatever degree was seen fit. Sometimes the taxes were more, sometimes less, but most of the time taxation has always been there. Various and sundry ‘fees’ were also applied anywhere they could be schemed up, as little more than a way to increase sapping revenue from the people and more often than not, the businesses under the government or ruler’s control. Wars have been fought, hundreds of millions of people have died, and the methods have never stopped. They change with the times, but they never stop. In the end, the system only dreams up more ways to get more money from the people. Whoever runs the system gets the money of course. Obviously, next comes the big question of how then would the governments get the revenue they needed to run them? We haven’t overlooked this at all in our apparent zeal to eliminate taxes and fees. Not by a long shot. We just wonder how many of you who have been reading this blog might think you have some ideas on what our answer to that question would be. We won’t keep you guessing. In the first place, it conspicuously has to do directly with God. So, God is the first answer. After that, everything else is tied in to Him as well. All we will be talking about then in some form or fashion, ties directly to God. Even we do not see any way at all that in this world making the changes we talk about could be possible. Maybe that is why it all looks so impossible, people don’t generally think of God in any sort of help or direction like this. But we also don’t have any history of God ever being given a chance. Isn’t that interesting. God has never been given a chance, yet people believe that He can’t, couldn’t or wouldn’t do it. One has to wonder how people can be so sure of something they have no history of ever being tried not being possible. Well, here we are telling you that you are going to be in for a considerable surprise. What we hope is that you are all wise enough to learn from what you see and begin changing your ways. Doing so will make getting through the gate a very easy venture indeed.


Let us go back to a basic premise that we told you about in an earlier entry of this blog. We told you that part of the Better Way is to ignore all the current reasons people have for going day to day until they die, and turning them to training and building skill experience so they could both prepare themselves to get though the gate, and make themselves qualified to do so. That means that we intend to ignore and abandon all other ambitions that people have because no matter what those ambitions might be; no matter how noble (?), altruistic, satisfying or profitable any of those ambitions might be, they ALL end in death. They always have and always will. Why then would we want to steer you to any of them, no matter how profitable or attractive they might seem or be? We do not have one good reason for doing so, so we don’t. Because we do have a course that will take anyone who wants to change through the gate where continued living is waiting, that is what we see as the best we can do for people right now. We call it the Better Way because it will always be improving, just as you saw with our accounts of how we will build islands, 1998 version and today’s 2017 version. If you think you can find the *best* way, go for it. We doubt you will find it however, but if you think you will, go ahead and try. It is our understanding that the *best* way is far beyond the understanding or preparedness of anyone here, including yoyos. Thus, our Better Way.


Everything the Better Way will do is aimed at that ultimate goal for each and every person, to get them through the gate. We do not exclude yo-yos in that, although that is something God will have to arrange with them because we have no access to them, nor would we seek any out. That is not our job, our job has to do with the people here, all of them. That said, lets’ try to explain just how we would finance not only the Better Way, but all the government programs as well. You have not yet learned the extent of the BW programs, but we will enlighten you as we go. First, let us ask a simple question. Given the business atmosphere and attitudes of today, about how much revenue do you think the BW programs, facilities and products that we have discussed thus far would generate? Let’s have you look again at only a few products for starters. Take our Drygas for vehicles. You will likely see it start in the beginning neighborhood of $1 per gallon. It will increase mileage for a vehicle by at least 10%. We can and eventually will go lower in price, we are just starting out with a higher price. How much of the business do you think we can draw? Don’t forget there is a version of drygas for every type of conventional fuel, diesel, aviation, butane, propane, kerosene, etc. Just consider the gross revenue for all that if you can imagine it. Never mind cost for now, or expenses. We will cover those later. Besides the drygas, just go through all our blog writings so far and try to imagine what sort of revenue we might develop out of all our LMT products and services. It is not that important, but give it a whirl anyway. Also, remember that we have not told you of 1/10th of 1% of all we will have access to in the Better Way. We have been working on this for a very long time. Thus far we have invented and developed thousands of products and services, thousands. If you estimated less than a few trillion dollars, you are guessing low. And again, note how much has been talked about thus far. That is what will generate those initial trillions. More than that, that amount will come from very low prices that will be going even lower. While you might say that will decrease revenue, don’t forget we will be adding a lot more as we go and the result of that will be to considerably increase revenue. BUT, you should also note that we are talking about just revenue coming from the United States. There is an entire world out there which also needs help through the Better Way. Given the state a lot of those people are in, and the condition of their countries, it is to be sure that there will be less revenue coming from a lot of those other countries. The United States and some other better heeled “first world” countries and peoples, will indeed be paying for more than a lot of the other countries. The lesser countries and their people will need more help and that will increase costs involved. That is one of the reasons that the drygas prices will start higher than they will be later on. It is giving people an opportunity to contribute toward that help the other people of the world need. If some don’t want to contribute, they simply don’t have to buy our products and services. We do not take donations. We do not solicit donations, ever, so buying our products and services is the only way anyone can contribute toward helping others in the Better Way.


If we were like some people in this world who have made billions of dollars profit from God’s services and technology, we would be pressing for the highest prices people would be willing to pay and cutting costs as low as possible so we could make and squirrel away billions of dollars of profit. Even at higher prices, there is no doubt our revenue would be in the trillions, as would be our profit. Note we said what they have are God’s services and God’s technology, albeit somewhat mangled. It came from God, and had it not, there would be none in this world and we would indeed be living like cavemen. Believe that or not, but it is the truth. Unless you know of some other creator besides God…


We are not like those people. So instead of doing things their way, we will do things God’s way. Remember once more what the real purpose is behind the Better Way. It is to get everyone we can through the gate and on to continued living. Continued living that obviously includes regeneration. Prices, profits, even services and products are all determined according to that goal. There is no other goal for us at all. For those people who choose to join with us and help in the BW, that has to be their goal as well. If it isn’t, then they can still work toward reaching their own gate, but it will take them more time and some additional work and difficulty. Would you expect it to be any different than that? Simply stated, you help more, the more it helps you and the better you fare. It is a pretty simple equation. So, beyond a level of living God determines for us, and what that costs, all the rest of the profits generated anywhere in the Better Way will go into the ‘help people’ pot. Out of that pot will come all the revenue for all government expenses and all other Better Way expenses. At first, because there is a timetable to the Better Way growth, plus there will be some inordinately high expenses while we are getting people to try the Better Way, we will indeed need additional revenue. That revenue will come from God; as arranged by God. It will come in the form of our own expense account. We will then pay for any and everything that needs additional revenue. Some needs examples we see are matters like the U.S. national debt, which is now over $21 trillion, as absurd as that figure sounds. There are absolutely no plans in the works or even imagined to pay off that debt, it is only steadily increased while kicking the repayment can on down the road where future generations can tackle the problem. Given current attitudes, the can kicking will just continue there too. Instead of doing that, we will pay off the national debt by loaning to the country, interest free, whatever it takes to absolve that debt. We in turn will have a plan by which we will progressively forgive portions of the debt as the country meets specified goals toward helping other people in the world. Just a side note here. About the only thing this represents in the “America First” jargon, is that we see the United States having the responsibility because of their position of wealth and power, to be the first to stand up and take on the help giving that comes through the Better Way. A lot of people here have all but abandoned the rest of the world in terms of any interest in helping them. It has indeed become a “me first” society here and that is definitely something that conflicts with the basic purpose of the Better Way. As to how God will provide that additional revenue, He will provide as much base products like gold, silver, etc., as are needed. We will then use the products as monetary exchange to debt holders. The exchange is final, and non-arbitrary. We will pay based on a current market price and make the exchange accordingly. The debt holder can only take their payment, there is no refusal. Refusal will only result in the debt being cancelled and no further claims acknowledged. Exchange prices will favor the debt holder, allowing for some potential for falling gold (etc.) prices. We will compensate for that potential drop in prices. Generally, we will set a base price value that is well below what the market is willing to bear. If it does try to go lower than that, then we will continue to support that set price, making it relatively impossible for the market to drop below our set price. You usually want to buy at a lower price, but few are willing to sell at a lower price. That is simple economics.


Yes, we know that much to all of this will be scoffed at by all who imagine themselves to be serious thinkers. These aren’t your ways at the moment, and they certainly are not the ways of the world right now. It seems that God mentioned something about that, “My ways are not your ways,” He said. Try to remember that.


We have other programs that do not generate any profit revenue at all. Our health care program, the Better Way Health Assurance (BWHA) is such a program. The program will provide full and complete health care for everyone, period. The cost per person will be $10 per month. Qualified families will pay $10 for each parent, then an additional $5 for each of their children. That means legal children. Any other person they might be taking care of will have to pay the $10 individual price. So, a family of 3 to however many children will pay a total of $25 a month. If there is only 1 parent, it will be $10 each for the parent and $5 for the one child, then a maxim of $25 total for any other children. If anyone cannot initially pay the $10 per month, we will pay it for them until such time as they can pay it. The same applies to the family rate if that cannot be paid. Don’t forget that we can hire anybody, so while an initial situation might require the help, a person should be able to go to work and pay their own way. In the case of a parent who has to stay home with their children, we consider that a job and will have a pay schedule for that to anyone working in the Better Way program. Otherwise we do have other arrangements. The health care program includes any valid health need, including dental. It does not include arbitrary procedures, like face lifts, so-called beauty treatments and so forth. Those are elective issues that we will not cover. Some of it we will do, some of it we will not do. If we will do an elective procedure, we will charge established rates for the procedure. In all genuine health needs situations, no one is ever turned away. We do of course, have to establish a complete system of health care facilities, which we will begin doing once we begin our Better Way program. We may either buy some existing facilities, or contract them to provide health care to our patients until we can establish our own facilities. By doing that, we can offer our BWHA program much sooner than we otherwise could. This of course could drive up the initial costs of the program considerably. Once we are able to handle all our patients with our own technology, costs will come down considerably. We have been planning different aspects of this for many years. We assume of course, that when we say costs, you know that we are referring to what it will cost the BW, not the people. We have already noted what the cost to the people will be, $10 per person, or less with a collective family.


Another BW program that is very important concerns the road and highway system in the United States. (Of course, when we go out to other countries, the same applications will be made there as well.) The cost of maintaining the roads in this country is way higher than it should be. There is not much use in lamenting why that is, it just is and needs to be addressed. We will be able to do that on a total scale basis. Presently, the main construction materials used for roads are concrete and asphalt (or blacktop, same thing). We expect to remove both of these kinds of materials and use some entirely new LMT products that can last much, much longer. The materials have just about no wear at all, so in most cases, putting down a road is the end of it. That road will last indefinitely until by choice it is removed, changed or whatever. The available materials list is somewhat long, and not of any particular interest at the moment. What is of interest is how the roads will hold up and how much maintenance they will require. One of the main types we expect to use is a material somewhat like a very firm rubber, although it is not rubber at all. It is a water product, and has several different versions for a variety of needs. There are many technical things built right into the roadway surface material. That is done because it is cheap to do so and allows various road features to be placed anywhere along its surface. LMT products often are made this way, simply because it is easier than adding on some feature at some later date. We also assume in many products that progress will be made and needs or qualification of use will change. That just makes it easier to add features as they are needed or are earned. An example is an LMT vehicle like a car (or buggy as we sometimes refer to them). All cars are built to drive, float and fly. Which of these features can be used is determined by who is using the vehicle and what are their qualifications. It is easier to do this in the beginning rather than add kits on later, or have to switch to entirely new vehicles.


We generally make roadway material in big rolls, usually very thin and several miles long. They are laid out much in the same way as the skidrail track is rolled out. A roller unit moves along just above the ground rolling out the material. As it rolls out it passes through expanders that expand the material from its basic form of an extremely thin layer, to a layer somewhere between 2” and 6” thick. This is only the standard thickness, not the actual capacity of the material. The material can expand to well over 100’ thick. There are a few situations where that thickness might be needed. You will see later. The material also is expanded sideways, to form up to six lanes wide if necessary, although we are talking here mostly about 1 or 2 lanes wide. A lane is 12’ to 15’ wide. If it is a two-lane road, there is an additional foot width in the middle for lane division markers. There are also side markers on the edges of the road. Prior to this material being laid out, there is the obvious road preparation. With conventional construction, this is the main part of the construction and commonly takes weeks and months to complete a few miles of road. More time is involved when there are things like bridges involved. Our construction is quite a bit different than that. Obviously, there is some engineering involved, but because that is pretty basic with us, we won’t dwell on it a lot. A lot of the engineering of the road is built right into the road material. We will have a machine that travels along the determined roadway course doing the following: It will scan ahead to determine elevations, total road width and various other conditions. It will lower itself to the desired elevation and begin by removing any material that is in the way. All this material is completely reprocessed, so there is no waste material. Because of this, the machine is able to set and maintain a steady pace. For the moment, we will call this machine the Surface Building Machine, or SBM. The SBM is also taking some of the material it removes and converts it into a very porous type of base that has CLUs added to it so it has the same expansion capability as the road surface layer has. The purpose of this material is to fill gaps, small gullies and the like. We do not use culverts, instead we use this base material. It has the ability to accept and pass through water in very high volumes, more volume than even a swollen creek would have. There will be times when larger gaps will require bridges, we will get to that in a moment.  We generally cut the roadway down into the ground a foot or two. But because we are also trying to maintain level and small grade changes, the ground will at times fall away because of undulations in the ground surface. In these places, the base material will only expand to about 1’-2’ thick. When the ground falls away more than this, the bottom of the base will remain perfectly rigid and bridge over the dip. These bridged areas can be over 100’ long before we determine the need for another bridge under the road base. We do NOT have to actually add a bridge for distances beyond that. The base material has a version of drysteel, one of the DSX formulas (base drysteel is DSX-243), added to it. A 1’ thick layer of base can easily span 20 miles with no other support and absolutely no sag to it. It would have to be curved downward some to allow for the earth’s curvature of course. Following a groundplane will implement that curve. As a side note, the actual road surface layer has the very same strength. We do at times add bridges for their aesthetic value. Bridges are often fine feats of engineering that are very enjoyable to look at besides being functional. In our case, there is no real need function here, so they are added mainly for their beauty.


Another feature of the road base is that it can hold a considerable amount of water through absorption as noted earlier. In fact, the entire base becomes a sort of holding tank for water. At selective places like gullies, creek crossings and even river crossings, the water can be released. This is done by making a magnetic “hole” where water can go out. Such holes are placed as previously noted, so water is not released in other areas of the road where it could possibly flood. Given all that, you can assume that we will lay down some mileage of road base. Following closely behind the SBM is the machine that rolls out the road surface layer. We shall call that machine a road surface machine, or RSM. (Acronyms save a lot of typing.) The RSM will keep up with the SBM, so behind the two, the basic road is installed. It would not be unusual for these machines to operate at a pace of 5 miles per hour or more. Some of it depends on what sort of materials the SBM is encountering. In general, the road layout is determined by a variety of conditions. If need be we can cut larger swaths through hills, but if too large, we often opt for a travel door to pass the area. In steep mountainous areas, we will often skirt around a cliff rather than cut into it. This is in effect making a bridge along the cliff for the distance necessary. These options are often made in terms of their scenic value. We will even include scenic rest stops on some of these cliff bridges. In places where it is prudent, magnafences are added to either totally restrict passage, or to limit passage. Where there is a possibility of rock falls or winter avalanches, we install overhead magnafence covers like we do with skidrails.


The road surface has its own built-in speed limits. Most likely the road surface will be green, with white or yellow dividing lines. When you approach a stop sign, the road surface will turn yellow. Much closer to the stop sign, the surface turns to a light pink, then gradually turns darker red as you approach. Right at the stop sign the color is the same red as the stop sign. These are fixed colors of the road surface. The thing is, the green allows you to travel the speed limit. We will set a maximum speed limit for the area of the road you are on. When the surface color turns to light yellow then gradually to darker yellow until it hits the pink area, your vehicle will be slowed down if you do not begin slowing down because of the upcoming stop sign. This slowing will progressively continue into the pink and up to the full red at the stop. Your vehicle will stop somewhat abruptly if you did not brake soon enough. Leaving the road to stop you will be uncomfortable, but it will stop you, always. There is no way to proceed through the stop sign until you havecome to a complete stop and the way is clear to continue. When the way to continue is clear, your lane in the intersection will turn green. This is a basic explanation, there is a lot more to it however. The very same coloring system is used for traffic lights. The road stays green while the light is green. When it turns yellow, the road surface leading up to the light will turn yellow. When it turns red, the yellow starts further back and the red progression appears. There is no way to run a red light and there is no way for cars to collide. There will be of course, all sorts of safety features for these new roads, besides the ones just mentioned. The road surface is such that a vehicle can skid very little on it. It is not possible to spin the tires, even in winter or in the rain. The mean temperature of the road surface is around 70 degrees, which means it cannot ice over no matter what the weather. The surface will also absorb rain, so it stays nearly completely dry. We have noted earlier where the water goes. The sides of the road are slightly tapered to merge with the shoulders of the road with no drop-off.  Where the center line is double, cars cannot pass over it, nor can they pass over a solid line on their side of the road. They also cannot leave the roadway at high speed. They have to be going slower than 10 mph or so to leave the road onto the shoulder. We expect to redo all the roads in the country eventually. Not only will doing this vastly improve the safety of the roads, it will also greatly reduce the cost of road maintenance and upkeep. There is the initial investment in the new road surfaces, but that is absorbed by the Better Way, which means of course, it will be paid for by us.


We may visit the road matter a little later on, but for now we have extended this blog entry a bit beyond its normal length. So, we will leave off for now and be back soon with the next chapter, Better Way Getting Closer 7. See you there.


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Better Way Getting Closer 5

Better Way Getting Closer 5
In our last blog entry, Better Way Getting Closer 4, we were talking about building a large island out in the Pacific Ocean, west of the United States. We noted that we had first written on this subject back about 1998. While the islands we spoke of there were not of the same dimensions, we did give a lot of information about the further terraforming and development of the largest of the islands. Additional information was given for the smaller islands and seawalls which would also be a part of that project. We are going to post several sections of that paper here. In reading our previous entry, you will notice some different technology and building and assembly methods. We explained why that is at the end of the previous entry. We will pick up current comments at the end of the 1998 insert.
1998 paper on building islands with our LMT technology:
REF: 010
A Matter of Land…
In earlier articles, we have given you some ideas about the potential of Light Magnetics Technology, and some of the development work now underway. At best, we have provided only an overview of LMT, we understand that. But throughout these articles you should be able to see that LMT is certainly something that can have a significant impact on people and the way they live in this world. Yet it is only a beginning, for there is much, much more to be told.
Foremost in our interests about the use of LMT is how it can be used to help people and through that, make a better world and life better for the people of this world. Obviously, there are all sorts of political interests in this world, with not many of them seemingly too interested along the same lines of our interest. Yet we must strive to find workable ways and means to go forward, despite objections and contrary interests. This has to mean considerable help from God, but then again, help from God is pretty much a necessity anyway.
In 1998, almost all the land in this world is the sovereign territory of one nation or another. About the only notable exception to this is the Antarctic. While not sovereign territory, the Antarctic is presently under international treaty, which limits its use to primarily scientific types of uses. Not all nations have signed this treaty, but enough have so as to make the Antarctic generally unusable for development purposes on any practical basis. This means that there is virtually no land left in this world for any sort of expansion or development that would not automatically have to take place under the scrutiny of some sovereign nation. Many nations of course, have millions of square miles of open land still available. Some of that land has very little population on it. Australia is one such example. But any interest in developing any of that land is necessarily going to have to follow the national interests of whatever nation or nations are involved. That doesn’t always make for a very workable situation.
We looked at this problem many years ago. It presented a considerable dilemma for us. While we have some pretty incredible technology to work with, if we cannot have the necessary cooperation from a government to use that technology, then it makes it very difficult for us to even begin to provide actual working models of any of the major projects that could be accomplished with LMT. While we considered the problem, we continued to work on learning more about LMT, even drawing up many plans for applications that at the time were not readily possible due to a lack of places to develop such projects. After a while however, new ideas began to emerge that have changed our initial look at the problem considerably. This article will deal with some of those new ideas. It will help considerably if you have already read previous articles on LMT that we have posted…

About 4/5ths of the area of the earth is covered by water, more or less. This is comprised mainly of the open seas of the world, which are not the sovereign territory of any nation. It has been recognized for centuries that the oceans of the world have been free from all national sovereignties. The generally recognized limit to the territory of any nation extends out 12 nautical miles, which is about 13.8 statute miles. There are some cases where the distance is greater (or greater is claimed), as in the case of small coves, inlets, etc. In such cases, generally a line is drawn across the water and the inlet area is considered part of the territory of that nation. But the main point here is that most of the oceans of the world are still free from sovereign claims.
There are thousands of natural islands in the oceans of the world. They range from the largest, Australia, to tiny little spits of land in the middle of nowhere that are totally barren and unable to support much in the way of life. Like all the rest of the land of the world however, all known islands are also included in the sovereign territory of some nation, even when they are privately owned. That would then seem to eliminate the idea of islands being usable for any LMT development. Or would it? Not if a part of that development was to make the islands themselves, which is exactly what we have in mind…
In an earlier writing, we talked about the use of airstone in the building of large ships (we will discuss that later in our 2017 writing). Now we are going to tell you about how airstone can be used in some even larger applications, as the base material for islands. First of all, airstone is a real product, reacting and performing exactly as we described in article 008. It is an extremely high quality, durable material that can easily last for thousands of centuries. There is absolutely no risk in its use, although it is likely that for some people the idea of that will take some getting used to. One of the fascinating things about LMT is how readily it opens up completely new ideas to reality, taking what would be little more than fanciful dreams in conventional technology, and making them real and possible when LMT is involved. So, our ideas that follow are nowhere near as far-fetched as you might be inclined to think initially. All we ask is that you think about it. If there is to ever be anything real developed, that will come, and you can find yourself ahead of many others who did not know, or would not consider such things possible. With LMT, these things are not only possible, we believe they will be in the future of this world before not all that many years.
Let’s get right to some of the basics about island building, to show you just how easy it is to do, in its basic form at least.
We have based most of our island planning on two basic island sizes. One we call a large island, and the other we call a small island. A large island will be 1.2 million feet square. That is, along each side if it is square, the distance is 1.2 million feet (Ed. note: Not too sure how important this info is). That is about 227.273 miles. The total area of a square island will be about 51,652.89 square miles. That is about the same size as the state of Louisiana. If it is a round island, the diameter is 1.2 million feet, so that is a total area of about 40,568.18 square miles. In short, a large island is large, whether it is square or round.
A small island is 1/10th the size of a large island along each side, so it measures 120,000 feet along a side on a square, or in diameter if a circle. Land area is about 516.53 square miles for a small square island and about 405.68 square miles for a circular small island. In basic construction, both large and small islands are made up of two separate blocks of airstone with a thin divider plate in-between. The large island has a total height of 1,200 feet, while a small island has a height of 120 feet. Half the height of both is above the water line and half is below the water line. So, the portion of a large island above the water is about 600 feet, while for a small island, 60 feet. The divider plate for the islands is made of a special formula which is permeated into a wood material normally, although other materials are sometimes used for special use islands.
Island blocks are poured in two basic sizes. The small islands use initial slabs which are 12′ square and 6″ high. The divider plate for a small island block is also 12′ square and 1″ thick. The full island block is then made by assembling two of the slabs with the divider plate sandwiched in between. The divider plate is actually fused into each slab so the total height of the small island block is 1 foot. The finished block is 12′ square and 1′ high. Large island blocks are made the same way. The large island slabs are 120′ square and 6′ high. The divider plate is 120′ square and 1′ thick. Like the small island block, the large island divider plate is fused into the upper and lower slabs so the total height of the large island block is 12′.
The small island blocks can be made just about anywhere, due to their relatively small size. The large island blocks require a little additional consideration, due to their size. It is likely that we will begin with a small island, then use that island as a construction and assembly location for other islands, including the large islands.
Expanding Island Blocks
The formula used for each type of island block determines the expansion (growth) for that block. Included is both the size factor, and the rate of expansion factor. These formula factors are very exact. There is less than a one-foot tolerance for all island blocks. In other words, a block will expand to within no less than 1′ of its determined size, and within no more than 1′. Activating the expansion requires a specific type of DLC charge to be applied. Expansion is taking place along all three factors, heighth, width and length. The height expansion will be finished first. (This is partially due to rate differences in horizontal and vertical expansion built into the formulas.) This will take only the first few minutes of the expansion period. Assuming a scheduled expansion time period of 24 hours, horizontal expansion will proceed at a rate of 50,000 feet per hour, or about 9.47 mph. That is about twice as fast as normal walking speed of a man. Using the same 24-hour time projection, the small island block would expand at 5,000 feet per hour, which is slightly less than 1 mph. We can reduce the time frame for the small islands, perhaps down to 3 hours or so, and still stay with a reasonable expansion rate. Now we assume you are staying with us here, despite the somewhat ‘different’ nature of what we are talking about. Growing island blocks here is absolutely no different than growing a small work platform of perhaps 6′ square. So, what may seem to you to be some extraordinary claim (even audacious perhaps?), *will* become a very ordinary fact before all that long. We have been trying to make the point for some time of just how different LMT is, and the islands are at least one place where that difference becomes quite pronounced.
There can be some reasonable questions concerning safety here. For instance, one can wonder if it is possible for this island block expansion to somehow get out of control and not do what it is supposed to do. Perhaps it will not stop when it gets to the desired size, and just keep expanding and expanding, maybe causing some unimaginable catastrophe eventually. Well, as we have noted many times throughout our LMT explanations, there are strings attached to everything associated with LMT. Those strings are controlled by God. This isn’t a matter of faith or belief, it is a matter of technical fact. The conditions for expansion are set into a monitoring unit that contains the Smart Technology. The formulas used are analyzed and must match exactly with those necessary for the specifications desired. There can be no variation in those formulas at all; none. Otherwise, there is absolutely no way that the expansion process can begin in the first place. Applying simple DLC charges does not start the expansion. The charge is a very specific charge that applies only to this application. If the pre-scan detected any errors in the formulas, the formulas would be neutralized and could not be reactivated. Thus, no expansion of that block could take place. The only alternative is to use the block for something else, as it is, or reprocess it and start over. It cannot be reused for expansion.
Besides the above conditions having to be met, there is a completely separate system that is used to monitor expansion in all three directions. This system is applied to the center of a block and measures in fractions of an inch the exact distance to each of the several points being monitored along the outside edges, as well as through to the underside of the block. There is a secondary measuring system that is making the same measurements from the center divider plate of the block. The primary purposes of these systems are to assure that expansion stops as close to the exact size as possible. Both systems can instantly stop the expansion at any time. They can temporarily delay expansion, up to several days if necessary, then allow expansion to resume. It is a very exact technology, and has never failed in all testing. We are fully confident in the entirety of the process as a whole. Making it a given that expansion can take place as we say, and be done correctly, let’s move on…
Once the islands are expanded, they cannot under *any* circumstances, sink. The fact is, without the center divider plate, they would be compelled to sit either on top of the water, or slightly above the water. This is the basic nature of airstone, as explained in earlier writings. Regardless of how long these islands are in place, that will never change. Thus, the islands would be permanent, unless there was some specific reason for reprocessing them at some later date. We have no such plans at the moment, and don’t expect any to be forthcoming. Placed in the exact center of the divider plate of each island block is a unit that contains a GPS and other technology. The GPS will keep an island exactly level at all times. It does not allow an island to move up and down except with the greater ocean swell. This will result in a ‘lake effect’ in the water around each island. There will be very little tidal movement to alter the level of the water at the shoreline. The unit at the center of the divider plate extends out in all directions a magnetic field horizontal to the water, right at the water level. This is a ‘soft’ field that will allow a small amount of flexibility in the field. The setting also allows a small amount of water to pass through the field, although it can be set to allow absolutely no water through if or when desired. The field can be set as a square or circular field. Most often it will be set as a circular field, regardless of whether an island is square or round. One of the purposes of this field is to reduce the size of wave action around the island. Maximum wave action will be less than 4′ according to the settings planned. That is regardless of ocean or weather activity out away from the island and the protected area.
Present plans call for seawalls to be placed around all islands or island groups. In most cases, the seawalls will be placed before the islands are expanded within the contained area. The only exception to this may be the placement of the first small island. But if that is done, then the seawall will be added later. The presence of the seawalls is yet another factor that would stop island expansion, since any object of any kind that is immovable would immediately halt expansion. A seawall around a small island will be centered about 5 miles away from the island. There are no hard and fast rules about this at the moment, so that may vary a little, depending on whether the island is square or round. They will be about 10 miles away from a large island.
Seawalls are constructed in the open ocean on the fly. It is something of an involved process that uses some pre-made materials, as well as some formula materials that are activated as they are put out. Briefly, the location for a seawall is determined by placing a center unit which serves to mark the exact center of the contained area. This is dropped into the ocean and remains in place by a linear magnetic field that goes directly down to the ocean floor and locks the unit at that spot. It can move up and down, but it cannot move in any other direction. A flying vehicle uses a preset measuring pattern and flies over the ocean at very low altitude spraying a narrow line of material onto the water. This material will setup in the water to form a line about a foot wide. The flying vehicle completes the full circle for the seawall, linking the end with the beginning of the line. This line is magnetic and will serve as the center line for the seawall. A second flying vehicle will follow at a distance behind the first vehicle and drop into the water a unit called a Sea Suppressor (SSP). Sea suppressors come in different varieties, but the one used here would likely be a small, round globe of about 12″ diameter. It has a vertical magnetic field (called a ‘staypole’), and an equatorial horizontal magnetic field that goes out in a circle for a fixed distance. The distance set here would be about 22 miles diameter (11 miles radius). The staypole magnetic field keeps the SSP vertical at all times. It does allow it to rise and fall, but not to tilt. The horizontal magnetic field will suppress seas for the area set to no higher than 2-4′, depending on the setting.


The center line for the seawall is marked at a distance of about 20 miles out (from the edge of an island block to be placed.) When an SSP is dropped, it will seek out that mark and move to position itself exactly on it. The SSP can seek that mark out from great distances, although it will be dropped within less than a mile of the mark. When the SSP has positioned itself, it will automatically activate and within a few minutes, have the seas down to the set limits. It should be noted that often in heavy storms, the waves can reach heights of 100′ or more, but the SSP can easily handle seas with more than twice that wave action. SSPs are pre-manufactured, using DM, and size dimensionalized so they can be expanded later. They are expanded as they are released from the FV (airboat) putting them out.


After the center line of the seawall has been completed, and the SSP units are dropped in place, about 20 miles apart as noted above, another airboat will fly just above the center line at about 1,000′, spraying out a special mix of several products. This formula will spread out to 500′ to each side of the center line, settle onto the water and gradually set up in what appears to be a sheet of flexible material something like plastic. Since it cannot touch the SSP units, it will leave a small opening as it encircles the SSP at its midpoint. It uses the horizontal
field from the SSP as a guide. The result of this will be an unbroken sheet of flexible material, 1,000′ wide, encircling the area where the island (or island group) will go. We have several different formulas that make materials ranging from heavy clay to topsoil, in different grades. These materials are in every way the same as what you find in the ground, except they are brand new, so they do not contain the impurities found in used earth. Starting with the heaviest clay, airboats will fly over the newly placed seawall ‘pan’ (the flexible sheet), spraying out specific amounts of some of these materials. The exact composition will be determined when needed. Right now, the projected layers will be 20′ of heavy clay, 15′ each of medium and light clay, 10′ of earth (it is a material like ordinary dirt), and at least 5′ of topsoil. This is a total of about 65′ of layers. Not all will be 1,000′ wide. The first two layers of clay will be about 700′ and 600′ wide respectively, with the light clay layer about 500′ wide. The dirt layer will be spread offset, leaving a width of about 200′ to the inward island side, and covering almost all the rest of the seawall to within 20′ on the open ocean side. The topsoil layer will cover the same area as the dirt layer does.


On the open ocean side of the seawall pan, two thin lines of magnastrip (about 6″ wide) are placed on the pan, set in at about 10′ and 20′ from the outer edge of the pan. Once set up, the pan is about 1′ thick. These magnastrips are made with a formula that will set vertical magnetic fields about 25′ high. Airstone filler is sprayed between the strips, which will expand to the top of the magnetic field. This will result in an airstone wall, 25′ high and about 9′ wide. Dirt and topsoil on the inward side will bring ground level up to about 5′ below the top of the wall. This will leave a clean pan strip along the base of the wall on the seaward side about 10′ wide. On the island side of the seawall, SSPs are placed midpoint between the SSP units along the center line of the seawall. The additional SSP units are placed a couple of feet in from the edge of the pan. A hole is opened in the pan for each. Once these are in place, a magnetic marker line is set in the water 1,000′ inward from the edge of the pan. A slightly different pan formula is spread out and will settle into the water at the water line. Along the inner edge of this new pan, a flying unit will go along and depress the inner edge of the pan about 15′ into the water. Because of the nature of the pan material, the pan will curve from the seawall down to this setting in a perfect curve. This will result in a sloping pan starting at water line level, and going inward 1,000′ to a depth of 15′. Most, but not all the seawall will have this additional inward pan. Starting some 20′ or so on the dirt/topsoil layers of the seawall to the inward side, a material formula will be sprayed over the entire bare pan area that is out of the water. This material will expand to about 10′ high and solidify. A similar layer that will expand to only 5′ high will be sprayed on the pan in the water. The formula is not affected by water, so it will sink down to the submerged pan. Over a period of 3-4 days, all this type of material will begin to crumble, and within another week, will have broken down to granules. This will result in the area covered by this material to be covered with fresh sand. This particular sand is not subject to water movement very much at all, nor can it be blown around even by gale force winds (there is some sand in South America similar to this.) The result of all this activity will be many miles of clean beaches, nearly encircling the island or island group on the inward side of the seawall. These will be the primary public beach areas. The inner edge of the submerged pan has a magnastrip on it that comes out of the water to a height of about 4′ above the water. This is the line that swimmers cannot cross, and normal boating activity is restricted so they cannot come in toward shore any further.


The midpoint SSP units have the same horizontal magnetic field as all other SSP units. But it is blocked from extending further out by the inner magnetic fence that blocks the swimmers and boats. The field is also ‘soft’, meaning it sinks down and lays along the surface of the submerged pan. In the event of an emergency, like a swimmer drowning, any of these SSP fields can be stiffened, and they will automatically rise through the sand to water surface level (they ignore the sand material). They are set to not allow humans to pass through them, so the result will be that as the field rises to the surface, it will push up all swimmers to the surface as well (including any in trouble). It will be very easy then to get to the person in trouble. You can walk on this magnetic field with no trouble at all, so it would look very much like you were walking on water while the field was up. Once everything is clear, the field can be softened again, and will slowly lower back to the pan surface. About 20 miles of beach are covered by one SSP unit this way, although more can be used (probably would be) in heavy use areas to disrupt other swimmers as little as possible. Automatic sensors can detect people in trouble, so even when beach areas are not staff manned, they are still protected all the time.

(Please note: From this point on we are copying over in original format which has a wider right margin.)


The result of all the layers placed on the seawall pan will
give a primary strip of land about 500′ wide that is level, with
additional sloping land to each side of that. This land will be
used for vacation rental houses, recreation facilities and other
activities. It will be serviced by a monorail system that
circumnavigates the entire seawall. Very few surface vehicles
will be allowed, although local repeller scooters and the like
will be used for local transportation. The only permanent
residents will be employees working at the various facilities


Our description has produced a seawall with no openings. For
our needs with airboats and repeller boats, no openings would be
needed, they can go right over the top of the seawall. But other
types of boats being used for shipping or whatever will be
accommodated as well. We will have at least 4 openings on each
seawall. These openings will be about 1 mile wide, wider if
necessary for heavy traffic. Just how these openings get made is
not yet known. The simple way would be to cut out a section and
reprocess it. There will be an open sea jetty island for each opening,
that is set out about 2 miles into the ocean from the seawall. They
will be about 10 miles long and will follow the curve of the seawall.
Ships coming in will have to parallel the seawall, then turn inward
when they reach the channel opening. Distances will be great enough
to allow easy turning, our description is just the base idea. The open sea
jetties serve to protect the seawall opening and channel areas
from the open sea. Sea suppressors will be used at these jetties
as well.


Getting back to the islands, once an island is expanded, what
we have is an island block of what appears to be solid, smooth
stone. For description purposes, let’s stay with a small island,
since our first island set out is likely to be one of this type.
The island block for the small island has perfectly vertical
walls rising 60′ above the water line. The block is not moving
around, except over a period of several hours it will move up and
down with the tidal swell. Of course, it is also remaining at the
same sea level height while doing this because the entire ocean
in that area is moving up and down. The surface of the island
block will remain nearly dry, even if it is raining, because
the block is nearly 100% absorptive. To understand this, we can
look into the block a little.


Airstone is a fully solid material. It is not porous and has
no air pockets in it. Normally, this also means that it is
totally water repellant. That is the case when airstone is used
for airboats. However, when it is used for island blocks, the
airstone is expanded right at the edge of the dimensional plane.
This allows the formula to be ‘tuned’, to allow the passage of
some materials, or block the passage of others. Water is allowed
to pass through the stone into a dimensional pocket bordered by
the surfaces of the block itself. This results in a water storage
area almost as large as the block itself. Because it is not fully
dimensional (nothing else can get into this area due to that),
the area is about 98% of what a full dimensional pocket area
would be. Additionally, the divider plate functions as a divider
to this dimensional area, breaking it up into two parts. The
plate acts as a filter, and can block water of less quality than
desired from going into the lower section. You combine these
properties and what we have are two water reservoirs of nearly 60′

deep and almost the full area size of the island block. The same
applies to large island blocks, although when we talk about
them, we do have some facilities that take up a little of the
potential area.


All water used for consumption is drawn from the lower
reservoir. Gravity pipes are extended down to the bottom of the
lower chamber with openings for the first 6′ or so from the
bottom up. This way water is drafted down, rather than taken from
the surface. Commonly, all buildings and places that use this
water each have their own well. This eliminates the need for any
surface water piping. Water for other uses, such as industrial, crops,
etc., is drawn from the upper chamber. It should be noted that there is
very little difference between the two water supplies, with both
being much cleaner than just about any water supply now
available. We will have three sources for water. The first will
be normal precipitation from rain and snow. We will also have
water manufacturing systems. As well, we will be extracting water
from the ocean, without the salt and other impurities, and
dumping that into the reservoirs. In short, we will have an
abundance of water. The airstone will not allow anything but water
to pass into the dimensional reservoirs. Fluids like gasoline or oil, which
do not readily separate out the water, will be blocked (although there
will be very little of such fuels on any of our islands). Thus, there is no
danger of compromising our reservoir water supply under any conditions.

Developing an Island Block

The island blocks, once expanded, will have a slight convex
curve to them on the surface, matching the curvature of the
earth. The underside will be slightly concave. The sides will have a slight horizontal bow. This won’t be overly noticeable on a small island block, but will be more apparent on a large island block. Developing each island block will depend on what uses are
intended for it. Our first small island will be mainly used as a
development center for materials needed for other islands, have
an operations center, and as well will have an airboat building
facility for building some of our larger ships. In addition,
there will be one medium sized town, plus three or four smaller
towns and villages. Besides this, there will be a small river
coursing across the island, with several other feeder streams.
The water for the river and streams will come from the reservoir
water supply. Most of it will be returned to the reservoir after
it has run its course.


Using planning established (we expect to use Oroville as the
model for the medium town, with modifications), we will set about
putting out areas that will require different levels of the clay,
dirt and topsoil used on the seawall. At times buildings will be
set right on the island stone, then covered over with these
layers to form hills and open land areas. A considerable amount
of landscaping will be done so there is an abundance of trees,
fields, recreational and park areas. All of this is progressive,
taking place as we go, rather than trying to do it all at once.
The primary areas to be done in basic form first will be the
areas that need the layers of covering. Most of the streets will
use a layer of material laid right on the stone. There will be
few, if any, wheeled vehicles, so this material will serve as a
guidance and control surface for road vehicles like aircars.
Since the island stone can absorb water faster than it can be
dumped on it in a storm, there is no need for subsurface drains
or sewer lines. The road surface material also passes water right
through it to the stone below. The same material will also be used for many sidewalks. It is slightly soft to walk on, although it will not give much more regardless of additional weight put on it.


There will be several bridges from the island to the seawall.
Only a few of these carry vehicle traffic, and then only for the
few authorized vehicles allowed on the seawall. The bridges are
used mostly for trains and pedestrians. They will all be single
span bridges. Where pedestrians are allowed, there will be
several rest stops along the way and food stops every mile or so.
Local monorail trains will also stop at these food stops, for
people who change their mind about walking, as well as for the
facility employees to commute to and from work. There will also
be a moving sidewalk that will allow pedestrians to ride if they
desire. The bridges will arch up to a height of 200′-300′,
depending on the bridge. No bridge will have less than 100′ of
clearance to the water. Since there will be some time lag in
water swell between the island and the seawall at times, the ends
of the bridges flex to allow for this varied up and down movement.


Shipping Docks

Being an island, access by water is a major factor. There
will be no conventional airports on the main island. We will
however, have a fully capable airport nearby. More on that later.
For shipping, we will install several jetty docks at the four
points in the seawall that have channel openings. The jetties
will be 1,000′ long airstone blocks, about 250′ wide. They will
be 20′ thick. Some will have an additional airstone block attached
to them on one or both sides. These additions will be 10′ high,
40′ wide and usually run most of the length of the jetty. For jetties having these additions, that will widen the jetty to 330′. The purpose of these additions will be to provide docking
access for local smaller boats. The jetties will sit on top of the water,
mean water level average. Their formula will include a higher percentage
of water repelling formula that will offset any weight put on them, so
they will never sink down into the water. On the top of most
jetties will be placed a building 200′ wide, 75′ to 100′ high,
that commonly runs most of the length of the jetty. These buildings
will serve as both warehouses, and occasionally manufacturing and
processing buildings. This arrangement is a little unique to the
first small island, where we will be looking for as much working
room as we can manage. Where the building is being used for
warehousing, it will have several openings in the roof of the
building for the passage of lift platforms to carry goods in and
out. There will be some side doors, but for ship loading and
unloading, the roof passages will mostly be used.


The jetties will be set off the main island about 300′. This
allows small craft passage, but is not meant to be a main
shipping channel. The gulf will be bridged from the island to the
roof of each jetty building. (Or down to the surface if no building is on a
particular jetty.) These bridges are for a rail system that will
handle both freight and local passenger service. Several of these
jetties will be installed soon after the island is expanded,
making available shipping access to the island even while other
development work is going on.


The Airport

On the southern side of the island, about 5 miles out into
the ocean from the seawall, we will place a 3-mile square island,

100′ high. This is a single block island, made from one slab with
the divider plate at the bottom of the island block. This places
the GPS at the bottom of the island instead of in the middle of
it. This island will sit right on top of the water. While this
area is still within the protected area of the seawall SSPs, we
will place a ring of SSPs around this island, set off about 2
miles. This will provide a very stable platform for the airport.
The airport will be fully equipped, with 2 runways 10,000′ long,
taxi and terminal parking area. The airport will be fully usable
in all weather due to some technology that has been developed to
allow this. From any runway, a magnetic glide path can be sent
out several miles that will open visibility in the glide path
regardless of the weather. A plane can actually lose all power
after entering the glide path and still be brought in for a fully
safe landing. More of this technology will be explained in future
articles if we have the time. Our scanners are able to eliminate
all weather, so we will have a totally clear view of all aircraft
at all times.


We may be connecting the airport island to the seawall and
main island by bridges later, but initially, air shuttles will
be used for all access to and from the airport island. There will
be no conventional boat access, nor any boat docks. The airport island
will be covered entirely with layers of clay, dirt and topsoil. The runways
will be covered only in heavy clay with a top layer of the same material
that is used for roadways. This material has magnetic properties that
can be used to bring planes to a stop, prevent skidding and also of course,
have a part in the operation of the guide paths. Areas not being
used as part of the facilities, will be landscaped suitably. We do not have
any plans for any regularly scheduled conventional airplane service to or
from the island. The airport is being provided as first an emergency facility,
and second for the occasional situation where some air service may be warranted. Due to the limited use of the airport, it will also be used as atraining center for training of pilots for airboats and other flying vehicles. We also expect to use the island as a space port base, a subject still to be discussed.


Various Considerations…

Well, you have had an outline of a few things so far in this
article that may be a bit hard to swallow. They certainly don’t
seem like the sort of things that you find in your normal back-
yard hobby shop. Because of the nature of some of these subjects
in particular, it is easy for me to see where you can have lots
of questions. But do try to take the time to think about the
things talked about as projects, rather than getting stuck simply
on whether you believe they can or cannot be done. You don’t know
anyone putting out islands in the middle of the ocean this week.
A year or so ago (1998), Japan talked about building an island off their
coast. But it was to be anchored on the ocean floor and
essentially little more than another version of landfill. While
they (and some other nations) have used landfill to make
“islands”, it is doubtful that they will be building an island
along their concept any time soon.


A very key consideration in Light Magnetics Technology is the
fact that it allows things to be made; things done, that are
nearly or completely beyond existing technology to do. We talk
about a lot of things in rather ordinary fashion that are
anything but ordinary with conventional technology. Well, we have
been working on and with LMT for a lot of years. While we are
still learning, it *is* ordinary to us in some ways. We know that
some of these things sound more like science fiction than
reality, but they are not. A lot more than what we have talked

about thus far is still to be talked about, and it *all* will get
done in one form or fashion before too many more years go by. We
are just telling you that, but it is also worth believing, if you
care to try…


Part of why we sometimes give you a few more details on how
something works, like how an island block expands, is so you can
see a little of how these are not just ideas off the top of our
head. All the technology needed to do everything discussed thus
far exists and has already been proven to work. Putting out an island
will be a first for us, expanding airstone will not. We are limited on what
we can talk about right now for a lot of what should be obvious reasons.
There is valuable technology here, and very complex matters that have
to be reckoned with to make use of it. When your interest is not to just
run out and make all the money you can, every place you can, from
anyone you can, you have a completely different set of rules and standards
that govern you. That is what we face. No problem is too difficult, but many
problems take considerable amounts of time to get just exactly the best
and most right way to do something; make something, so that it serves the purposes we have. Our purpose is a better world for people; to improve the lives of people, nothing more, nothing less. And for those of you who might wonder, we have a very exact schedule we are working on, with precise dates and precise projects. We are right on schedule, and expect to remain so.
This completes our copy from our 1998 paper on building the islands. As we noted, there are differences between this 1998 writing, and the today 2017 writing. That is easy enough to understand. We have learned. Today we have additional information and knowledge and if we had proceeded in 1998, we would have followed that writing. Doing so today will have some obvious changes. Tomorrow? We are sure there is more to learn, there always is. So, we shall see what tomorrow brings. There are a few text conversion issues we are trying to straighten out, because the 1998 writing was written with a different program and had a layout that Word doesn’t always want to get along with. This has caused some rogue line spacing. Aside from that, this copy gives you a fair understanding of how we might (plan) to go about building the islands. You can see that in 1998 we had not yet introduced the skidrail system, so that is missing. That is easy enough to marry up in your mind.
This will complete this blog entry and we shall go on to our next entry, Better Way Getting Closer 6, soon. Your comments are always welcome.

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Better Way Getting Closer 4

In our last entry, we were discussing our projected skidrail train system. Having given you a small train car description, let’s continue on with some of the system construction itself. We told you that the distance between the rail stanchions would be about a mile. That will vary some, often covering longer distances, because there is no hard and fast rule about what the distance has to be. Unlike regular railroads, the grade of the skidrail system will vary more than would be possible for conventional rails. When reaching mountain areas, we will increase grades to 10% or more at times. This will enable us to run rails with less curves or smaller turn curves. There will be times when we will pass through some mountain areas by means of travel tunnels. Because a distance of perhaps 20 miles can be covered in less than 1’, this will alter the true linear distance of the rail. We will at times increase the height of the stanchions, but not an unusual amount. When it is necessary to span a deep canyon, we will simply dispense with intermittent stanchions going down into the canyon, and run from a stanchion at one edge of the canyon to another stanchion at the opposite edge of the canyon. An example of this could be crossings in some of our larger canyons, like Grand Canyon, where the crossing distance could be nearly 20 miles across. That crossing would result in a single span crossing. Yes, we could use travel tunnels here too, but the aesthetics and beauty of such a span would be very enjoyable for the passengers. That makes for a good reason to use the span and not a travel door. Instead of going through a 20-mile tunnel bore through a mountain (which we will be able to do), it makes far more sense to use the travel door. Not much to see for that 20 miles.
When we are ready to assemble the track, we will use engineer teams of 55 men, 50 workers and 5 lead engineers. More than half the workers will be trainees, while the rest could easily be mechanical robots by the time we are ready to build. The teams will be placed 100 miles apart along the track line. There will be such teams set out for the entire line distance, perhaps San Francisco to New York. Each team is responsible for their 100 miles of track. Stations, yards and other system facilities along the line will be the responsibility of other teams of engineers. (All teams comprise of that same number, 55 men.) The teams will install no less than 10 miles of track per day, so each section should be installed in no more than 10 days. That will mean a single skidrail track that can hold 2 trains side by side will be completed clear across the country in 10 days or less. Less is quite possible. All the stations, yards and other facilities will also be completed within that same 10-day period, resulting in a completed and fully operational track from coast to coast in 10 days or less. As noted early on, we expect the skidrail system to be bigger than the current U.S. Interstate highway system. No, it won’t all be done within 10 days. We *could* do that, but there are many needs for our engineers, so we will be limiting the number of teams assigned to the skidrail system. Even at that, we expect that system to be completed within 6 months or less. We expect to have upward of 100,000 miles of skidrail track in the system upon completion. Part of that track will be sub-routes that branch out from the main system and go into smaller cities and towns that are not directly connected to the interstate system now and will be also by-passed by the initial skidrail system. Some of these sub-route systems will be elevated, some will not. A variety of train types will also be included in the sub-system, such as a couple of different monorail systems. The sub-rail systems will also use fewer cars, even only one at a time in some of the more remote, small population areas. But before we get to our talk on the sub-rail systems, let’s look at a couple of the more interesting parts of the skidrail system. They should be more interesting because they connect the continental United States part of the system to two states that are not physically attached to the lower 48 states, Alaska and Hawaii. Both will be included fully in the skidrail system.
To connect to Alaska by ground now it is necessary to pass through parts of Canada. It will not be in our interest to do this at the moment. Later on, Canada may be interested in our skidrail system, but we would not be planning on that initially. What we will do run a track directly west just below the Canadian border and go out to a distance of a couple of miles past the recognized international boundaries. How we get that far has several possibilities to it. The first possibility is to place small, floating islands at a distance of about 10 miles apart. Thus, we could have only two islands if the 12-mile limit is claimed, or more if there is a longer limit claimed. The current UN international boundary limit for territory claimed is 12 nautical miles. We’ll use that for now so we can continue. Obviously it makes little difference technologically. In any event we will turn north with our islands, set at 10 miles apart, and continue on until we can turn east and intercept the lowest point of Alaska. From there the system will branch out accordingly, both with the main skidrail and the sub-rail systems as needed. Unlike the travel over land, the skidrail over the water will be elevated to at least 300’ above mean high tide. This makes a difference because while the islands float on the water, they will be groundplane stabilized, meaning they will not travel up and down with the tides or wave action. The depth of the island blocks (made from a base of airstone – we’ll describe it later) will be such that they will sit in the water about 100’ below sea level at low tide. The island block will project above the water by 100’ This will make the depth of the island block about 200’. Generally, the island blocks will be one-mile square in some cases, and one mile in diameter for the round island blocks. The stanchions for the skidrail will sit in the center of each island and be higher than they are on ground. The distance will vary, because while the stanchion is inserted into the island block 100’, the island will also have several layers of topsoil placed on it, raising the actual surface of the ground above the top of the island block. In all cases this raised level will be at least 10’, and often a little higher. The actual dirt base is made of a layer of clay, then one type of lesser dense earth, then a final layer of at least 6’ of topsoil. No stones are used. All the involved material, including the island blocks themselves, are manufactured. Since we intend the islands have a small population, the ground surface will undulate some for variety. When we discuss islands more, we will go further into this. The islands are held in place by a combination of a GPS and Staypoles. Staypoles are poles the have a vertical gravity field that can be extended beyond the length of the pole itself. Several staypoles will be used to help lock the islands exactly in place. They will not float up and down by tide as we have already noted. Other islands will do that, but not transportation base islands. Staypoles can be any thickness, but all work the same regardless. We expect the island staypoles to be 1’ in diameter, or less. They seldom are over 10’ in length, with most set into the ground when used on the islands. They would be above the ground about 4’.
If you recall, the skidrails are actually enclosed with a magnetic field from the magnafences that rise up and over the skidrail itself. Not only does this protect the rail and trains from damage potential, it also shields them from adverse weather. That makes the skidrail an all-weather system. Going into Alaska, just as it is in several states during the winter months, the trains will be passing through harsh weather at times. However, it won’t affect the trains at all. More than that, there are some train features that will make the ride interesting in any kind of weather, or even at night. All the windows on the train cars are equipped with Dayscreens. A dayscreen is pretty much just as it sounds. It allows viewing through any kind of inclement weather, as well as night darkness, and presents a view that seems like it is a normal sunny day. This is an option, with controls. If a passenger doesn’t want to use it, the view out their window can be normal. In general public areas, the screens are turned on as a matter of policy. People can return to their seats, or private staterooms if they would prefer the regular window view.
The skidrail route to Hawaii will be a little different than the Alaskan route. Since the distance is longer, and the area of the Pacific where the route follows is in warmer waters, we will use a slightly different approach with the islands upon which the skidrail stanchions are mounted. Because it is about 2,550 miles to Hawaii from L.A., we will want to establish several larger base islands and increase the distance between all the stanchion islands to about 25 miles. Every 250 miles we will use a larger island, some 20 miles in diameter for round islands and 25 miles square for the square islands. Because of their size, the large islands will float up and down with the tides, making for a constant sea level at the island walls. The islands will still be locked in place with staypoles, and will use a GPS. But the GPS does have flexibility, so it can allow the up and down motion of the tides. The island size makes wave action non-consequential. Another thing that is added to large islands are seawalls. These are long strips of airstone that taper from the bottom edge at about 30-45 degrees up to a point 50’ above the water, where they flatten out. This leaves a top strip of airstone about 100’ wide. These are approximate dimensions because the strip is manufactured as it is put out, with intended small variations in its form. Before clay and topsoil are added, the seawall will rise about 50’ above the water surface. The seawall will float on top of the water, as opposed to being allowed to lower partially into the water like the islands. The airstone is built with some flexibility to allow for a modest wave undulation. The material is called Flexstone, and is a version of airstone. The seawall completely circles the large island, leaving a shipping channel between itself and the island. This channel will be at least a mile wide. There will be bridges that go from the island to the seawall at various points around the island. These bridges will carry both vehicle and sub-rail traffic. There will be a road on the top of the seawall that goes all the way around the seawall. At one or two points, harbor gaps will be placed in the seawall to allow the passage of ships. Since the interior water channel is a tamped water surface, the channel will be a safe harbor for ships during storms.
The most interesting part about the skidrail system running between the U.S. mainland and Hawaii is that it will carry both trains and vehicles (cars, light vans and trucks). The road surface will be 2 lanes in each direction, divided, with both rest and gas stops at every stanchion island. There will also be hotel accommodations at every other stanchion island. At the large islands, there will be larger accommodations, restaurants, gas and repair stations, etc. There will be 24-hour roadside repair and tow service, with a fleet of service vehicles stationed no more than every ten miles apart. This is a good time to remember some of our other technology emerging, like flight vehicles, which will certainly be used for some of the service and emergency calls. No one will have to wait very long at all in the case of needing assistance. Help will always be just minutes away. This happens to be a very good place for the use of mechanical robots, given that there can be long hours of doing nothing but waiting for a help call. We expect to include to include more and more mechanical robots as we progress with our BW program.
Naturally a vehicle trip along some 2,500 miles of straight roadway will be more than a little boring. Moreover, the speed limit will not be over 50 mph, so that will represent a 50 hour+ trip at best. To avoid this, we will have special car trains where one can drive their car onto the train bed and then ride in the comfort of the train passenger cars and/or staterooms. When bringing a car on the train, the fee is for the car. That will cost more than just the standard fee for the train. Of course, the car fee does include a passenger seat and stateroom if desired. Even on the train it will be a long trip, for which passengers should be prepared. The train will not travel more than 100 mph, and at times somewhat slower. There are the layover times as well, since the train will stop at all large islands and wait for 1 hour at each stop. There are many reasons for this, but chief among them is making sure that island dwellers don’t miss a train just because of a short stop. Passengers will be able to disembark the train and shop and eat locally. Each is given a warning tag which will send a signal a few minutes before the train’s departure. If a person does miss the train, there will be the emergency shuttle service which will fly the passenger to the next train stop. There will be a charge for that service. Otherwise the passenger can wait for the next train which will arrive within 3-4 hours. They can continue their journey on that train at no additional cost since they have already paid for their ticket to Hawaii or back to Los Angeles. Their vehicle will be off-loaded at their destination and held in secure parking for them. There is no charge for this unless the vehicle is abandoned.
Why don’t the trains go faster? That seems to be the desired trend, having trains go faster and faster. In Japan, they are developing bullet trains that go over 200 mph. Well, we don’t do things that way. We have learned people need to slow down, not speed up, and there is a lot of evidence that supports that. The only reason our L.A. to Hawaii train goes as fast as it does at times, is because it is a long, boring trip. We will have a lot of interesting amenities to help with that, but it is still a long trip. We will have movies, MV programs, scenery windows of other train trips around the country (and eventually around the world and other places) and some other recreational facilities available. There will be MV libraries that can be used, plus a plethora of educational MV programs. That should help considerably. What if people want to go faster and our train speed isn’t popular? Then they should take some other form of transportation to get where they want to go. Our passenger FVs will go faster, around 200 mph, but if that still won’t do it, elsewhere is the key I suppose. Our entire skidrail system is generally limited to a maximum speed of 65 mph unless there are sections like the Hawaii route that warrant going a little faster. We DO have some other island programs planned, which we will talk about later. We don’t know yet whether the skidrail system will be involved there or not. We just learned of the Alaska and Hawaii routes when we wrote about them earlier in this entry. Prior to that, we had worked on some over the ocean transportation a few years back, but not recently. What came up in this entry contains some of what we had already worked out and some additional new information as well. That is how this business goes. Now and then, we are all learning something new at the same time. That keeps it interesting even for me, since we do learn new things all the time.
On all the stanchion islands as well as the big islands, there will be a sub-rail train system. This will allow residents to be able to get around their island while not having to drive a lot if they don’t want. Standard vehicles are not allowed on any of the islands. People cannot take their vehicle off the car train and drive around an island. If that is their actual destination, there will be rental buggies available. They range from repeller scooters to small cart-type repeller vehicles. These can all be rented for a nominal fee to qualified visitors. The sub-rail system mostly consists of individual train cars that run frequently and run 24-hours per day. They will be driven by mechanical robots. (By the way, sub-route and sub- rail trains are the same thing. They are branch routes off main lines. We use both terms.) The local trains will run frequently, perhaps every 10-15 minutes in the daytime, and every 20-30 minutes throughout the night. That applies throughout the skidrail system.
The reason we have the skidrail track elevated to at least 300’ above the ocean surface should be obvious, it is to allow ships to pass underneath. All the stanchions are protected by magnafence bumpers that prevent some vessels from getting closer than 1,000’ to the island. (Some can use the jetty openings, some cannot.) The only other way to approach the island otherwise is to fly onto the it. We will have short runways for conventional aircraft on the small islands, and longer jet-sized runways on the larger islands. We don’t expect them to be used, they will be there mainly for emergencies. At a not much later time, we will be building ships using LMT technology. These ships will always be repeller ships, thus will have the ability to pass over the skidrail tracks when they are too high to go underneath. We expect to have ships in the 5-10,000’ length range. Again, something to talk about at a later time. Since we do not ignore the matter, we should address the issue of having to deal with less than friendly adversaries, such as pirates or rogue nations who might have unacceptable ideas. (Isn’t that just the nicest way of describing the obvious?) Well, we will have security, of course we will. We will have technology, a LOT of technology to work with, and we feel that God is directing things in a manner suitable enough to cover all contingencies. We might sound like some new kid on the block, but don’t bet your boots on it. This is God’s program, all of it, not ours. We are just inventing and learning it. For that reason, we feel very comfortable with who we work for and how He wants us to do things.
For the moment, that about wraps up the over the ocean aspect of the skidrail system. There might be a few more things come up, if so we will note them. Of course, if we have any questions in the comments, we will answer those too. You should see, if you believe any of this possible at all, that it is just as easy for us to use LMT in over ocean transportation as it is over and on land. A lot of how LMT will be used in the BW is for purposes of people being able to learn. We have little interest in just putting up things to make money. There are places where money is needed and will be addressed, of course. But we will be trying to open people’s minds to an entirely new and different look at life, as in life itself; life without death, without excessive aging, without disease. People should try to understand that we were not created just to live for a while, often with considerable trouble and misery for the majority of the people here, then die. Yes, there is a purpose to that; there has been a purpose to that. But the point of the purpose, rehabilitation, has not been realized as it is supposed to have been. Those given the opportunity to lead the way have done anything but that, avoiding doing so at all costs. As we recall one writer saying, “Gentlemen, it’s closing time”. That’s about what all this means. It is time to get people back into the creative process and get them the help they need to develop properly so they can go through the gate and literally stop this dying business. It is a business of yo-yos, not of God.
The skidrail system will be a pretty complete rail transportation system. Coupled with the sub-rail system, we hope to be able to reach just about every city, town and village in the country. This is not a full answer to the transportation needs, for it will still leave people with the problem of having to get to those cities, towns and villages to make their connection. This poses a few problems. For one thing, the traditional connector for trains are busses. Busses tend to be big and bulky, and like trucks, are often very intimidating on the road. That is where we think we can fill some of the gap with two or three other transportation systems. We have already mentioned having a monorail service. There are two types of monorail system that we envision being used. One is the more traditional-looking monorail with the rail below the train, and the other being the monorail where the train hangs below the monorail. With LMT both types of systems will be used, but the trains will be quite different. For one thing, the rails are much smaller and function mostly as guiderails, not support rails. Even this is mostly due to what people can accept and to what they have a hard time adjusting. All our trains actually fly or repel, or both. At some future date, probably first on e-planets, you will see flying trains being guided by light beams. In some ways, that is all our monorails are, except that we add a physical characteristic to much of the rail. Not all of it mind you, but some. Here again to fully explain this would be very wordy, thus getting beyond what we are trying to do with this blog. At a future time, we will add graphics and video to our blogs. Until then we will do what we can to explain. Some of you will likely understand some of this better than others. Don’t fret however, it will all work out eventually. So, let’s continue. One of the monorail systems will have a small, likely round rail that sits below the train in the center. These rails are of course, made of drysteel. They will likely look like a glass tube perhaps 6” in diameter. At two points on the rail car, a rod projects down with a open hoop on the end. This hoop has a very small cut in it, so it is not a complete closed circle. The rod goes through the hoop at each end of the car, seemingly impaling the car onto the rail. The way the rails get through the hoop is for the hoop to be dimensionalized as it lowers to the rail, then re-solidified. There are places along the track however, where the rail is dimensionalized, and the rod remains solid, particularly where the train car is switching onto another rail. It sort of looks like a magic trick, since the hoop at the end of the rod encircles all but an inch or so of the circumference of the rail. It seems there is no way for the hoop to be on there except by threading the rail though it. However, the rail is continuous. There are no apparent breaks in it. It appears to be unbroken without any joints throughout the entire monorail system. But as we have said, at certain points the rail dimensionalizes so it is no longer a solid material at all. But it still looks like it is there, something like a hologram. The only thing is, there is still a magnetic field there. It is just at switching points, where the train needs to move onto another rail. The active rail is the one with the dominant magnetic field, turning the train onto the new rail. Once the train passes, the rail returns to normal, which is non-switched. Like we said, it takes a bit of intense thinking, but it is pretty straightforward. The rails for the monorail are installed in much the same manner as is the skidrail installation. With the monorail however, only one stanchion pole is used. It is also a staypole, so it is always vertical. We presently expect the monorail trains to run about 25’ above the ground. Most stations will be elevated, with transfer doors to go up to the platform, or come down. The monorail cars are smaller than skidrail cars, somewhere about 8’ wide and about the same height. Usually the trains run as just one or two cars, coming more frequently during busier times, and only one car during slower times. All along the system additional cars are parked, standing by to bring online if the need arises. Again, you have the instance of the rail poles being spaced some distance apart, even when the rail is going around corners, curves, etc. Because the rails are drysteel, extremely long distances would not be unusual. Drysteel does not bend by itself, and has immense strength. Yet it is extremely lightweight. An approximate example of its weight is a 100’ pole used for the monorail would weigh less than a pound, likely just an ounce or two. There are drysteel formulas that have a negative weight and would rise a few feet off the ground if allowed to do so. Weight of course is relative, it simply means how much gravity affects something. This is why we use drysteel in so many applications, it is very useful in many ways.
The idea of the monorail system is to provide reliable transportation just about anywhere. We will not go down every road, but many. Sometimes we depart from following roads, but mostly the monorail travels over (above) the roads. A very interesting aspect of the monorail is that the train actually travels in a dimensionalized tunnel, even though you can still see the train from the side or above. You cannot see the train or the rail from below, unless you look very closely for the rail. Trains light up underneath as they pass over the rail, so they can be seen then from all directions. The reason the trains travel in dimensionalized tunnels is for safety. It is the simplest way to deal with all the obstacles over a roadway, including wires, tree branches, etc. This way they don’t affect the train and the train doesn’t affect them. In cities where the train is passing by building windows, the train windows mask the window so passengers are not able to see into the building windows. Train stop platforms are also made from drysteel. They will have all the usual safety systems. There are no stairs up or down, only the transfer doors that we mentioned earlier. On the ground will be an entrance/exit gate affair where people can pass through onto the overhead station platform. Fares are paid when entering the train, via tokens. Token dispensers are available on the platform. Since it is public service and not a profit enterprise, the fare will be very small, perhaps 25 cents or so. That will take the rider anywhere until they depart a station platform. That will include transferring to other sub-rail trains. Of course, when transferring to the skidrail system, a separate fare will have to be paid.
We digress. A couple of things we noticed in the news today, one of them mentioned by my wife. First somewhere we were told of somebody or people who were working on making some sort of “grow your own” meat. In this case, specifically supposed hamburger. Some people were test eating samples and giving their opinions. We were told that a single patty of the stuff cost over $300,000! Well… The other thing that seemed interesting is some rich fellow is going to make his own islands. I had to wonder about that one, given what we have just been writing about here, but I guess we shall just reserve comment. But we would like to say that there have been truckloads of things that God passed along for the purpose of helping people and they have mostly gone the way of trying to somehow profit from them. We know very little of what goes on behind the scenes, and want to know less since it is not our department. It seems things can’t get much done unless there is some sort of dollar profit tag associated with them. Covering cost is one thing, but seldom the issue. We noted some of this in an earlier blog entry, but thought we would note some of the latest efforts at whatever is going on.
We have been talking in this entry of our own island efforts. The islands we have talked about thus far are for skidrail stanchion bases and stations. We also have been working for many years on placing a series of islands at a specific location in the Pacific Ocean. These islands would be much larger, and for much different purposes. First let us talk about the basic material that all our islands are made of, or is at least the base material of the island. That material is what we have named Airstone. Airstone is a manufactured stone product that has a base formula with a couple of other materials added to it. The result is a somewhat porous material that is just about zero gravity weight. That means that it is practically weightless. Naturally the construction material is light units, in this case construction light units, or CLUs. The thing is however, is that when the material is manufactured it is very dense, even denser than a stone like granite. That does not change its weight, but it usually is not used in its original manufactured form. What is done is this: Blocks of airstone are made to specific ratio specifications. These ratios are determined to be the expansion ratios of the manufactured block, so when expanded it will expand to an exact size. An example of this can be seen as we describe an island we intend to literally grow in the ocean. The finished size of the island will be 400’ miles square. That is 400 miles along each edge of the island. The starting size of that island block will be about 20’ square, and about 1’ high. It too will weigh less than 1 pound. There is a very specific process for expanding the airstone block that must be followed exactly – obviously. This is all done through working with the RLUs that make up the stone. There are a large number of light units included in the stone block, and all of these light units are at their base size. When we say dense, we are not compressing a lot of material together by squashing it with force, we are closely packing the material light units into several dimensions, while still keeping it as a single unit. This allows the block to expand both by bringing into this dimension more CLUs, but also by increasing the size of each light unit. This two-way expansion method allows us to make very large blocks from relatively small blocks. There is not a set small to large size ratio, the small size is commonly determined by convenience. For instance, the stanchion island blocks are often as small as 1’ square when manufactured. We are not saying we fully understand the entire process, but we do get the gist of it.
Putting out islands is a fairly straightforward process. The small island placement is done just as the larger islands are, so we will just describe the latter. The engineers proceed to the exact location where an island will be centered. Island blocks are fitted with a small disc that contains a smart chip. This is placed at the exact center of the block. The disc will center itself and will bond itself to the block. After the location settings have been set, the island block is lowered onto the water. At this point it will not actually enter the water, but be about a foot or two above the highest water point. If there are high waves even, the disc will simply rise to the highest point above the top of the waves below it, so it really doesn’t matter how heavy the seas might be. After a timed delay, the airstone block will begin to expand in all directions. At first the expansion is slow, at a rate of 2-3’ a second. After a few seconds, the expansion rate will begin increasing. If it is our largest island block, the expansion rate will increase until it is about 50 mph. Of course, once the block height has been reached, that will stop. To date, the height of the block is planned to be 200’. That may change, but I think we have the right figure. It should take about 8 hours for the large island block to complete its expansion. This is constantly monitored by the smart chip and as the block reaches its full size, the expansion rate will rapidly slow down, coming to a full halt at exactly the designated size. The final product will be within an inch of its designated measurements, both height and width. Not being picky but it should be closer to less than half an inch. It will be exactly symmetrical. All of this was controlled by the smart chip. All the engineers had to do was launch the block and sit above it until it was expanded. An airboat would likely be used for this launch, since it is the most practical vehicle to use. Being in a conventional boat would have the engineers pushed away from the island block as it expanded. As the block expands, there is a repelling magnetic field that pushes away all objects, including fish. The only thing that is not moved away is the water itself. Thus, it is impossible to be under or even stay nearer than a mile or so from the expanding island block. Using an airboat, which repels above the water using groundplane repulsion, the engineers can simply wait for the block to take full form. At this point we can mention what we consider the cat’s meow of a sort, the airstone block is now by far large enough to itself repel on the earth’s groundplanes. Anything over about 2’ square is sufficient with this particular airstone formula to be able to repel on the groundplanes. All that is necessary is to add the instructional charge. There is really no altitude limit involved since the groundplanes of the earth go thousands of miles into space, as they do with any planet. That simply means that our 400-mile square island that will sit on top of the water, could just as easily sit several hundred or even thousands of miles above the earth. Which it turns out works to provide an explanation for something else we will be talking about later on. As far as the island here is concerned, it will be locked to a mean sea level groundplane once the expansion is completed. That will mean that as the tide comes and goes, the water level will
go up and down the sides of the island block. The water cannot actually touch the airstone. So, while the island might look like it is down in the water some, there is a gap of fractions of an inch between the water and the airstone. Without other formulas, the airstone cannot get wet. If allowed it can absorb water, and that is configured for the top of the island block. But on the sides and bottom, not so.
At this point we will have an island sitting in the Pacific Ocean over a thousand miles west of the United States mainland. This is where the actual work will begin, for the next project with the island is two-fold. First there will be a seawall placed around the entire circumference of the island with several passage entryways to allow boats through the seawall to the inner waterway. This seawall will be larger than the ones for the smaller islands discussed earlier, although the method for laying it out is essentially the same. The main difference is a different airstone formula is used so the seawall expand to a width of about 1 mile. The seawall is placed about 2 miles out from the island, has the same angular configuration, and is about 75’ above the mean sea level. This seawall will float as the others do. The seawall will be at least 300’ wide at the top, and perhaps a little wider, that is uncertain yet. It will be wide enough to have both a vehicle pathway (like a road, except it is not paved) and room for some buildings. The sub-rail train system will be installed just below the level top of the seawall, sitting above the upper angled wall of the seawall. Because only repeller vehicles are allowed on the island and the seawall, there is no need for pavement. We will instead use a grass-type surface we call “curly grass”. That grass curls in on itself forming a little ball of grass that is self-maintaining. It never needs to be cut, and depending upon which variety is used, remains at a constant height all the time. This particular surface material will replace all sorts of pavement wherever we take up roads and only allow repeller vehicles. As we finish the island itself, we will also finish the seawall surface.
The second aspect of our project will be to terraform the entire island, all 160,000 square miles of it. Several years ago, we wrote a paper describing most of that project. We will find it and insert excerpts of it here. The paper had several subchapters to it, and was written about 1998. You will see not only many dimension differences, but some of the construction and materials are different as well. Some of that was earlier versions we have learned more about since. Mind you that all the methods and techniques noted there can still be used now. Sometimes we have added other materials and methods and have favored them in our current descriptions. This is what learning is all about, even for me. What a child can do with the alphabet in the first grade is a world of difference to what he can do with it at college graduation age. That is, or should be so with all of us. So please don’t rush in with a bunch of comments pointing out how many mistakes we made between the writing of 1998 and the writing of today, 2017. No mistakes, just a learning process being reflected. Because there are several sections to the paper, we will insert it in our next blog entry. See you there.

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Better Way Getting Closer 3

Housing is going to be a big deal in the Better Way. Not only do a lot of people in this country need better housing, but better housing is needed all over the world. Due to the complexities of the housing issues involved with the many different peoples of the world, we will first address U.S. and E-planet housing. That will show some housing pilot programs which will later expand to the rest of the world. I suppose most of you can see the obvious; you don’t go apply the same housing to everybody right off the bat. Simply stated, people in this world live in various states of civilized development. Sure, just about every country has some fancy houses that look a lot like anybody’s houses. But when you go down the population social levels, the housing gets progressively lousier. We see huts and tents and mansions, all found in the same country. Frankly, it is one of the more glaring examples of the greed, selfishness and stupidity of the people who like to imagine they run this world. (And also like to have us believe they care about their own people. Sure they do, as the huts and tents demonstrate.) What we will certainly have to do with everybody is to try to start with individuals at the approximate level they are at now, and get them transition housing that is better than they have, but not so overwhelming to them that they will feel totally out of place trying to live in their new housing. Billions of people are not familiar with a flush toilet, and certainly have not lived with one. Yet it is reasonable to think that a flush toilet should be a basic necessity for anyone. I grew up using an outhouse for several years, although I did have regular toilets to use away from my home. But there are villages far and wide where they don’t even have running water, let alone a flush toilet anywhere in the village. The strange thing about all of this is how there are far too many people who think we should not tamper with the civilizations of others. They think we should leave them be and let them live life the way they want. Well, NO human robot wants to live the way billions of them do, there is just nothing they can do about it. And the so-called civilized world has little interest in stepping in to help beyond publicity tokenism. We get more than a little disgusted when some of these “help” organizations show you the squalor of how so many people live, while soliciting money to provide their supposed help. Yet the squalor remains, big time. There is a lot wrong with that picture.
In the Better Way, there are a lot of basic standards that must apply to everybody. Yes, there are some “free-thinking” people who like to do some version of “roughing it”. We aren’t talking about that. Most of that is nothing more than somewhat arrogant self-indulgence anyway. People choose that, we won’t stand in their way. There is always another trip around available to the independent minded. Our basics are for everybody, whether they use them or not. We told you no human robot wants to live as so many have to do. That is a fact, not philosophical speculation. Rehabilitation centers have the worst living conditions in all creation for people, by far. People here cannot pass on into the rest of creation without coming up to that basic standard of living. When you don’t, you are in some ways placing many different kinds of burdens on the rest of the society you live among. You may think there is no obligation, but there is. We live together as a society. God did not create us to exist alone. People are supposed to develop and learn that. The disgusting thing you find a lot in this world is an incredible amount of indifference, and pure arrogance and superiority thinking. Lots of people imagine they are just better than lots of others, without question. Well, those attitude characteristics are some of what got them here.
Among things we consider basic standards are running water, flushing toilets, a solid and secure dwelling that includes toilet, bath or shower, solid roof, walls, windows, doors, an ability to safely cook meals within the dwelling, full ventilation, heating, cooling and reasonable security. We may have left a few out, but that is a fair basic list. In some form or fashion, we need to get some version of all of that to every person, every family in this world. This is a 2017 list, where there should not be a single reason why it cannot and should not be done. Just because some people barely live higher than caveman standards is no excuse. That, in some ways, is what the Better Way is all about. Obviously, the list would have been different in past times. But it is 2017 (as of this writing) all over this world, and our society has long had the ability and resources to match our list for everyone on this planet. There has just not been the will to do it, nor has there ever been the desire to do it by any of those in power and authority to do so. That is sad, but it is also the truth.
There are of course many other things that get added to the list when you consider general living standards that people should be able to have. They need basic food, clothing and total health care. You can add to that reasonable access to transportation, education, skill development and training and reasonable work programs to help develop those skills. As well, they need to have earning access to provide a reasonable source of income that will allow the person to live at no less than the basic social standard of living. Got all that? Look around at any government and see if you can find all that on any of their lists. We can’t find one, you could let us know if you can. We are certainly interested. It could be that some people might question things like transportation or total health care being on that list. This isn’t the 1700’s, where people walking was sufficient transportation. Even heating and cooling will be challenged by some. They can always build a fire and there is always fresh air (that sounds silly to me, but we probably would get a few arguing those things). Of course there are those things, and we also still have caves. If all society is willing to move into them, maybe they can be considered. We won’t wait for that to happen. We are sure you get the gist of what we are setting up. We are setting up a standard of living that should be the objective of us all, no matter how long it takes to realize it. But it must be aggressively worked on, not just paid lip service and move on. So it is that such a standard is part of what the Better Way is all about.
The housing we will be talking about is a bit of a mix of designs we have been working on for some time, and other kinds of housing that popped up while we were doing that. All of course, are sourced with God. We say that because we don’t want anyone forgetting it. We can make things, we don’t create them. It’s always good to remember that. One of the most useful and extremely interesting kinds of housing is literally tent housing. The only thing is, you haven’t seen these kinds of tents before. They are designed to be erected easily, yet can be readily taken down and moved to new locations. Because of our supply, that wouldn’t happen a lot, but it is still one of the features of our tents. An example of this will be that these very same tents will be available to qualified people for recreational use. They cannot be erected and left standing, that won’t be part of their lease contract. They are mainly for vacation and camping type of use. We’re not being overly fussy about that, we are just pointing out that they can’t be erected and left standing for longer than a period set in the lease (URL – Use Rights Lease). And maybe it is time to clear up these Use Rights programs we keep mentioning. Hold on to the tent topic, we will return to it after this explanation.
As we have said before, we do not plan to sell many of our LMT products that are durable. We don’t lease you a loaf of bread, despite the fact that as a manufactured food, it is an LMT product. We are talking about durable goods obviously, things like cars, buildings, etc. Instead, we make many things available on what we call a Use Rights program. Instead of being able to buy a house, we lease you a house. This is so regardless of whether we manufactured the house with LMT, or just bought it already built conventionally. Any building we buy will have some LMT additions made to it, no matter what. To sell it would be selling LMT additions with it and we wouldn’t do that. We have devised instead, a Use Rights Mortgage, a URM. The URM has some pretty neat features. For one thing, fees are based on square footage, number of bedrooms, and some other factors, but that is the general idea. A rental fee is determined for a dwelling based on that list of features. At the moment, the base rental is $100. Add to that $25 for each bedroom and $5 for each bath. Accordingly, 4 bedroom, 3 bath houses would then rent for $215 per month. This particular rate would apply to houses up to 3,999 square feet. Houses having 4,000 to 5,999 sqft would have a $125 base, with all other fees being the same. As the size goes up, the base rent increases accordingly, adding another $25 to the base rate at each higher level. This is enough to give you the idea. Now comes the issue of whether the person want to rent or buy the house. Yes, we said we don’t sell them. What can be bought is a Use Rights Mortgage, a URM. There is a small down payment that the new tenant may need to pay. With a URM in hand, the person can take possession of the home and use it just like they owned it. They can make some changes and adjustments to it, as long as the designs, work and materials are approved. They have to maintain the property, although there are some aspects of the maintenance that we will do as the owner. Some of that maintenance would be to repair and replace as needed any appliances or other systems in the home. As long as the problem was not caused by the URM holder, there would be no charge for this maintenance. There is also a $10 per month fee for having a URM on the property. As long as the person holding the URM is following their contract, all the money they pay for rent, less the $10 URM fee, goes into a URM account established for them. That money accumulates monthly unless or until cancelled. At the time the URM is established, a value price (equivalent to a selling price if the house was going to be sold) is set on the home. We will assume it is $50,000 for this example. So, all the rent the holder pays, less the URM fee of $10, is paid toward that value price. Our profit is the $10 per month. At any point the holder wants to cancel their URM and move, they will receive a refund of the balance that is in their URM account. If they just want to move, or are required to move for their work or training, they can use their URM as a down payment on their next house (as long as it is ours of course). If they are moving to a place we don’t own, then they can cancel their URM and receive the funds, or let it sit, interest free, in our bank. We do not pay interest on URM accounts. There may be a small down payment needed to open a URM with one of our houses, but since only one URM can be held at a time at this beginning level, the previous URM would have to be applied to the new house. If a URM is cancelled, a person cannot open a new URM for at least five years. That’s why they could not just open a new URM and hold onto the previous URM. Clearly the URM program is meant to help people, not just sneakily accumulate free money. Remember we are giving URM credit for money that would normally be paid as rent. Instead of taking that money, we are moving it over to the URM for them.
Being able to open a URM is earned. A person has to be thus qualified to open the URM. The alternative is simple renting of property. For that we have the URL, meaning Use Rights Lease. All the same fees methods apply to a rental, but since the rental can be either an apartment or a house, the actual rates are different. We don’t value apartments as though they could be sold. Apartments are only rented, and should never be sold. That is just a racket to milk more money out of a property and not have the responsibilities of renting the apartments out. It is done all the time today, but it should never have been allowed. In any event we won’t price as though an apartment was being sold. Apartments are rented on either a 1-month rental basis, or an indefinite lease period. Both have 30-day termination options. People can move sooner if their circumstances dictate it, but we like to have a month’s notice. If they leave sooner, they will receive unused rent. They are only charged for the days they lived there. Deposits are returned as well, less cleaning and damage if needed. Things change for people, situations happen that cannot be predicted or planned. We try to help as much as we can if a tenant has to move. This applies to both monthly rentals and lease rentals. The lease tenant opens a Use Rights Lease (URL) with us. In some respects, this allows them to use an apartment as though they owned it. They do have some additional responsibilities as a lease tenant. They have to maintain certain features of the apartment at their own expense. We maintain major appliances and repairs however. The benefit to the URL is that after the monthly $10 fee, all their rent is put into their URL account. As with other UR programs, no interest is paid on the account. As long as the tenant remains at the apartment their URL account remains. When they are ready to move, they can do one of two things. They can transfer their URL to a new apartment or as down payment on a house, or they can cash out their URL. The disadvantage to that is they automatically cannot get another UR program on a house for five years. If some financial emergency comes up and they want to cash out the URL to help with the problem, we have other financial help programs that can possibly be used so the URL is not lost. Whether it is a URM or a URL, down payments are put into the URM/URL account along with all other rents paid in.
A person can use a URM or a URL to accumulate enough money to where once the total of the UR instrument is reached, they will not longer have to pay any rents for the property they are using. This is a bit complicated here. If a house value is $50,000, and their URM or URL accounts reaches that level, they will no longer have to pay rent on that house or apartment. They still have to pay any other fees they might be responsible for, but not rent. Also, if they want to move and want to transfer their UR instrument to a new more expensive house, their balance can be applied to that house, eliminating the need for a down payment. There is a total the UR accounts reach which becomes their base. After that, they can at any time remove all funds down to that total. Or, they can just let the UR account accumulate. In other words, any money above the base amount is available for withdrawal at any time. Now, we have been using that $50,000 as an example amount for our examples. The thing is, the actual closer value of our standard category houses, is going to be about $1 per square foot. So, a 3,000 sqft house would have a value of about $3,000. Get the sqft size of the house and you know the value placed on it. This applies only to our manufactured houses. It does not apply to conventional houses we buy that were made by someone else. Their value is higher because we most likely had to pay higher prices for them. But as you can see, when living in one of our manufactured houses, it won’t take forever to have the UR instrument reach the total value of the house. At that point, no further rent is due. If one moves to a new house however, while their UR can be used for the down payment, they will have to pay rent again until their UR account reaches the value of the new house. Beyond the down payment applied, which must remain in the account, the holder can also withdraw all the extra in their UR account, or any part of it. The URL program for apartments has a similar set of arrangements. That is just too much detail to get into for this writing.
There are URL programs for several different things that people might want to use, such as cars, trucks, FVs when qualified, recreational facilities (cabins, boats, recreational equipment, etc.) and so on. Because of the nature of mostly short-term use for cabins, we use URLs and not URMs. When someone qualifies for a second home, like a full-time cabin, then we would use a URM. Otherwise, cabins are short term rentals, often reserved on a URL long-term contract. The obvious situation is that we are providing alternatives to buying our LMT contained products. Besides that, we are trying to help people learn how to manage their money a little better. It is obvious that most of what is paid in is not being retained by us, but being returned through UR programs. This isn’t something we would have expected anyone here to do, although there have been programs that could have at least tried to help people. Most everybody commonly expects the government to pay for things, with little mind as to where the government gets its money. The tax money comes from the people. However, the more than $20 trillion current debt, comes from a thin air promise to pay. Maybe that is why everyone is after that money.
We are going to digress some here because in the last couple of weeks we have had a couple of major hurricanes hit the United States, killing many people, destroying all kinds of property, and leaving damage that will cost billions of dollars. There is not a lot of existing technology that would have made much difference in those figures. The cost in human life was probably the thing that could have been changed most by people. There were many people who did not heed warnings regarding getting to safety in time. Some lost their lives because of it. That said, there is a considerable amount of LMT from our BW programs that can be applied to situations like this. Rather than spend time trying to convince you it will all work, we will just tell you about it and you can wait until it is installed to see for yourself it works if that is what will float your boat. We don’t yet have any formal name for this system, although we will probably come up with one eventually. We were thinking and talking to my wife Sue about the Florida hurricane (Irma), and parts and pieces of several systems we have been working on over the years began to fall into place. Collectively it looks something like this. We have something we call a Ground Plane Stabilizer (GPS). This is a system that sets magnetic and gravity fields anywhere for a variety of uses. We will be able to build a GPS system into a very small disc-shaped device that somewhat resembles a tiny flying saucer. Tiny meaning about 1’ diameter and about 4” thick at its highest point. There is a rod placed vertically in the center of the disk that contains the GPS. In this particular application, this allows the GIS to establish a magnetic field that can be projected out away from the saucer on a slight curve, to a distance of a little more than 250 miles, or a circle of about 500 miles. This can be varied from as little as a few feet, on up to the near maximum of 500 miles. What it would actually be set at would be determined by the application need. Another part of the system is the ability to establish what we call a Magnafence. We have no acronym for that at this time. Magnafences are established magnetic fields that work on a plane of one or more types of groundplanes. Huh? Yeah, well, some things don’t explain very well and would be far easier to see visually. Lacking that for the moment, words are all we have to work with here. Think of the magnafence in the most simplified terms, a fence. Except instead of having physical properties like maybe a wire fence, or a board fence, think of it in terms of a magnetic fence. Whether one can touch it or not entirely depends on how it is set. It is in simple form a magnetic field set in usually a vertical form. It is commonly grounded, meaning that its base is the ground. You can’t dig under it because it actually goes into the ground a considerable distance. Depending upon its tuned intensity, it can be made just about any height wanted, even going up several miles. Besides its up and down variables, the actual density strength of the fence can be variable as well. It can be so strong as to not even allow air to pass through it. It can also be so weak that anything can pass through it. It also can be tuned so specific things can be excluded, or allowed to pass, to the exception of anything else, if there are needs for that. In short, it is a very versatile fence system. The fence can be incorporated into an existing fence, or put where there is no fence. The magnafence isn’t seen unless it is lighted to be seen. It can be lighted in part, in patterns or a variety of other ways. So, the magnafence becomes the second part of our emergency system. Now we can put these two parts together. The first thing we would do is set a parameter fence around an area that needed a warning and protection system. For our example of hurricanes, there is a very wide swath of this country which has been at one time or another subject to either hurricanes, or tornadoes. These two weather anomalies represent two of the most common hazards to people in the United States. Thus, it would be likely that the placement of the magnafence would circumvent the entire country. It could be placed out in oceans as far aS the 10-mile limit or beyond, and directly on borders with other countries (in this case Canada and Mexico). The characteristics of the fence will be noted shortly. Next, we establish a grid pattern so that the GPS saucers are evenly spaced something a little less than 500 miles apart. Actually, spaced more like 300 miles apart would be better. Why doesn’t matter. Being spaced at about 300 miles, the fields will intercept each other (when set wider than 300 miles of course) and make a closed ceiling over the entire country. A reason the GPS device is in a saucer is because that gives the field a slight curve. The curved fields intercept each other that way instead of going straight off into space. We must place the GPS saucers at an altitude that allows sufficient clearance of the highest mountains, so that would be something around 15,000’ for the lower 48 states. But while many storms go above 15,000’, tornadoes clouds often do not. So, there should be an accommodation for that. But as we got to thinking about that, we realized that the system has already built in all the involved parameters for hurricanes, tornadoes and other weather anomalies. So, it is more likely that we will place the system at around 100,000’ and that should cover all issues.
We are trying to make a long, wordy description shorter. The general result of this protection system is multifold. These are not weather control efforts, they are disaster control, and will work very well to that extent. The system has full adjustability to it. The shield generated by the system does not stop the rain, it just measuredly reduces it. Instead of being hit with maybe 3’-4’ or more rain, it will trim off all but a normal rainfall amount for the time period involved. Instead of category 4 or category 5 wind speeds, it will reduce that to no more than 10-15 mph. In case you wondered where the rest of the rain went, it is reprocessed back to light units. In the case of the wind, when material hits the wall, it is either dropped or reprocessed, depending on what it is. The wind itself is reprocessed as well, in a somewhat complicated process that we can’t fully explain yet. This brings up some technical questions to be sure, actually, lots of them, but we can’t get into that kind of detail yet. We either have not learned that much yet, or it is not available to us yet. After all, we’re telling about the system now, not erecting it. As far as the fence is concerned, that is the first line of defense for hurricanes. Coming from beyond the United States, the hurricane will necessarily encounter the fence before it even gets to U.S. shores. That is where the rain and wind reductions will take place. When the hurricane (or tornado) passes the magnafence and enters the U.S., it will be reduced to just another workable storm. Tornadoes are reduced to wind issues that will have lost all tornado effect. We are certainly aware of the fact that on land borders between Canada, Mexico and the United States, some of those borders pass through populated areas in the other countries. We have no interest in simply letting material picked up by a hurricane or tornado be just dumped at the fence. So, we will definitely try to get the other countries to allow US to extend the shield at least out into open country. If not, then we can reprocess everything that hits the fence. And speaking of that, the fences, all the shield fields in fact, are totally tunable. Under normal conditions, birds and planes would not be affected at all by the shield, including the magnafence. Note the key word there is “normal” conditions. Being tunable, the fence can be tuned in some very interesting ways.
All magnafences can be tuned in a lot of different ways. Both magnetic resistance and reprocessing are definite working factors of the fence. With variable tuning the fence can have difference strengths both along the horizontal and the vertical. This means simply that as needs vary in different places or altitudes along the fence, adjustments can be made to meet specific needs. It should be easy to see that the magnafence would make an excellent security fence in places where it was needed. It would be doing double duty if the weather GPS system is erected, but just as easily could be used in any area where a security fence is needed. (Obviously we are not incorporating likes or dislikes about our technology at the moment. Just to keep it from also being the elephant in the room, we are certainly aware of what we will have. That all has to be worked out when the time comes and there is no doubt that it can be. So, we’re not going to dwell on the subject of whose approval we will need in these writings.) A nice feature of a magnafence for instance that would be extremely useful is that select materials, ANY select materials, can be scanned and when found, reprocessed. At a border crossing that would have immense value. Border guards could pay attention to other issues and totally ignore trying to stop certain illegal materials. There is no way to shield from the scan and there is absolutely no way to avoid reprocessing. That is usually done dimensionally, unless there is reason to do it in this dimensional plane. Sometimes there is. A truckload of guns that had the cargo suddenly disappear would easily lead to some speculation of theft. A truck now having some granule residue instead of the guns would tell a different story. It would be pretty obvious what happened to the cargo. Planes flying through the
fence could be treated the exact same way. They can’t fly as high as the fence rises to, so the same reprocessing loss would occur there as well. One last minor matter: There is some rising concern about what a country like North Korea might be able to do with its weaponry. Our weather GPS system would resolve the matter entirely, if it didn’t get resolved some other way. When we say the shield can be set to stop anything, we meant just that. That would include rockets or the blast force from some exploded device. We can’t do much about the current sabre rattling going on, we have none of oUr BW stuff yet. But when we do, that will be another story.
While we are at it, here are a few other very interesting and exciting uses for magnafences. River banks can be lined with magnafences at any point. They can be set just before levies, or if there are no levies, set at points that might be close to the river, or back far enough to allow a little spreading of the water out into a floodplain. That would be particularly useful to help replenish the soil for growing crops in the floodplain when it isn’t needed for that. These fences can easily hold back the water in the case of flooding. Setting the vertical higher than the potential water rise would assure that there would be no flood. At the same time, the fences can be (would be) set to allow the passage of humans and animals from the river side of the fence. This of course would allow them to egress the river. In the other direction, the fence would not allow anyone through. Yes, the fences could be used for private and public property security fences. There are just a lot of different possibilities for using magnafences. We will commonly use them as a part of the security with transfer doors, travel doors, etc. They are a natural for the task. There are times when the doors may have to be left open, but passage control is needed. Magnafences can do that. Unlike a physical door, they cannot be breached. They can be used as screen doors on homes, so you can open your door in complete safety. At that level of use we commonly refer to them as magnascreens, but they are still basic magnafences. Used on doors and windows (as we do on our manufactured homes), they make excellent screens for bugs and burglars. Using simple on/off switches turns the screens on or off accordingly. Yes, there are provisions for emergency situations. We’ll discuss that another time perhaps. Oh, it will show up somewhere eventually, we just don’t know when right now. Magnafences set at the bottom of pools; swimming pools, connected to a smart chip safety system, can work to immediately push everyone out of the water with a rising screen in the event of a potential drowning. In all then, the magnafence is very versatile. Several years ago, when we were first developing and learning about magnafences, we envisioned using the original GPS system on other planets, like the moon and Mars. The plan is (still working on it) to raise up a GPS over an area of 100 miles or so, with a magnafence set to a height of 100’ or so at the outer perimeter. The shield would be set to be air tight, as well as be an effective roof in the event of meteors and the like. We then would begin to manufacture air at several locations under the shield dome. This would increase bringing air pressure inside the dome up to livable conditions. At the same time, we would also install several water manufacturing units and establish small lakes and streams. Inside the shield dome it will also be possible to establish a regulated heating/cooling system. These of course would be the beginnings of establishing a living colony on either Mars or the moon, or both. When we get into the subject of the two locations, other information will be added. We do expect to be venturing to at least these two solar bodies as a part of our BW program. That won’t be for a large human population, nor even to develop those bodies for major colonization. We expect to move far more people to several e-planets, which are already livable for humans.
Public and private transportation are other areas where we expect the BW program to make a considerable difference to the way people live. We have already talked some about cars and trucks for private use. But there are yet other systems that we want to talk about. We all know for instance that our national highways are becoming more and more clogged with trucks, all kinds of trucks. By present commerce methods, trucks have taken over a lot of the former railroad business, which in turn has considerably increased the number of trucks on all our roads and highways. Something has to be done about this for many reasons, but mainly because it is more and more choking our highway system. Besides that, the highway infrastructure is in considerable need of repair. Add to that the swelling number of private vehicles on the road and we have a rapidly increasing mess facing us. Our BW program will address all of these issues. Even before we look at how to tackle the infrastructure, we should take on the truck issue. To do that we have developed an entirely new freight moving system that will totally remove a very large number of the big trucks away from the road. To do this we will establish a freight transfer system that can move just about anything from here to there through transfer doors and tunnels. This system is not meant for human transportation. However, pets can use a part of the system, the transfer doors, but not the tunnel system. The tunnel system is only for non-living objects and materials. There will be several ways to move freight within our system.
First, we will establish many shipping points around cities and towns where when needed, small trucks can carry goods from businesses to the shipping points, and vice-versa. Those same trucks and vans deliver goods directly to homes as well. This isn’t the only delivery system involved, it is just where we are starting. Shipping points can also be established at large manufacturers and companies with a high volume of shipping. Naturally that shipping can be in both directions, so raw materials and parts, etc. can be shipped in and finished goods shipped out. This kind of shipping point would be a primary in itself and would not be routing as much through our company shipping points. Instead they could ship directly to retail outlets and the like who also had their own in-house shipping points. These company shipping points are easy to install, easy to operate, and in general a very workable system. As noted, shipping to our shipping points could be done as needed. We will have ways to ship just about anything, be it liquid, gas or solid. We don’t use travel door technology here just because it is more sophisticated then these shipping needs require. There is no other reason for not using the travel door technology. Later on, we may find a need for the travel door version, but not for now. We will also have a smaller package delivery service that can be incorporated into this shipping system. That will allow smaller sized packages to be delivered to homes and small businesses directly, without the shipment having to go through a shipping point and be delivered by small truck or van. We will explain some of that shortly. In all, our system should remove most, if not all the large trucks off the highway system completely. That alone will make a marked improvement on highway congestion and the fact that large trucks beat up the roadways considerably.
Before we proceed, there are a few important points that we should make. First and perhaps most important, some of the ways we choose to do things in the Better Way are not always the most efficient ways of doing things. Often we will have developed or in the works, faster, more efficient ways of doing things than what we describe here. But why we often don’t choose those yet is because of one major reason: people. We have already explained the purpose of the Better Way. Before all else it is purposed to do as much as is possible to get people back into the creative process so they can continue their development and ultimately pass through that gate that will assure them continued life. Thus, we often choose things to talk about in ways that will need more people involved, or can involve more people, or in any way possible, bring more people into the picture. Often that is not the most efficient use of people, nor is it commonly the least expensive. But it is the way we understand things should be done; the way God is directing us to explain it now, and most likely the way things will be done later. Things do change. Even as we try to pass things along to others, we are learning too. For that reason, it is often wise to try to follow along in chronological order as much as possible. If you can’t, no real problem, things just can get choppy for you now and then. And as my wife has pointed out on more than one occasion, we have been at this for over four decades. During that time, we have invented a lot of stuff and become increasingly more familiar with it as the years have passed by. Most of my readers are very new to all this. We don’t forget that, but we do like to press on and knowingly don’t fill in a lot of detail many times. If you want more detail, ask. That is what the comment section at the bottom of each entry is for. We often have more we can explain, although there are times when we do not. But we have this really vast amount of information we are trying to get out, so we do leave out a lot of detail. Ask. We will always try to answer any reasonable questions. Also, we want to repeat, things DO evolve. You may or may
not understand this, but if for instance we were heading south for 6 months a few years back, then started heading north, seemingly going back over the very same road, we did not make a mistake with the way we went in our first six months. If you are driving, when you are not looking at the road ahead, which side of the car do you look at the most? The left side (for right-sided drivers anyway). You may think you are looking all around, but not so. So, you see things on the left side of the car, but miss a lot on the right side of the car. If you turn around and travel back up the same road, you are still looking more out your left side, but you will be seeing things you missed on the other side of the road. That IS the way life is, and that is a lot of how we learn. Thus, the learning process is not what you are commonly told it is. In fact, we are taught in ways to actually miss a lot that is there. It becomes all too easy to keep you moving in one direction and have you miss things some people would like you not to see. It is a way to keep a lot of knowledge away from anybody who doesn’t understand this and learn how to overcome it. That includes maybe 90+% of the people in case you wondered. To get to the point, it is very important to have programs that can train as many people as possible, while still getting necessities accomplished. Production is important, but people are far more important. So, we choose; are really directed to choose, programs that can reach the most number of people in the best yet quickest way possible. Very early on we learned that the Better Way can employ more people in the U.S. using our methods, than there are people of working age in this country. That is a simple fact. Remember that while people are in training, they are still being employed. It isn’t assumed we will in fact employ all the people in the country, we just could. Of course, we want to get everyone into training so everyone can get through their own personal gate. So those two statistics will have to meet up one way or another eventually.
Getting back to transportation, we have already given you some ideas about how we can get many trucks off the road. But here again, with a nod to the point in the last paragraph, we still have to consider all the people who work in the trucking industry. So without going into it, understand that in various ways, we will deal with that issue. There will be training and work for all people displaced. Actually, that is so no matter what the job might be. For trucking, we are looking over a major revitalization of the railroads with a lot of new technology applied. We’ll talk about a few railroad systems.
We will be looking to install a major transportation system that will be at least as large as the interstate system, and more likely larger. The primary system is a mostly elevated “skidrail” system. A skidrail is a continuous sheet of “Drysteel” (remember?) with the side curled up a little more than 90 degrees. The width of the shoot will depend on how many trains will be using the track, but generally it will have a two-train width. Skidrail trains are based on a 12’ width, so the inside of the rail will be about 35’ wide. The side upward curve is about 3’ high. There will also be one train track that is about 14’ wide. While there is no center divider between the two trains, there is a magnafence that functions as a barrier between the two. Both the sidewalls of the track and the center magnafence present a horizontal field out from the wall and both sides of the fence, which results in the trains being “boxed in-between”. When first manufactured, the drysteel is produced as one continuous strip of drysteel, about 2,000 miles long. It is very thin. It is about 10’ wide when it is made. It is made with the magnafence strip already in place. The finished roll of track is about 10’ in diameter. That can give you an idea of just how thin the sheet is at that point. When the track is laid, it is rolled out by a repeller machine that not only rolls it out, but expends it to its full width, and curves up the side walls. The track does have small holes covering its entire surface, including the sidewalls. This is not absolutely necessary, it is just one of the many backup features built into the track. We should also not that the track is completely transparent and has a couple of other features you will find interesting. For one thing, the track completely absorbs water and reprocesses it, or can store it in very high volume through a size-dimensionalizing technique. Standard storage would be about 20’ deep of purified water. This would not normally be manufactured water, but rain and snow water. That is why it is purified. This allows water to be drawn from the track at any given point. We will explain that later.
The track will be elevated just about everywhere, including stations. The only time the track is not elevated is when it goes down to ground level at distribution yards. There the track flattens out. There are no sidewalls. Not all distribution yards are on the ground, but some will be. Drysteel stanchions will hold up the track, or at least look like they are holding up the track. They are primarily stabilizers as part of the backup system. If you looked very closely, you could see that the track does not actually touch the stanchions, but is fractions of an inch above them. Just beyond the outside wall of the track, a magnafence rises 30’ above the stanchions, effectively holding in the track (again without touching it). One other aspect of the outside magnafences is that when they reach 30’, they curve inward 89.9 degrees and intercept each other above the middle of the track. This is also where the center magnafence rises up to intersect that joint as well. The only physical part of these outside magnafences, like the center magnafence, is a physical strip of drysteel about 1” thick and 6” wide. These strips are laid on the stanchions at the same time as the track is laid. The stanchions themselves are 2” diameter round poles of drysteel that go 50’ into the ground, and rise 30’ above the ground. The pole is shaped like an upside-down U, with the top part flattened on the upper edge of the pole. So, the stanchion is really just one continuous piece, looking like a giant upside-down U going into the ground. The stanchions, like the track, are all transparent. About 10’ of the stanchion from the ground up is lighted. This gives the effect of looking like two 10’ poles stuck in the ground unless you are close enough to them to see the rest of the drysteel. When you look up under the skidrail track, you cannot see the track or any of its components. The only time you can see the track is when a train is coming. About 1,000’ in front and behind a train, the track lights up with a soft, white light. Other than that, the only way you know the track is there is because you can see the 10’ light part of the stanchions. The stanchions are placed about 1 mile apart. This is regardless of whether the track curves, or goes up or down. The technical limit of use (not capacity) is 10 miles, so we are planning to be far short of that. Stanchions much farther apart than the 10 miles are easily possible. In some ocean situations, we do increase the distance.
The last part of this system are the trains themselves. There is a reason they are called skidrail trains. The trains have no wheels. They have flat bottoms, with rounded edges to the walls. As noted, the trains are about 12’ wide and 10’ high. The trains appear to skid along on the drysteel rails. This is a technology example train system, which we do a lot. That means we are building something to show a particular technology, not because that is the only way we can build it. We will also have a train system called Skytrains for instance, that has neither stanchions nor skidrails, but they are as functional and safe as the skidrail trains. Our skidrail system will carry both passengers and freight. While both could be accommodated on one train, that is not usually done. The trains will consist of passenger seats, staterooms, dining cars, and lounge cars. Extra baggage is carried below the cars in what is simply a lower dimensional pocket level. That allows any passenger to go down to the baggage area and either open their baggage (there is a secure area), or if they have a stateroom, their baggage can be delivered to their room. If it is excess baggage, it can be returned to the baggage area through a transfer door. Most standard passenger trains will be about one-mile long. An interesting feature of the train cars is that each car is self-powered. In other words, it can run itself on the tracks. The way the train runs is that there is a pilot car which controls all the cars of the train. Each car powers itself, instead of the engine pulling them as dead weight. If necessary, one car could pull the entire train, but that is not likely. There is only one level of service on all trains. Different options are up to the passenger. They can choose a stateroom if they like, or just a seat. There is always a seat available for anyone choosing a stateroom. We have more than enough staterooms for everyone, even if each passenger was traveling by themselves. The staterooms have one major window, which is an actual window, and several other windows which are technical windows. The physical stateroom is about 4′ wide, with a comfortable door to the hall. The train cars are lined with doors, each about 4’ apart on center. The staterooms include a queen bed, an eating area with galley kitchen, a small lounge area, and a large bathroom with a tub/shower combination. The tub walls lower if you prefer only a shower. They raise if you need a high-walled tub because of difficulty getting in and out of the tub. The rough dimensions of the stateroom are about 10’x12’, with an 8’x8’ bathroom. There is also a large closet. The passenger ticket prices are all the same. Children below 6 or so are free. We always know actual ages, so there can be no difficulties with that. Actually, we don’t care all that much, but there is some responsibility involved. The meals are also free at the standard dining cars. We do have luxury dining cars which are slightly more intimate but have an additional cost added to the food and service. Thus, when you get a check for your meal, it reflects that additional cost over the meals that are included with your ticket. Obviously, luxury dining cars are a choice people can make, but they don’t have to. It is simply a making a willing contribution to charity. We do not retain any of the charge. In the standard dining cars, there is a choice of buffet or wait service. Even if you have wait service in the standard dining cars, you do not get a check since the meals are included in the price of the ticket. There is also a buffet in the luxury dining car, but it still has the marked-up price. A reasonable amount of luggage can be carried on board the train, but it must be put in a stateroom, or in the seat baggage compartment. Every seat has a baggage compartment which is only for that seat. The compartment must close with the baggage in it.

This is getting pretty long, so we will break off here and pick things up in our next blog entry, Better Way, Getting Closer 4.

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Sorry to say, we have had a major crash of my main computer. Win 10 won’t boot no matter what I do. I even took out the HD and tried it as an external drive on my laptop, but it won’t read it there. On the main computer we can get to  C:\>  prompt, and even see my files are there, so the HD isn’t fully gone. But I can’t seem to get a USB port to work so I can copy off files onto a thumb drive. Any of you smart people have any suggests? I am sitting with 3 1/2 new blog entries that I can’t copy over to this laptop so we can post them. Guess we are saying, HELP!! (We also have all sorts of docs and programs on that HD. Thought we were running a backup drive, but found out it hasn’t been backing up for months. Arrgh!) Any ideas? Thanks!

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Better Way Getting Closer 2

In our last entry, we noted that being prepared was not only a reasonable thing to expect, there is little doubt that God has had preparations going on for any number of years. Once things can go forward, they need to go forward at a very good pace. For one thing, we need to get to lots pf people, billions in fact. That in itself is going to take time. Things can move right along, so we are not going to worry much about it. Our schedule and pace are determined by God, so our job will be to get things done as efficiently as possible, not worry about schedules.
We do expect for each day to include several new revelations regarding new products and services. It will be common for us to make announcements on the same day as a product is released or a service started. That is going to mean there will be busy times from day one. Of course, there will be a communications issue right off the bat. How are people going to find out about the Better Way? We are going to have to tell them in some form that reaches a lot more people than we are reaching through this blog. We consider this blog something of a practice run, and as well expect to perhaps incite a few people to have more than a passing interest as a result of this blog. In short, it is an opportunity for a small number of people to begin learning in advance of the major beginning, if they care to do so. We can only put it out there, we can’t do any more than that. Unlike how things will go in the main beginning of the BW program, any interest here has to be there without any physical evidence in the beginning stages. This is how we began, with the exception that we did get some initial evidence (even if we did forget most of it almost immediately. It wasn’t physical evidence I could reach out and touch however, so we would be alike on that score at least). Truthfully, we have had few people who gave any indication of any continuing interest in all these years we have been working on this. You ought to keep that in mind. On the other hand, we have seen many things on a personal basis and that does seem to happen to some of the others who stayed with this, my wife Sue in particular. So, it definitely seems that God watches it all carefully and helps out enough for those who are really interested, to stay interested. We all might see different things for all I know. No one except my wife has told me anything about such instances. With no one sharing any experiences with me, it could easily be that there have not been any beyond Sue and myself. It is not for now the kind of thing God would let us know about anyway as far as we can see. When people openly discuss things with me, then if there is more we need to know, I imagine God will advise us. That’s a complicated affair, but for at least the last 40+ years, we have worked it out with Him. I would expect that to continue.
With regard to communication, there should be some new and some old forms involved. We have invented a system we call Magnavision (MV). MV is a much better version of television, much, much better even. For one thing, thousands of channels are easily available, making it possible to include more broadcast material than the world has ever seen. That hardly means it will be a free-for-all like we have in modern day television now. That isn’t going to happen. Eventually you will learn why that is and how we can be sure of it. MV is capable of carrying television signals, but just how much we might carry is entirely another question. Compatibility is built-in to the MV system, but given the nature of a lot of current TV programming, we may not have much interest at all in carrying it. Also, MV will be an entirely private system. It will not have any sponsoring on any channels except for those channels specifically meant to be commercial only channels. All channels are available to all people all the time, as long as they are qualified to watch those channels. Some channels will be private to people at different levels of the BW program. That is an example of being qualified. The people who will have fewest channels they qualify for will be those who have absolutely no constructive interest in the Better Way.
Another thing about MV is it also carries the sub-channels for other forms of communication like telephone. Our version of the telephone system is not like any existing telephone system, although there have been some similar forms open up in the last few years. While some of the results might seem similar however, the technology is very different. Our phone system is called Magnaphone (MP). It has a few features in which you will likely be interested. For one thing, MP has no wires, just as MV has no wires. It also has no antennas, nor does either send any kind of a signal away from the equipment. Both systems use magnalines. Magnalines are magnetic tunnels that exist in dimensional planes when established, or in planes in the hallways dimension. The connection between any MP phones is always on. That means all equipment on the system is always connected when it is active and is always on. And all the MP phones are connected to the central processing system, again all the time. When you want to make a call, the connection is already there, so all that has to be done is open the link between two or more locations. It is just as easy to call several people and have them involved in the call all at once as it is to call a single location. Picture calling (video calling) is available for all connected units. Qualification is according to the individual. Literally one person in a household who is not qualified to use picture calling can neither see the caller or be seen by the caller, while all others in the same household will be able to see each other fine. That is so because all MP units have smart chips in them and there is no by-passing its regulation. The video feature is focused on the phone user, not the phone. This is so even if two people are looking at the same phone. One person could see the picture, the other could not if their qualification was such. One other feature of MPs is it is possible to have several lines at no additional cost. For this, an extension number is added to the base number, which will then establish a completely separate line. A possibility of 10 different lines are possible this way, numbered 0-9. This makes a total of 11 phones possible using the one base phone line. Each can be used separately and each can receive incoming calls. If an extension number does not answer after so many rings, the base number will ring, if desired. This feature can be turned off at will. The set of lines can also be used as a private intercom, with any line connecting to any line, or making connections to several of the lines. Besides all this, since the lines are connected to specific phones, all phones are portable can be used anywhere.
Due to the magnaline connection, phones work anywhere, around the world, or elsewhere. Because the phones all have smart chips (if they are our phones), it is also possible to establish your own directory on any given phone. You can simply tell the phone to call any party or business you know and the phone will connect to that line. Actually, you don’t have to even know them, but simply want to call a number. You can do that by saying or dialing the number, or just saying who you want, like the President (of the United States). We used that example because it is highly unlikely you would get through. The person on the other end has to be willing to receive unsolicited or unknown callers. There is privacy to a line that can be set, although the phone initially is not set to private. However, if a person calls another phone, their number is shown to whomever is being called. It is not possible to turn that off. There are other features associated with privacy, but we won’t go into those now. There will be several sized separate screens available, up to screens of 4’ or more. Anybody who qualifies can use any of the screens they are qualified to use. These screens are separate and connect to their respective phone through their number (and magnaline of course). They are not very expensive and there are several styles to choose from. Only certain size screens are portable, the others having their use limited to the home phone base location.
Our phone will not work while a person is driving a vehicle except on a vocal basis. That means you cannot even dial a number while driving the vehicle. This is all so unless the vehicle is on automatic pilot and the person is not driving the vehicle. Passengers in the vehicle can all use their phones, only the driver is restricted. Plus, a driver cannot view the screens of any phones while driving the vehicle, even if they are otherwise qualified. Our MP system does not do text. Spoken text is possible, but manual text is not. There is also a device that comes with our phone that works like a Bluetooth. It is very small and snugly sticks to an ear magnetically. It is always on. This device can be used in the stead of the phone if so desired. You can leave your phone at home and use the ear device only. It has the same unlimited range. The device functions entirely by voice. Having no buttons at all. On-off commands can be given to it for privacy. The device doesn’t go into your ear like a Bluetooth, it just sticks to your ear.
For some time, it will be possible to use any current type of phone with our new MP system. Not all features will be available with a conventional phone, nor is texting available. Basically, it can be used to make regular calls. Our MP system does make connections with all regular telephone systems, both ways, so if a person does not want to use our phones for some reason, they can always use the conventional phone. The cost for our phones will not be excessive, but cost may not be the reason for not wanting to use our phones. Expect the phone cost to be about $10, with the ear device included. The phone has a basic screen included at no extra cost. Larger screens will have slight additional charges according to size. This is a luxury cost, not a production cost.
This is a slight diversion from our topics. It is 2 am and in re-reading some of the material above, we sort of noticed that it might be a little boring for some people. Fact is, a lot of what we have been writing might be a little boring to some people. We are not trying to write here in some highly academic manner. Our main wish is for people to try and understand and comprehend what we are writing. It could be however that to do that you might also want to know a little more (have we told you much at all?) of why we write. So, I will try to explain as best I can.
As far as we know some pretty interesting things are coming. Since we have been at this for over 40 years, we obviously don’t know when that will be. More than that, I have been honing my writing about it all of those years. I have had to wade through an awful lot of malarkey, both from religion and from science. It is pretty obvious that we have departed from most of the traditional religious doctrines as well as a lot of the science doctrine(s). In short, we have waded way out into left field and beyond and don’t appear to be turning back any time soon. All that just says we are heading into new territory and not too interested in altering our course. Because of that, apparently, we can’t keep the attention of our audience for very long indeed. When we first started up our blog again, we received several comments and emails from people we know. Most of those channels have unfortunately gone silent. I could speculate on why that is, and I do guess at it from time to time. But the truth is, I am not sure it makes any difference to me at all. That isn’t indifference, as much as it might appear that way, it is just being aware that we can do nothing about it. We won’t stop until we get some understanding that we should. That has to come from God, of course. Who else would or should we listen to? God could easily be the very subject that drives people away. Heck, there was a time in my life when I was very much afraid of God and any discussion about Him made me feel very awkward. So, we can understand such feelings being in other people. Sometimes all this is like the giant elephant in the room. It is very conspicuous but no one wants to say anything about it. I don’t really have any answers for that, at this time anyway. The big thing is the obvious, you can see nothing, which is interesting. I suppose everything anyone believes has always been there because of them seeing lots of proof. That sounds pretty silly, but you would think that was just the case about everyone else’s beliefs. Remarkably, we can do nothing to alter people believing that way, though God knows we have been trying. Part of the hidden elephant has to do with the religious beliefs of others. We don’t really have religious beliefs, although as we have already mentioned, we did in the past before we began this journey, and for a short while afterwards. What happened to us is we just got beyond trying to follow the various claims and arguments of religions. People don’t look at their religions, they mostly just follow them blindly as much as they can. They don’t seem to want to know too much, because that would lead to having to look at oneself and we all know where that will go in a big hurry, a nice little guilt trip. When a guy like me comes along to talk about the dreaded God subject, people generally run for cover or quickly dismiss me as someone God will surely zap anyway. Besides, trying to accept some of this stuff could well jeopardize your place in that far off somewhere when you run out of time here. At least it apparently seems that way to a lot of people.
It isn’t our place to judge any of you. Actually, we feel more than a little sorry for most who hide like they do. We know of a few people who have indeed tried to keep up with us, and I am sure they may not agree with everything we have said about God, religion or whatever. At least they are trying and there is absolutely no doubt that God is not holding that against them in any way. Seek and you will find. Remember? I would imagine that people are contending in their minds with yo-yoism a lot more than they are with God. We have explained enough about yo-yos to make you aware of that. You, whoever you are, are not untouchable as far as yo-yo tampering is concerned. Nor am I. We are not however, which is yet another reason why we use “we” as we do. We means God and I, and there is lots of help there. You might try it some time. Learn what it is all about. Learn how to receive help from God instead of treating Him like He is some almighty tyrant whom you must cower down to and fill His head with a lot of “I love you” malarkey. It is far more likely that you are scared to death of Him, or you are arrogant enough to think He means little to you in any case. There are lots of yo-yo wannabes around and many of them are not getting their way all that much anyway. Hopefully, that is at least a little God’s fault, trying to save them from themselves. Well, maybe this is a little bit of a rant, and maybe it isn’t. Maybe it is just another effort at getting you to understand that we are going through all this work not because we have nothing else to do with our life, but because we sincerely believe in what we do and say. We fully expect to have plenty of evidence pop right out in the open one of these days. This is very real to me and we suspect that one day it is going to become very real for you as well. Let’s go on…
As much as we would could rail against television or how much it has corrupted people in the last several decades, we won’t. There is enough evidence there for anyone who really wants to get at the truth of it. Our Magnavision will deal with entertainment and education, two of the most important purposes for this kind of communication, in some very unique and responsible ways. I have to admit thus far we know very little of how all that will work, but when God advises me, we’re going to believe Him. Maybe that is blind faith, although it is more that we just can’t see all things yet. God tends to be like that, sticking with the subjects of importance of the moment and just letting us think about the pieces of other subjects until it is time for them. Unlike God, we are limited as to how much we can work with at any one time. We are still waiting to see if this sort of trust is how it should be done, but it seems to have worked for a lot of years, so why quit now? In any event, MV will be both useful for its information provided, and entertaining in ways that will make it so for everyone. That’s a tall order, given that TV doesn’t come close to that without offending as many people as it entertains. MV will not offend anyone unless you get offended by what is right and truthful.
MV uses a full vision video method. We have called that 4D vision, but I don’t know if that is all that correct or not. With MV, you see just as you see with your own eyes, not in a flat 2D image, or in the exaggerated 3D images they like to offer up as though that is the way we see. In short, MV is just like seeing things through your own eyes. In fact, one of the recording techniques is to do the filming through the eyes of robots, not through the lenses of any camera. Here is another first for you. In the beginning especially, most of what will be seen on MV has existed for thousands of years and comes from other worlds. As such you will see some definite differences that some of you might imagine is pretty good science fiction. We also understand that some information will come from previous eras of this world, eras not recorded by history here. We don’t know whether that will be built into stories or documentaries, but it will be there. There is so much of this that will be available that we will have thousands of channels available for most anyone. That requires a very comprehensive viewing guide, but that will be available in some form as well. At least hundreds of channels will be available to any viewer. After that, what one sees depends upon who the viewer is. Once again you see the issue of being qualified popping up. It’s easy to get qualified, impossible to by-pass it. Some of the other things that one can find on MV are video versions of every education class that is taught in any educational system; any class. Thus, while we believe it is an excellent idea for children to attend school for the many other experiences they will get, all the courses taught in the schools are also available on MV. That is so at all levels. It genuinely includes any course taught at any age level, any educational level. Some courses do require qualification, there are obvious reasons for that. One of the real issues with television is that almost anything can be seen by anyone, even porn, simply by paying the price for it. That is utterly ridiculous and a whole lot disgusting. “You don’t have to watch; you can turn the channel” are flimsy and cheap efforts at disclaimers. Best of all, there are no extra fees for any of this. It all comes with the basic MV fee which will probably start out at about $10 per month. As we said, screen size can add a little until the screens get much larger, but even then, not all that much. There will be that luxury fee on the larger sizes, as is applied to magnaphone screen sizes.
Let’s move on to some other topics, and revisit a few others. At one point when describing our various door systems (transfer doors, travel doors, etc.), we mentioned that we expect to have a flying transportation of our own. Some have said that we should just use travel doors and forget about all that other stuff. But as we see it there are some very useful purposes that air transportation can satisfy. For one thing, being up there has its own form of enjoyment. What is wrong with that? Some people actually like to fly and have not become so jaded by it that they can’t enjoy it any more. Despite its risks, there is something quite enjoyable about being up there. There is nothing wrong with that. God seems to concur, since we have been working a lot on various forms of flying. (If you want to call it that. It is a somewhat generic term, easy to comprehend.) Unfortunately for many, we do not see this form of flying to be wild and woolly fast like seems to be the desire of just about everyone. One of the problems we have in this world is a lot of things are going too fast, way too fast. We don’t know what everyone is running from, but they need to slow down. A lot of mental and physical health problems stem from going too fast. People genuinely need to slow down. You will discover that in the Better Way that need will be responded to in many ways. One way will be to have our standard airline service flying at no more than 200 mph or so. Some flight will even be slower, and will include overnight accommodations. They used to do that many decades ago, but demand has kept pushing against it. Now only the longest international flights have some meager sleeping accommodations. On any flight lasting more than six hours, passengers will have the option of a small but comfortable stateroom if they prefer. They will still have reserved seating, if they prefer to have a mix. There will be available to all passengers this arrangement, both a stateroom and a seat. That is at no additional cost. The ticket purchased will include both. The FV (flying vehicle, to differentiate ours from theirs, FVs are really not airplanes) will also have both restaurant facilities as well lounges, libraries and other not yet thought of extras. The meals are included in the ticket price as well, and probably will be served buffet style. The will be a second luxury restaurant that will have full meal order service. In case you are wondering or forgot, we do like to add luxury service as a way to get contributions to our general program fund. It is always a voluntary matter to use luxury services and frankly won’t be much different than regular services. It is just things like an exclusive restaurant with higher prices with little difference in the food. It is just a way to allow people to volunteer extra if they want to do that. It is never required and there will never be a luxury facility without a matching regular version. To make sure these luxury facilities don’t become snoot locations, we will comp nearly half with volunteers who wouldn’t otherwise pay to go there. Over time these facilities will change to just being same price options. That will be when those with money decide they won’t pay the extra anymore because they had hoped they would be more exclusive in doing so. You can probably figure the drift of that one. If you can’t, well…
Flying Vehicles will always fly in level flight. They do this when going up and down, or when turning. In that one sense, they move a bit like a car does. They can also fly in reverse, and always take off and land going straight up or straight down. Because of that they do not need the common long runways that the big jet aircraft do. This will eventually transform airports to where they both take up less room for the flight operations, plus can make better use of the rest of the room. As far as we have gotten in design thus far, most initial FVs will be somewhat rectangular boxes which have no wings. They don’t need wings unless they are going into space. We’ll discuss that at another time, except to say that the wings don’t involve lift in space obviously. Commonly transportation FVs will have two or more decks. There will be a state room deck, a seating deck, with both having eating accommodations. That means each vehicle will have at least two restaurants. One will be luxury, as we noted earlier. There will also be accommodations for the crew, kitchens and other needed facilities. For the most part, almost all the initial FVs will range between 200’ and 400’ in length, with balanced ratio width and heights accordingly. The initial stock is already made and in stock, so it will not take long at all to put our service in place. We can of course use existing airports, but will eventually build our own. Since these FVs are duplicate manufactured (DM), they can be reduced in size with SDZ (Size Dimensionalizing in case you forgot or haven’t read previous blog entries. If you haven’t, we suggest you do so before continuing. You can get lost in this stuff pretty easily.) In any case, a 400’ FV can be reduced to the size of less than brick dimensions. One thing we may not have mentioned earlier in explaining SDZ is that the weight factor is reduced along with everything else. Many can then be packed up in shipping or storage boxes as needed. Each FV is has all it necessary equipment, is fully supplied and completely operational. Additionally, except for command personnel, the entire flight crew is stored with each FV. They are of course mechanical robots, which are also able to have SDZ applied to them.
Anything that is duplicate manufactured, such as these FVs, has been made originally from one or more carefully manufactured originals. Everything about the original is tested, reviewed and otherwise examined. Manufacturing has been carefully developed over many centuries, with the original products emerging from that development. Like we have said, nothing is really new, only new to here. There are tens of thousands of styles and models to choose from for every product made. Our world is pretty new to all of this. We will be using this manufacturing system for some products produced here and on E-planets (yes, we have to explain those more too). We will talk about that later when we go into manufacturing in the Better Way. Keep in mind this ability to manufacture a 400’ long (or bigger) FV, which can be both duplicated with DM, as well as reduced in size with SDZ. This system will come into play a lot in our BW program. It is one of the ways which we make it possible for people to be in continuous training programs and not have to spend lifetimes working day after day in factories. We will clarify as we go. Once something has been manufactured, it is scanned and a scan copy is made of it. This copy contains all the dimensions of the object, everything in it and converts all that information to a small scan card. These cards can then be programmed into a duplicate manufacturing machine and by that, endless copies can be made. Of course, there are many aspects to the process, like where do the raw materials come from, but that is getting more detailed than we care to get at the moment. Suffice it to say the raw materials are manufactured in the same manner from the same processes. It is just a long, complicated and somewhat boring explanation if you are not an engineer. People who are interested will get their opportunity to learn more eventually. Since this is a pretty nifty subject, and it is going to be used a lot, let’s cover a few other places where DM will come into play.
We are hoping that within a very short period of time after we begin to disclose actual BW products for people to see, touch and use, we will be able to set up a lot of BW applications all over the country. We expect to be able to put up stores that will be selling thousands of completely new BW products of all kinds. There will be food stores, health stores, clothing and dry goods stores, restaurants and cafes (we will be using manufactured food only in these), and an entire plethora of other stores and businesses. Remembering that we have to deal with conditions as they are when we begin, we will have fuel stations everywhere to at least the extent of no one having to travel more than a few miles to get to one. Fuel will be manufactured on the spot, in a simple conversion process from the base water which is our raw material for liquid fuels. We also manufacture the water on location, so nothing ever goes into storage tanks. This will be a common approach, manufacturing our raw material right along with the products that use them. Whether you realize it or not, trying to write about these things is much like trying to sort out one idea from thousands and picking it to put in writing. That is why we need God’s help so much just writing about the Better Way. It is still a very big challenge for us.
Instead of using the huge superstore approach that has become so popular lately, we will instead be using the much small local store approach like used to be common in the United States. We expect this approach will also be used throughout the world. One reason for having smaller, local stores is they will not be so over-crowded as are the huge stores. Service can be more personal and of course a lot friendlier than is often the case anymore. Shelves can carry a selection of items that can rival much larger stores because we do not put dozens and dozens of the same item on the shelves, especially for the more popular items. We will commonly have just one to six examples of a given item, lined up in a row behind each other, thus taking up shelf width of only one item. Behind those items is a small DM unit that produces replacements for each item, one at a time as they are being removed. When a group number is being packaged together, such as six cans of something, then the unit produces that package as a whole. This technique can be applied to many different kinds of products in many different stores. This does not mean that all manufacturing will change to DM, but we will have to explain more about that later. We want to stick to this part of the process for now. We have been mainly talking about food stores and how they can carry a large number of goods in a much smaller sized store. And by having more of these stores in many more locations, that will cut down the traffic in any one store considerably. Plus, each store can handle varying number of clients without having to make many, if any, personnel adjustments. Some of the store personnel will always be MRs (mechanical robots), which can simply be activated or deactivated as uses require. There will always be a sufficient number of workers to be able to provide good service to everyone. One of the changes people will see is at checkout. Instead of conventional shopping carts, shoppers will have repelling carts that have a fair-sized box in place of the basket. Shoppers put their choices in the box and when it is full it will close itself and reduce itself to a small size. If another box is needed, it will expand automatically from the base of the cart, and the customer can fill that one too. The only limit to how many boxes are used is according to how many of the reduced sized finished boxes are there. The cart will only hold so many. Needless to say, if that still isn’t enough, using a second cart will be in order. When the shopper is finished shopping they have a couple of choices. They can go through an automatic teller, or handle that right on their cart. Going through the auto teller involves simply passing under a scanner which instantly calculates the cost of all the goods in all the boxes on the cart. If you have pre-registered your payment with the store, the total price is deducted from your account and you can then proceed out of the store. All carts have a payment system, so once a box is filled, sealed and size reduced, it can be paid for right there. You can also wait if there is more than one box, and pay for all of them at one time. The boxes are magnetically held in the cart until they are paid for. There is no way to get around that. No box can leave the store until it is paid for and released. It is also possible to pay by cash, either on the cart, or at the scanner check out. Any form of legal money is accepted. Change is given accordingly. This is all automatic. The store personnel are there to help you with your shopping. There are no check-out clerks. Of course, there are sufficient personnel available to help customers get their purchases to their vehicle. We can also send them directly to your home, via transfer doors, but we’ll talk about that when we get into some of the LMT technology available in the home.
Another of the important categories of items found in our food stores is manufactured meats. For a variety of reasons, most obvious, we will not carry any animal meats or food products such as eggs, milk, etc. For the meats, we make our own. They are far healthier for a person, consisting of nearly 100% HUs (Health Units – think a total replacement for everything from vitamins to almost anything else you might find in food that is good for you. Many things found in food now are not good for you. With health units however, that is never a concern. HUs also remove all needs to be concerned with fats or other dietary things people are always concerned about. Using our manufactured foods will guarantee a person will evolve not only into much better health, but that health will include having their robot body shape up into a well-balanced body of good proportions. That will happen simply from eating our foods. Of course, to the extent that is mixed with existing outside food, the results will not be as good. This does have to do in part with regeneration, but is not in itself the whole regeneration process. That includes a lot of different things. The form of one kind of meat manufactured will in some ways resemble beef, pork, chicken and some other animal meats. They will have similar tastes, by design, but we think much better. Not all meats types will be copied however. We will not have any versions of internal items such as liver, etc., nor any type of seafood. Seafood is very bad for people, including any type of fish. Thus, we will not provide similar tasting manufactured foods in hopes of not encouraging people to continue to eat seafood. Some people won’t like that and continue to eat seafood. We can do nothing about that but advise them of the harm they are doing to their bodies. We do have a lot of new, extremely tasty meat-like foods that actually are grown. At first, we will manufacture these, but before too long we will be setting up farms which will produce them. Our understanding of this is that once people taste of all these new food products, it will not be hard at all to leave behind much of what they have been eating. That is all up to people of course, we are just telling you how we think, and understand it will go for many people. It should also be understood that there are some products people eat that we simply will not manufacture or sell. We will not make any effort to interfere with those that make and sell those products now, but we suspect things will eventually change. People eat a lot of pretty strange things at times. We have no idea why. God knows, we don’t.
Our cafes and restaurants will also sell only manufactured food products. That will give people a good opportunity to try our foods before buying them in our food stores. We suspect that many people will quickly find our food products too good to ignore. We’ll see. As we have said, a person will quickly begin to notice marked improvement in their health. They will begin to make quick weight adjustments, losing or gaining as is needed by the robot body to get them in the proper health range. Continuing to eat our foods will cause this process to continue, ever honing the body as time passes. This happens to anybody, not just a favored few. Even when a person is of excessive weight, like 5-600 pounds, while it will take longer, the results will be the same. The only way to avoid the results is to avoid the foods. An example would be that if a person did weigh 600 pounds, it should take them no more than a year to go to natural weight, even perhaps a little less time. All they would have to do is eat only our food. Another aspect of our food is you cannot overeat. Your robot body knows when to stop, and if you eat in excess your food is just being entirely reprocessed into water. You will pass a lot of water, nothing more. Instead of an overly full stomach, you will have an over-filled bladder demanding relief. That will get tiresome after a while we suspect. Of course, we think all of this is incredible and marvelous. It is only one reason of many that has persuaded us to stay at this for so many years. Once people can actually test out what we talk about, there is little doubt we won’t be alone in our beliefs.
The Better Way also includes many other programs that will affect people in all walks of life. Our cars (remember we tend to call them buggies) will have all sorts of safety features about them that will leave everyone inside not injured no matter what the collision aspect might be. For one thing, because of a protective magnetic field, there is no way the vehicle can even be touched unless it is standing still. Even then the vehicles magnetic field will serve as a bumper around it so that it will slow anything to a complete stop fractions of an inch away from it. That field reaches out several dozen feet, but does not have an influence on other vehicles or objects unless they come into a direct trajectory with our vehicle. When that happens, the protective magnetic field extends to protect the other vehicle as well, which is why it gets stopped as it does. The core of the protective magnetic field is built into the center of the vehicle and extends out from there. This provides a very interesting condition inside the buggy. (This same system is used on FVs.) Any time there is an excessive or even slightly altered g-force within the vehicle, the core appropriately expands its strength so that it prevents any abrupt movement from within the vehicle. This prevents people from sudden movements such as flying forward, backward or in any other direction for that matter. Nothing can actually penetrate the body of the vehicle since it is made of Drysteel (remember that?), windows and all. So, getting injured is just about, if not completely impossible. Injury to others (in other vehicles) involved in a collision will be far less, minor at worst. Another safety feature is the buggy cannot slide or slip, whether it has wheels or not. Wheeled vehicles use magnetic fields in the wheel drums on all four wheels. These fields grip the road at all times. In an extreme situation, they will soften if there is excessive g-force, allowing only a slight amount of slippage so the deceleration is not absolute and abrupt like hitting a brick wall. But the fields also prevent the vehicle from leaving the ground, thus it cannot turn over. If the vehicle suddenly left the road such as running off a cliff, it would revert to auto control and repel down to the ground, remaining horizontal throughout, as it rode the groundplanes down. Even if it landed on a steep surface it would remain in a completely horizontal position. There would be no damage to the vehicle. If it landed on water, it would repel off the water. An emergency distress signal would also be set off, alerting us of the accident. We would respond immediately, while also notifying all proper authorities. You might think all this safety stuff would lead to some daredevil reckless driving. It’s possible to try that, but that too would be detected and the vehicle would be disabled immediately. That would also likely end the person’s use rights contract with our vehicle. We do not sell these vehicles, we will only lease them out with what we call a Use Rights Mortgage (URM). We use URMs for lots of different kinds of equipment that cannot be bought. We only allow use of things, not ownership. When we are talking again about housing, where we also use URM, we will explain this more. So, we don’t sell any of our vehicles or much of our LMT products, we lease them with URMs. In short, no part of the LMT technology is or will be for sale.
It seems like we keep running out of room, so we will be off to another installment of our blog, Better Way: Getting Closer 3. Not so much of an original title as it is trying to simplify them. In any event, see you there.

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Better Way: Getting Closer

In our last blog entry, we had ventured into the very crowded list of only some of the LMT products we expect to become available in the Better Way. This is about as easy as walking into a large hardware store and trying to provide a little description of every item in the store. After that, go on to another, and another. It isn’t fruitless by any means, it is just a lot of stuff to try to talk about. We aren’t complaining or anything like that, we are only trying to make the point that there is more stuff involved in the Better Way than we are going to be able to write about. I’m sure God has the solution for this, so in the meantime we will just plod along with samples of what we have been working on for over 40 years.
Housing is going to play a big part in the Better Way. One of the really bad things that has happened in the last several decades is housing costs have gotten ridiculous, both for buying, and for rentals. Greed is largely responsible for a lot of the upward spiraling costs. It seems like everybody is out to make money in excessive amounts from housing and care little who gets hurt by their greed. A major concern to us is how the poorer people of the country are being all but shut out of decent housing both as a renter and as a possible owner. Builders, real estate brokers and greedy owners are trying to sell housing for every last dime they can squeeze out of it. Landlords keep raising rental costs for no other reason than they want more money and are simply forcing people to pay higher fees. If the people don’t have it, others step up and pay it in their stead. People are paying more and more of their income in housing costs, yet no one in the selling side of the market seems to give one tink about that. In the rental market, more and more people are ending up on the streets, even whole families. Governments are having to pay more and more to help people stay off the streets, which in itself is a problem because the only time government should be getting involved is in the case of an emergency and the short-term fix that goes with that. People’s incomes aren’t keeping up, and can’t keep up with the ever-rising costs, so they look to the government to help/bail them out. We already have far too many so-called entitlement programs as one of the poorly imagined solutions for the rising costs that seem endless. The evidence is pretty obvious. You give people more, they demand more. All this accomplishes is to have more and more people being more and more controlled by the government. This looks a lot less like an effort to help and a lot more like an effort to control. There are no easy solutions here, but there are solutions. We call it the Better Way.
As a generality, housing prices have risen at least 1000% in the last 40 years. That includes both home prices and rental prices. Yes, in some depressed areas the increase may be a little lower, but by the same token, there are areas where the increases have been far more than 10 times what they were four decades ago. In fact, there are other major expenses that have very similar increase rates, like automobiles and appliances. Even utilities show the same patterns. Some won’t like to admit it, but even wages have shown similar patterns, although wages do tend to be up more here and there and not in any particular even across the board increase. The fact seems to be that most everything cost a lot more and only the wages of some people have kept up in an only slightly similar way to the goods and services increase patterns. We have solutions for all of this, but we should look at it some before we get too far along. It is certain that some of our explanations are not going to make some people happy, but since changing ways is a key component of success in the Better Way, maybe this will give them a few hints. We certainly hope so.
For years we have been watching prices and wages and as anybody who wants to look can see, when wages go up, prices go up. It is a vicious circle that never ends. We can understand why people want more money, mostly because they would like to live better than they are; get away from living paycheck to paycheck, and maybe even have a little extra that can be used to add a little more enjoyment to life. Well, that can have its problems. In many religious circles, it is implied or even taught that you should only want so much in the world, rather you should look forward to all that great living once you get to heaven. The main problem there is you must die first to get that, and where are those who have come back to let us know it all works that way? Other religious people will tell you that if you give this and that God will reward you here and you can live better here. Unfortunately, that seldom works out as promised, and of course, you die anyway. Of course, we see all those rich people who seem to neither care about silly things like wages, or even the cost of goods and services. They seem to have money rolling in right and left, so wages and prices mean little to them. There are a lot more rich people around today than there were 50-60 years ago. How they got rich isn’t too mysterious, much of it came from endless schemes that were money-makers. The source for most of that money is the very people we are trying to help here. Promises to get rich, “good” deals, “chances of a lifetime” and all sort of other schemes bleed money out of unsuspecting pockets and line the pockets of the clever. Surprisingly enough, that is nothing new, there is just more of it. Now you might understand why everybody and their uncle has been trying to get everybody else on the internet. Teach kids how to work computers. Get parents to buy them even if they can’t afford them because of how good it is for the kid. And how many parents will start using them too. The internet opened the Pandora’s Box of evil, greedy schemes, and there has been a lot of pushing to make sure it never closes again.
People don’t like to be duped. They don’t like to have people know that they have been duped. That just makes it all the easier to dupe them. There has been a vast amount of duping going on, that’s what yo-yos and yo-yo wannabes do. A large number of the population of this country chase after ways to somehow get an extra buck from almost any source they can. They smile, that say they are your friends, they go to church on Sunday and swear by the “good book”. They gamble, they cheat, and even do tricky things with loans and finances. They make sure the real estate broker tries to get all the money possible for the house they are selling, or top dollar for that used car, etc., etc. They don’t want that done to them, but they sure want to do it to you. And they bristle at the slightest suggestion that they might not be entirely honest. So, when you start looking for solutions for wage and prices increases, you are barking up some mighty tall trees.
One point we were remarking to my wife Sue about this morning is how the general attitude (of who, society, the leaders, the ones in charge or maybe just all of the above?) seems to be that it is perfectly fine for us (people) to have a number of different living level standards. How many times have you seen the sales pitch that included goods and prices based on “good, better and best”? In real terms, it isn’t just those three levels. There are several steps before good, and several steps in between each. There are even steps beyond the best, like “bester and bestest” and whatever else I suppose. The fact is, that you can go into different stores and see all sorts of variations of these levels. Generally what else you see are prices that run the gambit, matching up with all these levels. In the end, what this means is the goods and prices match up with people and how much they can afford; how much money they have to spend at what level. Back in the middle sixties or so someone got the clever idea to expand the notorious credit game into a free-for-all thing called “credit cards”. If it wasn’t bad before, it got even worse then. Now people who couldn’t really afford much anyway, were being sucked into using credit to buy things they really could not afford no matter what. We all know where that has gone. Not only were people being scammed with flawed goods, now an additional source of income was born through the ridiculous credit card interest rates. Surprisingly however, we are not picking out credit cards as the issue at the moment. We go back to all those levels of goods available. Goods quality reflected in material and workmanship quality as well as in price. The poorer people were (and are still), the fewer choices they had, and all those choices still had one common factor among them, they were/are cheap in every sense of the word. They might be cheap in price, but they were also made of cheap materials, cheap workmanship and just general poor quality all around. Yet they are embellished with rich-looking finishes, patterns and some of the most remarkable sham advertising you can imagine. They suck people in right and left, just because people like to see some eating utensils on their table that looks nice. How often have we heard people using their “Sunday best” for guests or special occasions, while having to use the cheap stuff the rest of the time? All the time is how often. And all this is seen as a very normal way of living. It is portrayed as normal in the movies, on TV and even when being discussed with others. Yet in the secret minds of many, while it might be normal, it doesn’t seem to be anywhere near right.
Whether people say they have noticed this varying living standard or not, most have. Poor people see it for sure. I know that firsthand because my family spent several years in a tent living below the accepted poverty level just like millions of people always have. Poverty levels are things government people come up with while not having the slightest idea of what that might really be. They go price some goods and services and figure what people need to get buy, add it all up and there you have it. Like lots of other things, it has little to do with reality. Better off people notice it because they are always trying to get more, better, and improve their lot most any way they can. (Yeah, I know there are a few exceptions found everywhere, but this isn’t the time to hide behind the exceptions. That is what many like to do. When called out on a reality check, they point to the few exceptions and claim they are the normal. They are not. Sometimes people who are better off like to live like the poor, but they are notorious for giving themselves away for how they try to pretend they are poor. Commonly they use the poor bum act, but really poor people never were nor ever will be bums. More often they are some of the most honest people just trying to get by on what little they have. More than that, they are also most commonly some of the hardest working people, a fact that has lots of others trying to hide behind their example, as though they were just like them. Pigs fly too.)
So, we have railed about what it is like, all this multilevel living standard thing, but the bigger issue is what can be done about it. Looking at all the supposed efforts that are constantly being made to do something about parts of it, it would seem very little can be done to change anything. Most efforts simply redo stuff in one way or another so things look different but are really just the same. Claims are made about how much is being done, money is being spent and all that, while the end result is a new face on the same old body. Look too closely and you can see it is just another mask put on problems those in charge have no intention of ever changing, for it is just all part of the yo-yo system. A lot of the money being spent in some areas is nothing more than payoff money to the lesser of the yo-yo wannabes to keep them more or less satisfied. The problem with that is more recently the recipients have been learning sneakier ways to demand more from the kitty or else. They can’t really do much, but they can force some changes in the hierarchy, so that threatens individuals who can then be manipulated. Of course, a lot of that payoff is hidden behind semi-real pay to a few more genuinely needy, one more time using the hide behind the poor tactic.
We have envisioned a situation where all the goods and services made are in some way not good, better and best with a multitude of sublevels in-between, rather all the best standard possible. Some might argue that there are times when something is going to be used only a few times, even maybe once, then thrown away, so why not have lesser quality there? We have been in the hospital a few times and see how there are lots of things they throw away after one use, as they should because of germs, etc. But should we have lesser quality because of that? I hope not. Of course, the patient is charged very high prices for that disposal. So you see when there is one-time use, it comes at a considerable cost. There will be all sorts of arguments like that, including those that try to justify increased costs applied liberally. That isn’t going to let much off the hook, but we do acknowledge some increased costs where re-use is not possible. Production costs can be too high. But that too is some of the issue. There are many costs that seem to be justified but really are not, even when there appears to be no way out. Why? Because there is always a way out, God. You may not know or even understand that, but yo-yos sure do and many of their wannabe henchmen know it for sure. For one thing, God has kept yo-yos very much up to date on possibilities. Just because they are ignored and other avenues pursued, that does not mean other ways were not available. They were, they are, although in lessening measures as time goes by. That’s because the time God gives them for change is running out, and their alternatives are diminishing. We won’t dwell on that, only tell you that more has always been available. It just has not been what yo-yos have been after.
Part of the issue is whether or not it is good to try to make sure that people always have the best possible made available to them. Availability here is not measured by how rich you are or what social status you have or even what color you are or where you came from. The only thing anyone knows about anybody here is that the human robot came from this earth. Just as we all came from somewhere else originally, we all start here with our human robot body. So, there is some definite equality involved here. Everyone should be able to have the best available. They may not qualify for it, in which case there must be a way by which they can qualify. But that qualification process must be legitimate, it can’t be as it is now, because of social status or how much money one has or doesn’t have. In a Better Way, we try to determine that by God’s standards. The one thing that assures is that everyone has a chance, not just some vague theoretical so-called chance that will never see daylight because it is never meant to see daylight. “You can make anything of yourself; you can be anyone you want to be” is a high-minded totally false promise to most people. It is a lie with no real chance to ever come true for most people. If you don’t avail yourself of the opportunities made available in the Better Way, it is because you are out after things you should not have, and you are willing to do wrong things to get them. Even that will not stop us from continuing to try to get anyone to change their ways so they can have the best available. But it is also certain that we will never let anyone get it who does not deserve it by qualifying for it.
With our LMT technology, it is possible to make the highest quality products and materials at costs that can neither be matched nor beaten. We can make all existing metals and many new metal materials using only processed water. We can make them in such quantities that cost will end up at unheard of levels. Tens of thousands of other products can be made the same way. Using DM, we could eliminate whole factories in favor of small processing facilities that manufacture and then ship direct to sales points. Note we say we *could*, not that we always will. In many instances, we will be putting up factories first so people can get training and experience working with new materials while also learning about them. We will be entering into a vast new training period that will replace much of the daily grind of work for huge numbers of people. We would suggest that the vast amount of the population of the world will shift over to become more of a trainee than a worker for many years ahead. We are saying that the new focus for many, many people will be to develop so they can pass through the gate and get on with living true life, not just this short, repeated step version that has been in fact rehabilitation. So, our factories will be there to first train people, not make money. Yet they will make money, because money will have a necessary part in people lives for some time yet. The factories compete with no one, nor will they even have any long-term workers. For all workers, their stay will be in terms of weeks or months, with perhaps a few going to a year or two. But no one will stay beyond that. All will move on, going on to other training facilities of one kind or another. Not all training comes through factories. We will have millions of points of sale facilities, services facilities and most every other kind of training facility you can imagine. Some involve starting from scratch, some involve getting loaned some knowledge and experience. Just about anywhere you can now see a job we will have training facilities. Plus, there will be many more that don’t exist right now. In this we expect a plethora of existing ways of living to give way to whole new ways; ways we expect people will enjoy far more than they do with what they are doing now. It will seem impossible, but it is not only possible, it will happen.
It might surprise you to know that in no way will we try to interfere with how things are done now. We won’t try to run companies out of business or do anything that even resembles that. We will however, know quite well that many of our Better Way approaches will have an adverse effect on many if not most businesses. We will to what extent we can offer some help to business, but how they respond is up to them. We won’t feel obligated. You can find hidden deep in some historical programs traces of what we will be doing. That’s all that is there, traces, because it has always been the intent to try to use enough to fake it as a right program while not being that at all.
If you really think about it, rehabilitation is nothing more than training. It is re-training where the initial programs have not worked, or new training when that is necessary. But it is all just training. Life on this earth never was meant to be a matter of just working to survive and little more than that, with all the supposed better things to come after you die. You can tell from the history of always some of the population who never had to work at all, or work very little on their journey through. We know many people have had questions about that, mostly the people who didn’t have it so good. And of course, many have questioned God about it, wondering why it has been that way. Religion has always been willing to help out by advising people that God wants them to be poor and suffer, it is an honorable way to go. And pigs fly too. It has always been the responsibility of those who conned people to come here (usually by reason of getting them to believe half-truths and blatant lies), to be first in line to help those they conned get back into the creative process so they could develop properly and get through the gate. Those responsible, yo-yos, have instead tried to make a whole separate civilization out of this world (and perhaps other worlds previously that they ended up having to abandon because their systems are failure assured). They have tried to hold people here captive so they would have a world to justify their claims. Plus, the people here are in essence held hostage by assuring that they do not develop, hence go around and around several more times for some, until God can finally move them to a new rehab center. With new recruits coming all the time, that has kept the yo-yos in business for a long time and allowed them to avoid dealing with their own personal issues. That is until they finally reach a point where they have no regression room left and they necessarily fall into God’s grip. Those that do of course, are soon forgotten about and commonly ratified and deified as those who did indeed outsmart God and go on out into the rest of creation. After all, no one ever hears from them again and so who can prove otherwise? That does sound a lot like the message for people here that they go on to heaven or hell according to the teachings. Who can say otherwise, no one ever hears from anyone dying here either. It is a little more believable in the yo-yo world to be sure, because no robot body is left behind like there is here most of the time (out and out disappearances have no body, but there are always explanations given for that).
As a side note because we are asked about it from time to time, the term yo-yo means I-I in Spanish. That is exactly what yo-yos are, people who always think in terms of themselves, I. A long time ago we came to understand these very evil people by that term, yo-yo. We have used it since. Does God refer to them that way, or those who help God? (God has a *lot* of people who help. We will get to them later.) Raised Christian, we always understood those evil people to not so much be people at all, but fallen angels who are described in the Bible as devils. They were led by the bad guy himself, satan; the devil himself (I just don’t prefer to capitalize those words regardless of what Webster says). There are other terms, but that seems to be the core of it. As far as we understand, that puts an onus on those people, one they relish in, that more or less condemns them forever. Thus, it would seem there is no escape from that. But that just is not true. NOT ONE SHALL BE LOST, remember. God said, God does. So as evil and corrupt as they are, they still will be recovered some day by God. If He won’t condemn them, neither shall we. The term yo-yo is simply a reality term that also moves us away from the lost forever issue. Frankly, it also softens the thought of them a little too. They are nothing to be casual about, but they are also not as powerful as God or anywhere near it. The ordinary person here trying to do what is right has more strength than yo-yos do. We don’t talk in terms of power, but with God, people here can be reasonably safe from the major workings of yo-yoism. Be mindful however of the fact that we are all here exposed, so we shouldn’t look for God to make us an exemption. We are still in rehab and there are still things to correct, so that means we will encounter experiences that can assist us in that. That is why God lets yo-yos influence things at times, it gives people here the opportunity to work against that by trying to do what is right and make progress in their development. It might be small, and it sure isn’t the intent of yo-yos and wannabes, but it does rub a little right off on them for having had a hand in something, even when what they tried to do is wrong. It shows you that God keeps trying, no matter what. When you are on the wrong side of things, a little less wrong is actually getting you closer to the right side of things. Bet you never thought of that too many times.
This is something of a new revelation for me; a better way to look at some of the many things we have been looking at in the BW program. We have tried to look at the forest many times, but the trees have a bad habit of usually getting in the way. Maybe we hit a clearing today, for many of the work/training issues have begun to clear up considerably. So, we will just go with it and see where it takes us. Now I think our work programs, while still having plenty of merit, are more offset than we thought by the training programs. This is going to change both wage issues, as well as many training issues. We have had much of this in tow, but we thought it applied to a much narrower group of people than we at looking at now. That is good, because it clears up many questions we have had while having not enough answers. As we see it now, far more people will be paid a base salary, with far fewer working for any sort of an hourly wage. This will be good because in the better approach, the working time will be quite a bit less and the training time quite a bit more. Normally we wouldn’t pay the same hourly wage for training as for work, unless the training was going to be a very short period and shift to far more work after that. By shifting to a salary, we cover the matter of less hours of work meaning less hourly wages paid and ideas that maybe we would have to pay exorbitant hourly rates to assure the person would have a decent take-home pay. By mixing work with training, we can cover all that. At the moment, we are looking at a base salary for being in the BW full time somewhere in the neighborhood of $45-50,000 per year. This would be a net pay with no deductions. We are still looking at some hourly wage people, but far less than we were before. Most of the people receiving hourly wages would be of high school age, between 14 and 18 years of age. The hourly rate would be in the approximate area of $7.50 per hour. Maximum work time would be about 20 hours per week. Certainly no more than that. That is still a potential of $150.00 per week at that rate. However, our rate may be too high still, so the weekly total could end up being less. We may limit work to 4 days per week, making a total of no more than 16 hours a week. That is still $120.00 per week, no small amount of pocket change. This will get firmed up later on. For now it is just an estimate. There will be no overtime and no extra time. These are high school age kids who need to be doing a lot of other things besides working. $120.00 per week is still a lot of money, even if some people don’t even see it as pocket change. It ought to be looked at as a lot of money, that is an important lesson. All too often today, kids treat money like it grows on trees. It doesn’t, and they should learn that. The fact that prices are ridiculously high does not alter the fact that for honest people honest money has to be obtained mainly through hard work. It is a lesson that needs to be learned by every child.
A very important point to remember in our Better Way is that we are training people to pass through the gate and continue living. That has no time limits on it. We are not looking to extend a person’s lifetime before they die so they can have a few more years, we are looking to not only continue their life indefinitely, but do so while they are getting physically younger in the process. That is but one of the differences between the BW and the way things are now. Two actually, continued living while undergoing regeneration at the same time. When people are trying to figure out whether the BW is worth it or not, those are things they should be considering. If someone actually figures it is more desirable to whoop it up for a few more years, then die, rather than take the BW approach, they are probably going to have to find out otherwise the hard way. The more they stick to that attitude, the less we will be able to help them. It will not be our fault they would make such a choice, nor is it our fault they would eventually die having made that choice. They can take it up with God, we are limited on what we can do. That’s sad, but a lot of things in this world are sad.
It might be that more than a few people will try to claim that we do not or cannot offer them assurances of what we say. Yet, we will be able to do so in convincing fashion. No, God is not going to send them a personal letter of promise. Does anyone have that now for the life they presently live? Think not. But the Better Way is chock full of goods and services that are astounding evidence that the Better Way is indeed better. For people to see that that is so should make it a lot easier to see that what else we say is true too. We agree that people will have to go along for a while more trusting God than not. Yet what have they to lose? They can lose a few years of fancy living they might think is in their current future. For many people, not even that crosses their future horizon. Many are looking at no more than probable trouble and misery until they finally die. Then they can *hope* their religion was telling them the truth. Sadly enough, we already know they won’t find what they will be looking for and discover that what is in store for them is to return to this or some other rehab center one more time to continue working on their development. Of course we can’t prove that, and don’t claim we can. All we can offer is the mounting evidence that we are right and that the BW is the right way to go. The results of better health and regeneration have to say something. All the better things the BW has to offer have to say something. These should be weighed against how it is now. Perhaps what people can get now will be a big influence, depending on whatever that is. As we say, for an awful lot of people what they can get now is pretty shabby with little to no hope of it ever getting better.
You might say that starting off is going to be the most difficult problem for many. For instance, right now you can easily see all this as just talk. We have already said that we don’t have a scintilla of physical evidence to back up our remarks. To be sure we have indeed had a few people say, “when you get it going, call me”. I was a little bothered by that at first, but we could also see where it is hard for people to turn away from what they have now, or in many cases, what they hope to get in the future. Many of those future hopes don’t pan out, but who believes that until the future comes and they end up empty-handed? None of us can tell the future, obviously. So to that extent, we try to be understanding. BUT, we do expect that there IS coming a time when we will indeed be able to offer a lot of proof. Not of the future, but of so many things that it will make seeing into the future a whole lot easier. God plans these things out, and as we see it, He has done a really good job on this one. The Better Way is extremely well-planned. We are counting on that a lot.
Because of the perceived difficulty people could have believing what we talk about we will have some “partial starter” programs for some people. They will have shortcomings, hesitation has its prices and commitment has its returns. For you should realize that even these programs will be coming out only after we have had a major beginning to our Better Way. With that there will be a lot of goods and services coming in, giving people a lot of evidence that is going to be very hard to explain away. So, while our partial starter programs can help, they are not going to by-pass anything important for anybody. They just allow people to get into the BW enough to get a taste of it and see if that is of any influence on them. It will be all their decision still, and they will be the ones who will have to make it. No one will be expected to get rid of all they have, etc. But it is much like planning for a road trip, there is only so much you can reasonably take with you. For all we care, people can store things, leave it behind in their home or do whatever else they want with it. The one thing they can’t do is take it all with them. Yes, that means that part of coming on board the Better Way program is to accept the fact that you will have to move, usually sooner than later. We have been told that that would be ok, as long as they were able to return back to wherever any time they wanted. Well, in one sense of course they can go back because they are always free to do what they want in that regard. On the other hand, they will not likely to be able to return to their same place in the BW because it will have been filled by someone else more interested in staying. That will leave the original person having to take another assignment in another location. Vacancies are never left open, not even for a day. We have accommodations for emergencies of course, but not otherwise. It should be pretty easy then to see that joining up with the BW is not like joining some organization or maybe just going to church on Saturday or Sunday. Getting involved with the BW is full-time commitment, unless arranged otherwise as in some of the partial starter programs. That means several things. You come to work for us and are willing to be trained by us. That is a basic in joining the Better Way. It is not a club, it is getting on the train to continuing life, nothing less. You will end up moving, likely sooner than later, for good reason. Part of the problem people have trying to change their ways about most anything comes from them remaining in the same place and trying not to interact with the same people that helped bring about their problems. It only makes sense to get free of those people with a fresh start elsewhere. If your friends are truly friends, there are ways to stay in touch. Sometimes visiting is possible, sometimes it is not. The purpose is to set up your independence so no one is leaning on you and you are not leaning on anyone. There will be lots of efforts to drag you away from the Better Way, just as you were dragged away from the creative process originally. Don’t think that that has stopped just because you ended up here. Yo-yos know very well what the BW is about, and they are not going to like anyone wanting to be a part of it. That is not so much of a physical threat to you as it is the threat of pulling you away from the BW before you get too involved and see just how much better it really is. Once we had several people pretty well understanding what we were talking about when by chance one of them talked to her Catholic priest. He immediately told her how evil we were and they should all get away from me as quickly as possible. Since he had never met me, I assume it was because of the message or her understanding of it. In any case, they dusted me off immediately and that was that. I am still at it after over 40 years and I have no idea where any of them are. You will have to consider such things. This isn’t like some accepted religion where people don’t dare go against it. We are not a religion, so we will likely be considered fair game.
Where we can we help people make arrangements to make changes in their life, even allowing them some time to do so. Many things won’t happen as fast as people want, which we understand. That doesn’t mean people can stall, it just means they will have time for transition. For a lot of people, the fact that they can move immediately into much better housing than they presently have is going to be a good thing. A lot of poor people have poor housing, it is as simple as that. They don’t have much, and they don’t get much for what they can pay for housing. We expect to have millions of homes available very quickly once we openly start the BW program. How can we do that? There are many ways we can do it. We have already explained how we can duplicate whole houses and then expand them up to full size when we want. We have not given much detail on that yet, but we will in time. Know for now that it can be done. Also, don’t forget that we have a lot of room on several other dimensional planes. There is of course a lot of room still in this dimensional plane, so land will be available, one way or another. Another important point we should add is help. Remember when we said God has lots of people who work for Him? Well, lots means lots. Countless numbers worth of lots. We would hardly think that everyone has been sitting around waiting for God to give the word to start up the Better Way. It is very reasonable to assume that a lot of preparation has been going on even as we have been preparing for over 40 years as well. Think about that. Be prepared is the Boy Scout motto, and I suspicion we are not the only one who heeds it.
This is an important matter (aren’t they all?), so we will pick it up in our next entry. See you there.

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